An impassioned rebuttal to an Obama critic

By Linda Principe 02/16/2012

Regarding “Obama delirium” … Seriously?

Reading Forrest Mize’s opinion in your Jan. 26 issue makes me feel as if I’ve been “stun-gunned” by a genuine weapon of mass destruction (aka ignorance). President Obama is the president of the United States of America — our president, elected by a majority of intelligent voters who voted to renew authenticity in America. Even to state anyone “worships at the altar of the Mullatto Messiah” is beyond outrageous, it is the very reason supremacists, racists, antagonists and alarmists are not wanted or welcome in a nation of diversity and tolerance. As the chewing gum commercial states, “Dirty mouth.” I happen to be “lily white,” but I recognize “color blindness” disguised as “opinion.” You may not have voted for President Barack Obama but we Americans respect and honor our elected president. Remember, this is America, Mr. Mize — you can change what you may feel is not acceptable, and may I suggest you begin with your beyond dirty mouth.

My question, what rock have you been living under since 2000? Is it the (w)rock of a wicked war of weapons and waste of human life in a war targeting the wrong reason for military response after Sept. 11, 2001? War is waged on greed for power and profit. Or is it the (w)rock of a wicked waste of precious natural resources of our country and her communities and citizens (aka real people), not Big Oil? So which is it, Mr. Mize? I suggest you take a refresher course in basic civics and the Constitution and relearn that the three branches of government are not power, profit and politics. Who knew? Our forefathers. Amazing, huh? Last time I heard, federal law supercedes state law, so could that actually be the very reason why a constitutional attorney is defending the Constitution? Arizona can defend its borders from illegal immigrants but must do it legally, according to federal law.

As far as I am concerned, the only three reasons for me ever to visit Arizona are Gabby Giffords, Mark Kelly and the Grand Canyon — three American icons and legends! Racial profiling comes in all sizes and shapes and colors. The hardest workers and most marginalized need someone to stand up for them. The concept is simply described as “social justice” for all Americans, all the time.

Now onto a few more “misconceptions.” Your description of “Obamacare” sounds negative, sadly. Exactly what is negative about giving universal health care to American children — the very future of our country? Children are the most discriminated-against because their very age dictates that someone must stand up for them and be their advocate until they have a legal voice of their own. And don’t forget the education of our children. Poverty is directly affected by the level and consistency of the education a child receives during those first critical 18 years. And then, just recently, in the L.A. Times, once again President Barack Obama makes the connection that college tuition costs must stop skyrocketing or there will be no such thing as a “higher education.” Health care and education are the wisest and most humane investments we can make in our children and grandchildren.

Mr. Mize, President Obama also promised to end the war in Iraq and bring our troops home. And you somehow missed CNN, or does your cable carrier only deliver Fox news station? And your comment “… an open disdain for the military” is ridiculous — you might as well Top Gun yourself to reality. Personally, I too “have the need for speed.” You say you are a “conservative independent.” In Sarah Palin’s words, “You betcha!” You say you are “open-minded enough to admit … mistakes and put … country before … party.” Seriously? Then my suggestion is that you cast your vote for President Obama in November 2012 because your party will never buy America with its multimillion-dollar candidates. Remember, one cannot buy that which is not for sale. American is not for sale — reality check.

Also, President Obama is not “another failed Jimmy Carter” because President Carter did not fail. He was and is a genuine humanitarian and peacekeeper in countries compromised by disease, death, proliferation of weapons for profit and the unconscionable deaths of the world’s children. I simply can’t “enlighten” you so that one day you will “admire” President Obama. That task will only be accomplished by Almighty God.

So to you, Forrest, I am now reassured, unfortunately, that even you, Forrest, cannot see the forest for the trees. And for a certified (not certifiable) tree-hugger, that is truly alarming. Remember … “If you’re not outraged, you’re not listening.” I am listening; Forrest, question is, are you?

Linda Principe is a resident of Thousand Oaks and will be voting for Obama this coming election.


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