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At Auto Lube Care we have been taking care of and changing the oil for Ventura County Residents for 35 Years. There is no Appointment necessary. And as we are not a franchise, locally owned and operated, you can be assured that yo will receive guest services at its finest. All technicians are nationally certified and most vehicles are done in 15 minutes or less! Come in today, we look forward to servicing your vehicle with a smile!

Address 1 1875 E. Thompson Blvd.
Ventura, CA
Phone 805-643-0963


This is a dishonest business. I have an Axxess card, which offer discounts at local merchants, including restaurants, health and wellness, professional services, and automotive. Auto Lube Care made this offer on Axxess: "2013 Card One-Time Offers -- Oil Change for $28.88 On One Vehicle." I took my Prius in for an oil change. The Prius takes synthetic oil. Auto Lube Care would not honor its offer of $28.88 for an oil change. I was told that the offer was $15 off for synthetic oil, even though the offer doesn't say that. This is a classic bait-and-switch. Completely dishonest. The manager told me that it was "implied" that the offer didn't include synthetic oil. When I pointed out to them that their offer was $28.88 for an oil change, I was told that I had an "attitude." The manager said, "I know guys like you," and told me to get out of the store and never come back. He said that I was trying to get an oil change for "free." Not only wouldn't Auto Lube Care honor its offer, it also has an online coupon for $5 off a full service oil change. Auto Lube Care would not honor that coupon either. These people are crooks. Don't shop there.

posted by Robert on 8/24/13 01:42p.m..
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