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Oxnard mayor won’t face battery charges

By David Courtland 08/22/2013

The Ventura County District Attorney will not be filing misdemeanor battery charges against Oxnard Mayor Tim Flynn, Greg Totten’s office announced Thursday.

Flynn became news across Southern California in March when a girl in one of his Pacifica High School classes accused him of battery.

Ventura County Sheriff’s Department investigators noted that witnesses backed up Flynn’s story, which is that he tapped her after the girl used profane language as he took her backpack outside the classroom.

Flynn said the girl, who was never identified in press releases, had disrupted his class during a quiz, wearing headphones during class in violation of school policy.

Oxnard Union High School District officials investigated a complaint filed by the girl’s mother on March 6, following the standard precaution in situations involving a student and teacher by keeping them apart while administrators talk to students.

Flynn missed three days of work but was allowed to return to the classroom the following Monday.

“We feel we have already conducted our investigation and we have taken the action we deemed necessary,” Oxnard Union High School District Assistant Superintendent William Dabbs said at the time.

But apparently unsatisfied, the girl’s mother filed a complaint with Oxnard’s police department, which turned the matter over to the Sheriff’s Department to avoid a conflict of interest.

“I never believed there was anything to it from the get-go,” said Flynn’s fellow city council member Carmen Ramirez on Tuesday afternoon, adding that the fact that the school let Flynn back in the classroom right away made it clear.

Ramirez, the council’s mayor pro tem, said she never discussed the matter with other council members and she wished the matter had been resolved more quickly.

“I realize the DA wanted to be thorough, but it’s entertainment for some people and it does affect people’s lives,” said Ramirez.


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The kid should foote the bill for the investigation or be charged with filing a bogus complaint.

posted by stana2z on 8/22/13 @ 11:05 a.m.

It's amazing to me how this thing was so quietly swept under the rug. Tim Flynn, just like his old man, is a control freak with serious anger management issues. I've seen him nearly attack fellow City Council members and members of the public when they crossed him in the past.

This kind of psychotic behavior from Tim Flynn is no surprise to me at all. He is unfit to be a teacher and is certainly unfit to be Mayor. The only consolation is that because he got away with hitting a teenage kid it will likely embolden him to continue to do these kinds of things in the future and, eventually, he will be held to account for his behavior.

Just as what happened with Mayor Bob Filner in San Diego, the clothes will eventually be removed from the emperor and everyone will see him for what he is.

posted by rasta_man on 8/23/13 @ 05:48 p.m.
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