Location A Place of Peace

Address 896 E. Main St.
Ventura, California
Neighborhood Ventura

Events at A Place of Peace

A Place of Peace Interfaith Community Sunday Service ~ Meditation and Celebration Sundays at 11am

We come together each week to stop for awhile, to look, and to listen from our hearts as to who we truly are ~ our goals, our dreams, our path…. We come together to reawaken our light and raise our consciousness. Then, we return to our daily lives anew! We are an interfaith community of Love and Peace, coming together to merge our energies and thoughts, our prayers, visions, hopes, hearts, desires, longings….We come together in our strengths, weaknesses, joys, sorrows – we come to A Place of Peace in integrity, in search for connection, compassion, communion and to raise our vibrations of love. Each with our own awareness of the Divine, we come together, finding that thread of Oneness we all share. We Celebrate! Our meditations are sacred times of quiet. They center us, ground us, unify us, and collectively - We commune. Our prayers come in different form. Sometimes spoken, sometimes sung, thought, visualized, danced and/or written – our prayers reverberate out into the universe to connect us with one another and with the Divine Oneness. Our time together each week is our prayer!

Date: 12/12/10

Time: 11 A.M.

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