Benedict Roberts

Benedict Roberts

By Paul Moomjean 07/05/2012

In America’s short history, there have been a few standout nonviolent traitors: Benedict Arnold, Jane Fonda and now United States Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. On Thursday, June 28, the “conservative” judge went against his traditional principals and decided that while the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, was unconstitutional if based on the commerce clause, the president’s mandate was not really a mandate at all, but instead a “tax” and therefore legal, based on federal powers. 

I’ve written about health care before for the VCReporter and over the years have evolved my ideas and more precisely defined my position. In 2009, I wrote about being uninsured and the responsibility of government to take care of its citizens. But then I thought more clearly, and as a strict constitutionalist, if health care was a RIGHT, then why didn’t the founding fathers write it onto the Constitution? Probably because the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is really about the liberty to choose how much a citizen needs to be told what to do.

The second article I wrote explained that government mandating all citizens to be our brother’s keeper through health care, therefore making a religious argument for Obamacare, was wrong because Jesus argued for change through people, not institutions.

We live in a republic not a theocracy, so therefore liberals who preach a separation of church and state are dishonest when they sell Obamacare as Christian duty. Helping your neighbor should come from your heart through free will and religious and humanitarian groups and not from mafia-like government.

What Benedict Roberts did with his swing vote (5-4) is tell every American, you are required to pay for your existence here or be taxed for not complying. Wonder if you can be jailed for not paying the tax? That is not American. That is European. Whenever I hear the arguments about how Europe does a similar health care plan, I think, but didn’t we start America so it wouldn’t be like other countries, primarily a European one?

Go ask our Canadian or British friends how much they like their system. The wealthy come here to ditch the long lines. It’s not progress; its regress. America is going backward. Freedom and liberty of choice is progress. 

With Chief Roberts’ interpretation, then everything any president wants can become a “tax” and suddenly a Trojan horse has entered our American system. What if Obama & Company decide it’s better for society if everyone marries and require you to get married by 2014, too? And then tax the single for not having enough dual incomes to purchase cars and homes? And with Obama having a stake in the health of Americans, now that everybody can get into the insurance pool, what if he looks around and sees how obese we are and then tells you that you need to lose 20 pounds to make sure you aren’t raising costs with medical procedures. Trust me. The “fat tax” is coming. In 10 years we will have something close to it. With all the talk of fast food and cigarette taxes, this is next on the agenda.

The Nanny State is official, Orwell was right, and every well-meaning liberal and swept-up-in-the-moment independent who voted for Obama deserves the tax they just got.

Maybe the most ridiculous argument is that since we are required to buy car insurance, house insurance, driver registrations, etc., then what’s the difference? I don’t have to buy a car; therefore I don’t have to buy insurance. No one has to own a house, either. But since Obama bought the car companies, maybe we will have a “no car” tax. Watch out, America. Benedict Roberts just paved the way for all these predictions and more.

According to the Associated Press, U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts joked that he’ll spend some time on an “impregnable island fortress.” I’m thrilled to know Benedict Roberts has a sense of humor about his destructive vote. Maybe that humor will help those now forced to buy into a system they don’t want.

I’m thinking about starting a new country with an old document, called the U.S. Constitution. Who wants to join me?


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