A Farewell to the People's Democratic Latino Republic of Kalifornia

By Forrest Mize 01/03/2013

Kalifornia is a dying state, slowly strangled by decades of liberal lawmakers, environmental extremists, public union thugs and Third World immigrants. I had to get my family out before the state implodes, which will happen sooner or later. I expect mayhem in the streets like you see in Greece or Egypt when the state runs out of money.
 The other thing that made the decision easy was the lack of freedom. A vast army of unelected bureaucrats controls every aspect of your life in KA. I once co-owned a piece of property in downtown Ventura, where we planned to build 22 ocean-view condos. After seven years of official stall tactics by the City Council, Design Review Committee, Historical Preservation Society, Coastal Commission and Chumash Indian Tribe, we finally gave up and let the bank have the land back. Two families lost everything in that deal. It is still a patch of weeds today when it could be generating huge tax revenues for the city.

In Kalifornia, we lived in fear of the all-powerful government. A traffic camera might send me a $600 ticket that I could not contest. I might be imprisoned for having a 12-round magazine in my pistol or a scary-to-Dianne-Feinstein “assault rifle”-style grip on my long gun. I might have game wardens do a no-warrant search on my home to DNA-test the meat in my freezer. Having a hunting license is probable cause to violate the Constitution in Kalifornia. Code enforcement might come to check that I didn’t remodel my bathroom without a building permit. Those are just a few examples.

Idaho people take care of the environment on their own, without it becoming a statewide fetish as it is in Kalifornia. It is way cleaner and healthier here without enviro-activists killing jobs and raising the cost of everything with their frivolous lawsuits. I never have to worry about Robert Kennedy’s Waterkeeper Alliance suing my city for discharging treated water into the Santa Clara River and having my cowardly city leaders settle for $50 million. Ventura citizens will be paying that tab for the next 30 years. I pay nothing for my water because it comes out of a crystal-clear well on my property.

Here in Idaho, I am 100 percent free of the lowlife criminal Mexicans that roam free in Ventura.  Mexicans burglarized my house. My truck was totaled and I was nearly killed by a drunken illegal alien. I caught one trying to steal my truck too. I refused to go in that filthy combat zone known as Walmart in Oxnard, but here Walmarts are clean, organized and staffed by friendly, English-speaking Americans. 

In Idaho, it is possible to go into a public restroom and expect it to be clean and not have gang graffiti scratched into every possible surface. The roadways are not littered with dirty diapers and beer bottles. In fact, I never see any litter. You can drive all day and never see a fence, bridge or wall vandalized by idiotic gang tags. I don’t spend my days stuck in traffic on a four-lane freeway. Gas costs $3.16 per gallon.

My property tax in Ventura was $368 per month (necessary to pay the pensions of millionaire retired cops and firemen). Here my property tax is $15.80 per month and my lot is bigger than my whole neighborhood in Ventura. My car insurance went down $866 per year when I moved out of KA. When I asked the customer service rep why, she said that “I am 100 times more likely to get in an accident with an uninsured driver in KA than in Idaho.”

So who was the big winner when my family and business left Kalifornia for Idaho last month? I was. My quality of life went way up and my tax burden went way down. Kalifornia has nice weather. Big deal. I have a jacket. The weather isn’t going to help you in a few weeks, months or years when Kalifornia cannot float any more crazy bonds, pass any more union scam tax propositions or borrow any more money. No federal bailout is coming. The government will shut down and the whole socialist pyramid scheme will blow up in your faces. I can put on my jacket when Idaho gets cold. What will you do? Adios, Kalifornia. Good luck.

Forrest Mize now lives in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.


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posted by Tex on 1/02/13 @ 02:56 p.m.

First of all I can't believe V.C. reporter would print a racist article like this !!! Second we're glad you're gone..One less racist person in California..Hows your paycheck ?? I bet top wages are $10 an hour in Idaho... Vaya Con Dios Amigo..

posted by Citizen on 1/02/13 @ 06:28 p.m.

Brilliant. Finally someone is allowed to say what is ailing California. I thank the VC Reporter for allowing Mr. Mize to highlight a few California problems.
The bureaucrats, out of control illegal aliens, business stifling rules, taxes.
Please Mr. Mize, keep reporting to us the advantages of other states and how California is screwing it up. It's really a great piece for which all Californians should read and learn from. I shall copy it and hang on the wall, it's that good.

posted by Scapegoat on 1/04/13 @ 03:58 p.m.

As a white Anglo Saxon male, I completely agree with Citizen's comment. I am former Ventura County resident who also now lives in Coeur d' Alene Idaho and I found "A Farewell to the People's Democratic Latino Republic of Kalifornia" to be completely racist, starting with the first paragraph.

Mr. Mize states that California is being "strangled by decades of liberal lawmakers, environmental extremists, public union thugs and "THIRD WORLD IMMIGRANTS". I looked up the origin of Mize and found it is either of German or Dutch origin. Doesn't Mr. Mize realize this country was built by "third world immigrants, his own ancestors included?

His next paragraph refers to "a vast army of unelected bureaucrats". I guess he doesn't know that the Ventura City Council is an elected entity; the Design Review Committee is part of the City Council, as is the Historical Preservation Society. While the California Coastal Commission members are appointed by the Governor, the Senate Rules Committee, and the Speaker of the Assembly, they are all elected officials. Furthermore, the CCC was established by a vote of the people. And as far as his reference to the Chumash Indians, I can't imagine what Mr. Mize would do if his ancestor's sacred burial grounds were being developed for commercial use.

He goes on to refer to getting an $800 photo enforcement ticket that cannot be contested. Anyone can contest a ticket, photo enforcement or not. Sounds to me like he committed a serious traffic offense if he was required to pay an $800 fine.

I found his reference to illegal alien’s uninformed and rooted in bigotry. He is "100% free of the lowlife criminal Mexicans that roam free in Ventura". He makes it sound like all criminals are Mexican and all Mexicans are illegal aliens. I think it’s time for Mr. Mize to join the 21st century and end this bigotry.

In regards to his insurance rates being lower, what Mr. Mize fails to understand is the fact that California has a population of almost 38 million people as compared to 1.5 million in Idaho.

Of course a state with 38 million people is going to have more crime, litter, regulations, traffic and other problems than a state with 1.5 million.

By the way, the average salary for a Ventura County Deputy Sheriff is $46k per year and $49k per year for a fireman. These brave souls put their lives on the line everyday and get paid peanuts for it. Millionaires? You have got to be kidding!!!

Scapegoat, instead of posting Mr. Mize's article on your wall, perhaps you should consider using it for toilet paper as that's about all its good for. Of course, you know what they say about opinions, everyone has one

posted by Coeur D Alene Dave on 1/05/13 @ 04:10 a.m.

Dave, you sound like a retired bureaucrat. Took your crazy pension and moved to clean, cheap Idaho. You left the rest of us to pay for and clean after you.
Mize is absolutely on the money. Sometimes it takes brutal truth to fix things and I hope his blunt essay helps.

posted by Scapegoat on 1/05/13 @ 07:34 a.m.

I love that the rant about Mexicans ends with a Spanish sign off. Best of luck to Coeur d' Alene. Mr. Mize is all yours now!

posted by Miss Bell on 1/05/13 @ 12:11 p.m.

A very unpleasant read. Good riddance to Mr. Mize.

posted by pg on 1/05/13 @ 12:22 p.m.

What Mr. Mize stated IS TRUE! It may not be politically correct and as one poster stated his family immigrated to this fine country, but I'll bet dollars to donuts they passed through Ellis Island LEGALLY. DID YOU HEAR ME??? I said his family immigrated to this great land LEGALLY! Something many of the hispanics FAIL to do. We can ignore the issue or deal with it head on. Since our elected officials REFUSE to deal with it the only sane choice is to VACATE THE PREMESIS and leave CA behind. I did. I left two years and have no regrets. I moved to CO. It has its problems like all states and communities, but we're NOT inundated with illegal aliens!! BONUS right there! I too enjoy lower taxes and yes the wages are lower, but so is the stress. I can leave my purse in a shopping cart, turn my back and expect it to be there when I turn back around. I can leave my truck running while I run in to the store and find it there when I return. I can leave a $64 bag of premium dog food in the back of my truck as I drive around running errands and guess what? It's STILL THERE!!! Try that in Ventura County? If you do you're a fool because you're purse will be gone, your truck will be gone and your dog food will be gone.

PS: "Coeur D Alene Dave" is a PC Nazi- you disgust me with your social control etiquette. Funny that you didn't retire in the land of milk and honey that you defend. Curious Dave... Why'd you jump ship and move to a predominantly White, English speaking area of our country with lower taxes and more freedom? -Hypocrite-

posted by yousaidit on 1/06/13 @ 04:55 p.m.

I'm happy for Mr. Mize and for the rest of us that he has found a place he likes better.

Other folks can take on other points in his letter, but I need to correct the claim that Idaho takes care of its environment . It does not. The state is constantly at odds with its educated youth who oppose the destruction of its hitherto pristine beauty by big industry. They have tree huggers and tree spikers as well as Robert Kennedy type reformers attempting to stop the rape of this less abused land so that it can be just as in need of regulation as our own.

(Why would anyone be stupid enough to leave the truck running while running into the store? Bananas on many levels.Well, I am certainly glad she is polluting someone else's environment.)

posted by cassandra2 on 1/08/13 @ 10:44 a.m.

I hope he took his friends and family with him.

posted by Shoreline59 on 1/09/13 @ 10:45 a.m.

Why does everybody have to put the blame on hispanics, ESPECIALLY MEXICANS? It's just pure stereotype. You people are simply afraid of the change California..no, the United States is experiencing.
Look, I am a American with Mexican descent. My mother was born and raised in Mexico. She arrived here as a US resident, and eventually became a US citizen. She always obeyed the law.
My father is a American with Mexican and Russian descent who was born and raised in LA. His childhood was very rough, due to being in constant danger to gangs and whatnot. But in the end, he wanted to escape poverty and joined the air force. Afterwards, he became a firefighter and earned a decent pay.
Not ALL MEXICANS are low lifes like you described. My parents certainly are not low life criminals. They are loyal US citizens who pay their taxes and respect the law of the land, and I aim to follow in their footsteps. In fact, most of the Latinos I know plan to attend college, and are good dutiful students. They are not in gangs.
We are NOT CRIMINALS. We are NOT ILLEGAL. We are simply hard working Americans trying to reach the American Dream. The Dream we all aim to have.

And what do you mean by " filthy combat zone known as Walmart in Oxnard" ? What are you implying? That we are dirty? How am I dirty? I just took a shower. In fact I shower everyday. I don't see any dirt and grease on me. I smell good too. No but seriously; how am I dirty? May anyone care to explain?

posted by MoniSan on 1/12/13 @ 07:58 p.m.

Retired Bureaucrat? You bet. Hypocrite? If you say so. It just goes to show how much you really understand. I dedicated 25 years to serving the public in California and more than earned and paid for the pension I receive. Most (not all) California state employees work for wages far below those found in the private sector. Why? Because of a pension that was intended for us to survive IN CALIFORNIA after retirement.

I find it very sad that California is now filled with so much bigotry and malice. To the uninformed, I moved out of California because my crazy pension no longer covers the cost of living in California. In fact, I encounter many former Californian's in Idaho (from the public and private sector) who moved to here because the Great State of California is in such decline. Perhaps that was the point Mr. Mize was actually trying to make; unfortunately, his point was lost in his bigotry, hatred, and allegations of Communism (See the movie AmeriKa). It is sad that there are too many ignorant people like Mr. Mize, Scapegoat, and yousaidit.

PC Nazi- Sounds like more bigotry to me. Might as well say Hitler was my grandfather. Hypocrite? If you say so.
I think I will frame this for MY wall.

posted by Coeur D Alene Dave on 1/13/13 @ 10:51 p.m.

OMG OMG. I was drawn back to my birthplace for the weather. Stupid Stupid. I wanted a big city job. Not worth it! The past 8 years I have lived in Idaho from the vast desert of the south-east to the Panhandle in Coeur d'Alene. So many freedoms I instantly lost in moving to what is literally now a developing country. Mexican litter is everywhere, retail is done through ballistic glass, and nobody seems to care this state is in the USA (anti-US Constitution).

SE Idaho was my fave. Sunny most of the year, Napoleon Dynamite towns, and plenty of space. Trees were nice in the Panhandle, but I just couldn't take the overcast weather (subtract 20degF from Seattle).

Hey Forrest. Right before my demise, ahem, move, I lived 2 miles east of that Honeysuckle Walmart... unless you're shopping at the Post Falls Walmart, then we have nothing in common ;) Check out Bayview. It. Will. Blow. Your. Mind! Ah, memories...

posted by RangerRick on 1/22/13 @ 04:33 p.m.
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