It can be morning in America again

By Paul Moomjean 10/28/2011

In 1984 Ronald Reagan  ran a campaign ad reminding people how “It’s morning in America again,” expounding on his triumphs as the leader of the free world. Reagan inspired. How he inspired was through remaining calm and collected, never rushed, and always reminding us that our best days are ahead of us. He inspired the American people through the promise of greater things to come and focused on our successes as a country. The ad proudly and patriotically explained that employment in 1984 was up. House buying was at an all-time high. Interest rates were lower. And more people were getting married than before. People were making money. The country was moving forward after the Vietnam War and the rise of communism. This was the childhood I was born into, and I’m afraid that today’s kids are getting the short end of the encouragement stick.

Thirty years ago this month I was born into Ronald Reagan’s America. Turning 30 is a rather surreal experience. C.S. Lewis once commented that “Thirty was so strange for me. I’ve really had to come to terms with the fact that I am now a walking and talking adult.” As I look back on my childhood and the optimism it produced, I can safely say that growing up in Reagan’s America was a pleasure, and a pleasure today’s kids will not be able to experience.

Unemployment hovers at 9 percent and people cannot pay off their debt. Student loans and mortgages are giant monsters in our closets, ready to devour us. Credit cards bankrupted us. Wall Street betrayed us. We don’t want to marry anymore, and we have no compass guiding us through this fog.

Some blame George W. Bush. Others blame Barack Obama. I blame us. I was raised on a healthy diet of self-sufficiency and American pride. That last part probably upset some people. And that is what destroys us as a country. Reagan did not apologize for our greatness. The Great  Communicator made it his mission to encourage us to press forward. Today’s generation has been told to be embarrassed about our past.

President Obama ran on a platform of hope and change. He has not brought the hope, and at this point in his presidency, if he wants to work in the Oval Office again, he must bring the hope. Hope that we can be good again.

That we can lead the world.

So far, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have failed to do so, with Herman Cain being the only one to show real passion for our country. Perry may hold many of those Reaganesque beliefs, Romney may resemble Reagan with his tall demeanor and warm smile, and Gingrich might be the most articulate communicator, but it might be Cain who will inspire. And if the GOP can get that spark, then maybe it can be morning in America again.

America is a country that loves a winner, and Reagan was a winner.

Currently, Obama looks like a defeated kid. As Republicans fight his jobs bill and the left remain unconvinced of his conviction for the cause, he is showing the signs of a loser. That’s not leadership. In the 1990s we may have listened to Kurt Cobain’s sob-story rock, but never would we want that to be the persona of our leaders. Obama’s zombie act is not inspiring, and we must find someone who wants to take on the challenge to bring us our better days ahead, as the Gipper did 30 years ago.

As I enter into “adulthood” this month, I want more than anything for the next generation to have the same opportunity that I was granted. I was born into a country that looked forward to the future, and that made such a difference in my world view. My birthday wish for those born in 2011, and who will live out their childhoods over the next decade, is that they too will be able to get up, smile, and say, “It’s morning in America.”


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My precious Paul,

It will take more than "turning 30" for you to enter into "adulthood" -- And it is my birthday wish for you that you will soon "be able to get up, smile, and say, 'It’s morning in my... heart'.”

With all my LOVE..

The one who named you "Paul" -- thirty years ago today...

posted by Concerned Father on 10/30/11 @ 11:13 a.m.

And I look back on my childhood when Eisenhower was President. Isn't childhood great? Too bad the Gipper raised taxes five times and created the biggest debt ever to that time. We are also suffering the same economic problems with his "trickle down" theories which GHW Bush called "voodoo economics". The Republicans simply have no plan for any greatness or even any equality.

posted by mmikmacker on 10/30/11 @ 05:14 p.m.

Interesting comment from mmikmacker, showing once again (and with poignant clarity) just how great the divide is between the political left and the right. I also find it interesting, if not amusing, that the VC Reporter feels that it’s necessary to offer conservatives their own “special” corner of comment with The Right Persuasion, as if without this forum there would be no representation of the opposing view. Well, thank you very much VC Reporter, for acknowledging there is indeed an opposing view, but I think journalistic integrity would be better served if we could look forward to an occasional opinion piece from the VCR staff representing views from the right. The common term for such a rogue concept is called fair and balanced reporting, and although we don’t see this concept embraced very often by mainstream, at least half your readership would appreciate the effort.

posted by Chilibreath on 11/01/11 @ 07:08 a.m.

The problem is we as a nation have forgotten what our forefathers entrusted to us, and that is "In God we trust". We as a nation are trying to find someone we can trust in man first and scared of trusting God because of what people will think or whom we might offend. We as a nation are trying to get rid of even mentioning God in anything...
I am the LORD, and there is no other;
apart from me there is no God.
I will strengthen you,
though you have not acknowledged me,
6 so that from the rising of the sun
to the place of its setting
people may know there is none besides me.
I am the LORD, and there is no other.
-Isaiah 45:5-6
Believe what you want, trust in whom you choose but God will always be the ultimate ruler. Until we get back to trusting God, prosperity & strength are lost...

posted by VS on 11/01/11 @ 09:35 a.m.
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