Event Celebration of Smile Day to benefit Operation Smile

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Celebration of Smile Day to benefit Operation Smile
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Description APRIL 7-12 “CELEBRATION OF SMILES DAY” TO BENEFIT OPERATION SMILE On April 7-12 local photographer Monica Saulmon will join together with PPA Charities (the philanthropic arm of Professional Photographers of America) to promote “Celebration of Smiles Day.” This national fundraising effort will benefit Operation Smile, which treats children around the world who suffer with cleft lips, cleft palates, and other facial deformities. These PPA photographers will provide the gift of an individual portrait session and a desk-size portrait in exchange for a $24 donation to PPA Charities. This donation represents one tenth of $240, the amount needed to help fund a single surgery. For further information contact: Monica Saulmon at 805-558-0069/ monica@saulmon.com. PPA Charities Bert Behnke, Executive Director (708) 267-0657 bbehnke@ppa.com | www.ppacharities.com
Date 04/07/14 to 04/12/14 - Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
Time 9 A.M. - 5 P.M.
Place No Location Available
Cost $24.00
Phone 805-558-0069
Email info@saulmon.com
Website click here
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