2013 Photo Contest Winners


With every photo contest comes a range of perspectives, technical skills and, ultimately, beauty. This year was no exception. In fact, with our placeholders came a fair share of debate. In the end, judges Chris O’Neal, Michel Miller, Michael Sullivan, Tom Gapen, David Comden and Greg Montano of Dexter’s Camera took a vote and the grand prize winner won the consensus. Perhaps it was the solace in the light breaking through the clouds and peeking through the branches or maybe it was just a cool picture — but we all agreed, that was the one. First through third places were also tough decisions, based on technique, skill, creativity, etc. This was one of our toughest contests ever, with more than 150 entries. It was truly a visual journey through unique perspectives. We present to you our 2013 annual photo contest. Enjoy!

NOTE: The grand prize winner can redeem the prize at Dexter’s Camera at 484 E. Main St. in downtown Ventura. For placeholders only, editor@vcreporter.com or call 648-2244, ext. 200, for prize information.


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