In her honor

It was a nice day. The sun was out, and as I pulled up to where all the tall ships were docked, the beautiful tall ship the Bounty rested in the water with the sun shining through her rigs and masts. As I boarded her, I began to feel what it was like to be back in the day when she was built and sailed. I would like us all to honor the mighty ship and give our hearts and souls to the ones who are lost and to the one who carried the crew for as long as she could to save lives. So let’s all ring the bell in honor of the crew and the beautiful ship she was. The Bounty capsized during Super Storm Sandy.

Harold Glen Rainey Jr.
Channel Islands

Frankenstorm Sandy is what we eat

Frankenstorm Sandy is one more dramatic demonstrations that climate change and its extreme weather patterns are now part of our future.

Although we’re unlikely to reverse climate change, we can still mitigate its effects by reducing our driving, our energy use and our meat consumption.

Yes, meat consumption. A 2006 U.N. report estimated that meat consumption accounts for 18 percent of man-made greenhouse gases. A 2009 article in the respected World Watch magazine suggested that it may be closer to 50 percent.

Carbon dioxide, the principal greenhouse gas, is emitted by burning forests to create animal pastures and by combustion of fossil fuels to confine, feed, transport and slaughter animals and to refrigerate their carcasses. The much more damaging methane and nitrous oxide are discharged from digestive tracts of cattle and from animal waste cesspools, respectively.

We have the power of reducing the devastating effects of climate change every time we eat. Our local supermarket offers a rich variety of soy-based lunch “meats,” hotdogs, veggie burgers, soy and nut-based dairy products (including cheese and ice cream), and an ample selection of traditional vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts. Product lists, easy recipes, and transition tips are available at www.livevegan.org.

Victor Castanza

Pensions are the problem

In response to Stanley Mantooth’s “Open letter to the people of Ventura County,  PROPOSITION 30 — A REALISTIC APPROACH” (letters, 10/18), let me quote Joe Biden  “With all due respect, that’s a bunch of malarkey!” Mantooth states that the facts are there. Well, only one of his bullets points is a fact and it is, the state IS facing a $16 billion deficit. In his second point, he says that the days of smoke and mirrors to cover the deficit are past. He is right and Gov. Jerry Brown should fess up as to why this Proposition 30 was on the ballot in the first place. Gov. Brown, who basically allowed the government employees to unionize back in his first term in the ’70s is now trying to deal with the monster he created, PENSIONS. His pension reform that he just signed did not go far enough and still had an unfunded liability of billions of dollars, and so his “smoke and mirrors” is Proposition 30.

He wants to tax people with income of $250,000 or more and raise the sales tax on ALL Californians because his mistakes and spineless approach to the pension system. In Ventura County, people need to earn $70,000 just to live here and get by. So is $250,000 really rich people? I don’t think so. That would be upper middle income. But honestly other than a farm community where in California is $250,000 rich? IT ISN’T … it just sounds good to the Democrats. Mantooth tried scare tactics, saying that our schools will fall apart. Really? And giving school districts more money and teachers is going to stop that? Show me when that has worked. It hasn’t, because the money should be spent on the kids, not on the teachers or administration as it always it is. You might as well burn the money.

But let’s not get away from the point. This problem was created by Brown because he does not want to seriously review the pension systems in this state, just his faux pension reform that he just passed. He does not have the nerve to challenge the unions as they are doing elsewhere in the country; instead he screws us by raising the sales tax in an already expensive state and tries the ploy of taxing $250,000-a-year millionaires. Brown and Mantooth must have been schooled in California because nowhere else is a millionaire someone who only makes $250,000 a year!

All of Mantooth’s endorsements were from school officials! How funny is that? They aren’t biased, are they? Yes, Brown saved our pensions so now let’s have a proposition that taxes the people of California to make up for the government’s inability to balance its budget, which in large part is unbalance because of us, the teachers unions, because who cares about the kids, just give us those benefits!

Mike Mislinay


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