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In brief

Deputy district attorney joins Ventura City Council race

By Michael Sullivan 07/11/2013


The Deputy District Attorney and Ventura library advisory commissioner Erik Nasarenko announced his plans to run for the Ventura City Council on July 6.

At his kickoff event, Nasarenko addressed some of his concerns about what he felt needed improving around Ventura, including trimming the trees overgrowing the Telegraph Road median near Ventura College, repaving cracked asphalt on Telephone near Montgomery and Petit avenues, and placing “Welcome to Ventura” signs near freeway exits to greet prospective businesses, visitors and residents. He also said that the business license permit process needed to be streamlined and made easier for entrepreneurs so they can focus on their businesses rather than paperwork at City Hall.

When city government “takes care of small but measureable improvements, good things will happen” in Ventura, he said at his event.

Nasarenko is the second Ventura City Council candidate to announce publicly plans to run. The seats of Councilmen Neal Andrews, Jim Monahan, Brian Brennan and Mayor Mike Tracy are up for grabs. Only Andrews and Monahan have filed for reelection, according the city clerk’s office. Filing deadline for this election is Aug. 9.


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