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It's a woman's world

Local entrepreneur premieres first annual women’s business expo

By Michael Sullivan 05/16/2013

It’s been said, it’s a man’s world. And that was true when women’s traditional roles were cooking dinner, taking care of babies and cleaning the home. Well, those times have passed and many women manage to do it all: homemaker, wife, mom, working woman. Even entrepreneur. Linde Carlson of Oxnard, president-producer of Lotus Productions and Special Events is holding the first annual Entrepreneur Galz Expo on Saturday, May 18, at the Hilton Adagio Bella Gardens in Oxnard from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. According to Carlson, exhibitors range from lifestyle coaches to medical practitioners, women’s organizations, healers, pet-sitting services, health and well-being professionals and creative professionals. Exhibits include beauty, fashion and accessories, home lifestyle products, personal products, professional services, home décor, the arts, business opportunities and more. Leading professional speakers will also speak on a variety of subject matters every 30 minutes throughout the day. Carlson spoke with the VCReporter about this unique event and women entrepreneurs.


What inspired you to create this event?

I have been producing shows for 10 years — all different — but this theme is representative of my desire to celebrate female entrepreneurs and, hopefully, give our youth encouragement and provide inspiration of options and what is possible to accomplish in “Entrepreneur America” versus “Corporate America.”


Do you think women entrepreneurs have to work harder to compete for business?

Not anymore. We are learning how to command respect, compete in what was once a man’s world. The era has changed. Women are accepted more in the working environments and business. We are also learning about empowerment and how to face those challenges head-on. Plus, we are in the business of addressing female issues that many men do not understand yet.


What kind of industries do you find most women start their businesses in?

Culinary arts, self-help, literature/writers, jewelry, household needs,  décor, green products, environmental, holistic, organics, healthcare, romance products, arts, network organizations, pet businesses, massage therapies and other therapeutic modalities, to name a few. …


What do you feel is lacking in Ventura County for entrepreneurs in general?

Taking us seriously. Self-employment perks, tax laws, pay structures, specific outlets to advertise affordably. Getting people to stop burying their faces in their iPhones and iPads and pay attention to people trying to educate them on opportunities. I plan on conducting more seminars and panels for the entrepreneur and get the youth involved. Ventura high schools and colleges need to address the entrepreneurial spirit more than they do and add it to their curriculum.


What advice do you have for someone, especially a woman, wanting to start a business?

Figure out what your passions are first. How much time are you willing to devote to your business? Are you unencumbered, or do you have family who needs you at their beck and call? Make a positive and negative list about the way you feel about independence and taking risks. What could you do every day and not get bored at it? What would drive you to get out in the public and hustle? Once you have established more positives than negatives, you are well on your way.

Then devise a comprehensive plan which includes an outline, target your end-user, educate yourself about your product, network, take advantage of selling opportunities. Get financial assistance and advice to learn how to invest and save your money. Do not let others intimidate you or make you feel inferior.

Entrepreneur Galz Expo will be on held Saturday, May 18, at the Hilton Adagio Bella Gardens in Oxnard, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.



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