Five things you should probably know about Mickey Avalon

Five things you should probably know about Mickey Avalon

The life of the party and his awesomely sleazy Hollywood hip-hop

By Essie Lustig 12/20/2012

While his career spans almost a decade, Mickey Avalon is not a household name . . . yet. Popular in the party circuit, Avalon crafts intricate rhymes that usually result in double entendres potent enough to make the hardest rapper blush. Laced with allusions to an ostensibly confusing upbringing, Avalon takes a no-holds-barred approach to his lyrics. He is frank, refreshing and the first person you would invite to your party the minute your parents left town. Since house parties are a thing of the past, however, you can catch Avalon live in support of his new album, Loaded, at The Canyon on Dec. 21.

Here is a primer:

1 Mickey Avalon is candid about his past experiences as a male prostitute. This clearly shatters some huge stereotypes in hip-hop and scares away a sizable number of hip-hop fans. Why was he a hustler? He had to support a massive drug habit. Since then, Avalon appears to be off “the hard stuff” but he can still be the life of the party.

2 Simon Rex helped launch his career. Yes, that Simon Rex, of MTV and washboard abdominal muscles fame. Rex goes by the rap moniker “Dirt Nasty” these days.

3 Legend has it that Avalon’s club hit, “Jane Fonda,” a sweet ditty about aerobic sex, made its way to the actual Jane Fonda — and she liked it.

4 Although raised in a relatively nonreligious Jewish home, Mickey Avalon converted to ultra-orthodox Judaism in his late teens, going so far as to sport the black hat and requisite beard. Now he rocks what could be pieces from Iggy Pop’s wardrobe and he is no stranger to the tattoo needle. Things change.

5 He looks and moves like Mick Jagger but rhymes like Too $hort. From a paean to his genitals, appropriately titled “My Dick” to a cheeky mention of “bumping white lines, sipping warm Coors Light,” he is perhaps the only rapper William Burroughs would have liked.  Plus, he is probably the only person on earth who has ever rhymed Dante Alighieri with Asti Spumante.

Mickey Avalon will be performing at The Canyon, on Friday, Dec, 21. Tickets are $25 at the door or available at



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