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Planet Ventura


Johnny and Vivian Cash arriving home, where they lived in Casitas Springs between Ventura and Ojai from 1961 to 1975.

“It makes me so happy whenever she is recognized in her community. She loved it here!” said Cindy Cash, daughter of Vivian and Johnny, who also lives in Ventura County. “My two older sisters and myself were born in Memphis and then dad decided he wanted to get into acting. So off to Hollywood.

“He bought Johnny Carson’s old house on Coldwater Canyon. We then moved to Encino on Havenhurst Drive and my little sister was born there in 1961. Dad didn’t like Hollywood. Too crowded. So he met a builder and asked him to find us a place where we could build a house, but make sure no one could ever build next door. So was born our house on the mountain in the tiny town of Casitas Springs. For any longtime Ventura residents that are familiar with that house, you can see that today, still no other houses beside it. Just a canyon on each side. The 40-foot Cyprus trees are so beautiful today. I was 3 years old and remember watching my dad plant those trees. They were only about two feet tall.”

Vivian lived in Ventura County from 1961 until her passing in 2005. She was the president and a member of the Ventura Garden Club for many years and a member of Sacred Heart Church.

In honor of Johnny Cash, The Roadshow Revival celebrates its fifth year June 15, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., at the Ventura County Fairgrounds. General admission is $25. For more information, go to www.roadshowrevival.com.

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