Wahine Surf Brewery’s Wahine, Polynesian Princess line of wheat beers, utilizes Ventura Limoncello’s lemons, giving it a pop of citrus and a crisp finish. Available for a limited time.

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A pint around town

By Chris O'Neal 03/21/2013

Ventura, surf city. City with a view, city in the hills, city of beer. If you’re not too familiar with that last moniker, get used to it — Ventura is a city making a name for itself in the craft beer world. Speaking of surf, Ventura’s very own micro-brewery, Surf Brewery, is right at the center of the revolution. Stop in to the bar/indoor picnic area and have a pint of Lemon Wahine Wheat, just one of the many brewed-on-site offerings.

Surf’s Wahine, Polynesian Princess line of wheat beers is a series of limited brews. This batch utilizes Ventura Limoncello’s lemons, giving it a pop of citrus and a crisp finish. Take a whiff and you’re plunged into a Ventura springtime day in the park, which is where you should bring Lemon Wahine Wheat — to a barbecue or to the beach. This is a limited release; get it while you can.

If hopping on a plane to Europe isn’t an option, head over to Barrelhouse 101. With 101 beers on tap, Barrelhouse’s extensive line of Belgian beers will give you a tour of the Belgian countryside without ever leaving the bar (though you may experience a bit of time travel).

Bourgogne des Flandres’ Old Red Ale is a little taste of Bruges. An Old Red Ale is a style unique to West Belgium – sour, tart and slightly sweet, the beer has a tart cherry, golden apple and lingering balsamic taste on the palate, making for a refreshing twist to the daily pint. Most of the flavor comes from the unique fermentation process and oak aging; some “Oud Bruins” (Old Brown) are aged for several years in oak barrels. Tap #93 hosts the Belgian treasure.

Ventura, City of Beer. Have any recommendations? Send ’em in. Also looking for a theme song.

Lemon Wahine Wheat, Alc. Vol. 5 percent — Surf Brewery, 4561 Market St. A, Ventura.
Bourgogne des Flandres Old Red Ale, Alc. Vol 5 percent — Barrelhouse 101, 545 E. Thompson Blvd., Ventura.

5 O’Clock Somewhere is a new column and will run every other week for the latest in tempting intoxication around Ventura County.

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