Let's not go back to the Dark Ages

By Linda Principe 04/19/2012

Let the degradation of women end … now. In response to John Andretti’s March 8 response to my rebuttal of Forrest Mize’s “Mulatto Messiah,” I am now convinced, without a doubt, that the Republican 2012 party song just has to be “Under My Thumb” by the Stones. My rebuttal (Feb. 16) concerned Mr. Mize’s statement, filled with the filthiest of racial slurs compounded by ignorance and arrogance. But, Mr. Andretti, you might actually have learned that had you actually read Mr. Mize’s letter before critiquing mine.

In response to your question, “… Do you (I) get all your (my) news from that woman who looks like a guy on MSNBC?” No, I stick with CNN and factual reporting, but thanks anyway. The bigger “red flag” is that in your own unique little way, you have added sexism to the ever-growing list of why intelligent American citizens will vote for a second term for President Barack Obama.

But here’s the challenge for real American women. Please send a photocopy of Mr. Andretti’s response (VCReporter, March 8, page 4), “Standing to Correct,” and rush it directly to MSNBC, where they will, I hope, share it with unnamed female anchor. Then let’s put Mr. Andretti face to face with her in a challenge, “Are you smarter than a fifth-grader?” Round No. 1 and it’s ciao ciao to John, whose statement indicates he is so obviously threatened by strong, intellectual women gives new perspective to Seneca Falls and never, ever allowing America to go back to sexism.

But now, Mr. Andretti, I have some real insight into why our current president and his top administration are such a threat to you. Not only do we have two highly intelligent, dedicated and compassionate men (President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden), but we also have two equally dedicated and compassionate women (First Lady Michelle Obama and Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden), who just happen to be their wives. Better sit this one out, John. Perhaps some deep breathing and visualization might help. First Lady Michelle is and was an attorney long before becoming our first lady, and Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden is a Ph.D. . . . That’s capital D, small h, capital D for those who think American women are less than equal. I’m quite surprised you didn’t somehow include former President Clinton (aka Bill) and Hillary (Clinton). After all, that’s another “two-fer” in the intelligence category and, again, both attorneys. … Who knew? Most likely the children whom Hillary so consistently tried to attain heath care for in their futures, and don’t forget our Kings Canyon and land in Sequoia, forever protected by President Clinton. But I don’t expect you to be an “eco-warrior” (like our President Obama, who stood up and said NO to Keystone XL and YES to America and our heartland). No, John, it appears that you’re just a “woman warrior” with your superficial analysis of what a person looks like versus the context of her reporting. Really, John, just try CNN. Even you might actually learn something.

Amazing but true! “Ancora imparo” (Michelangelo) means “I am still learning.”

There were far too many statements very degrading about President Obama, Obamacare, former President Jimmy Carter and “fat cats.” (Gosh, don’t love animals, either; or time for animal sensitivity retraining?) But I only had time to address your sexist and degrading statements. I hope and challenge all American women to reject the Republican theology of “Under My Thumb,” which would send us back to the Dark Ages. Me Tarzan … you Jane. No. Mr. Andretti, you stated that the GOP backers are “honorable” and patriots as opposed to the liars and character assassins who support Obama. Haven’t you ever learned never to ASS-U-ME anything because it only makes an ASS of U . . . not ME.

I am a patriot. I am honest and honorable, and I am a woman. So now I ask all like-minded women (and real men) to unite and look forward to the future. Vote against caveman mentality, such as this, and vote to re-elect President Obama. For your vote, you will receive not one but four leaders (in their own capacities) who have already defended the premise and promise that America stands for the greatest good for the greatest number (of people), not the greatest number (of dollars) for the greatest good (top 1 percent). The Republican bumper sticker says, “So how’s hope and change working for you?” My reply, I’ll take hope and change any day. My question to those Republicans who ask, “Integrity (conscience) and humanity (compassion) . . . how’s that working for you? It works for me. Every day.

Every way.”

So, women of America, unite and rededicate the H.I.D.E. (humanity, integrity, dignity, equality) and seek philosophy for all women, all children, all human beings, and vote OBAMA this November. If not, Barney the Caveman is searching for the clubs, so cut your hair and don’t be dragged into the “caveman” mentality. Democrats have your back … and your body and your brains.

Linda Principe is a resident of Thousand Oaks.

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