The ever-so-entertaining Moomjean

Re: Paul Moomjean’s disgust with Obama’s victory (Right Persuasion, Nov. 14) Moomjean gazes into his cloudy, GOP-colored crystal ball to predict increased unemployment, terrible riots among the “entitlement class” (not including the welfare rich Republicans, of course), that Obamacare will wreak havoc in the American economy, and that Obama will be siding with Muslim nations and abandoning America’s traditional (and multibillion-dollar) support of Israel. He then claims to be heartbroken (as if he had a heart) and threatens to move to Norway (a country with socialized medicine and all sorts of great programs to ensure a happy, productive, EDUCATED and peaceful society).

Please, Paul, I beg of you — DON’T LEAVE!  We need your angry, lunatic rants to entertain us! To be the great and accurate REVERSE BAROMETER that you are! We need you so that we can show our children that America is such a wonderful country with its free-speech rights that even an angry, crazed, undereducated and overopinionated moron such as yourself can entertain the public on a weekly basis in a local rag like the Reporter (the only paper that will have you, and of course only if they don’t have to pay you for your dribble).

Yes, Paul Moomjean, we need you right where you are! Reminding us week after week of all of the reasons why we need to keep supporting our Democratic president (and congressmen and women) and voting for our local Democratic candidates.

No, Paul, there will be no horrific unemployment numbers in four years. And Obamacare is hardly the socialist mandate for health care that you claim it is — it’s actually a watered-down, insurance industry-written piece of crap (thanks to Obama’s compromising with your GOP Congress)  that will be delivering millions of new customers to private insurance companies, without a single-payer (government) option. It’s not going to bankrupt our economy, Paul. It’s actually going to make your insurance company buddies rich beyond their wildest dreams. They just have to rein in a few unfair practices (like letting people keep their health care when they change jobs) and accept a few folks with preexisting conditions (etc.).

We really do need you to stay, Paul Moomjean! Without you, so many of us would lose our interest in politics! Without you, we would have nobody to point to as the great local GOP loon who drank ALL the Kool-Aid!

Besides, Norway wouldn’t want you in its peaceful, educated, socialized nation. Your maladies are so antithetical to the Norwegian’s ethical sensibilities that you’d be much better off moving to Texas.

At least there, you’d still be protected by American laws and your American civil rights.

And maybe a local rag might even run your alarmist rants once in a while.

I beg of you, Paul Moomjean — don’t leave!


Justin Markman

The road to stupid white men

Your article in the VCReporter (“The road to Greece,” Right Persuasion, 11/15) was THE most ignorant, paranoid piece of trash I’ve EVER read. The only travesty in this country is that ignorance and stupidity aligned with paranoia define the Republican Party. Your article reflects the same sort of delusional, paranoid thinking that has dominated the Republican Party for generations. Stupid white men are the reason this country is like the rest of the failing economies in the world, stupidity and greedy bankers. Thank God YOU, sir, are finally in the minority in this country.

Joe Dodge

Bon voyage, Mr. Moomjean

Re: “The road to Greece,” Paul Moomjean, Nov. 15

So now Mr. Moomjean is hollering about the fact that “his” entitlements are not being met; “his” beliefs have not been followed; “his” candidate was not elected. And so he is threatening to leave the United States. Let me be the first to chip in for his ticket.  

He doesn’t like our “groups” — the Hispanics, women, gays, African Americans (who he calls “blacks” …).  He says we are supposed to be a melting pot. Duh … Mr. Moomjean. These are the people who MAKE us a melting pot. He believes that in Norway the people all look nicer than we do. Blond, blue-eyed, fair-skinned, for instance? Sound like anyone we’ve ever heard of?

I believe our America is a beautiful country, full of people of all races, religions, beliefs, lifestyles. We are not just Democrats and Republicans; we are, in fact, Americans, citizens of the United States of America. We voted. President Obama was re-elected. Mitt Romney lost the election. That’s the way we work. I love this country. I love our president. I love that we did not allow the GOP (and what’s “grand” about it?  “Old,” yes, but “grand” — Not anymore!) to destroy the rights of women, deny rights of gays, eliminate our Hispanic neighbors. And yes, our president is “black” Mr. Moomjean; your racism is showing. Stop with the sour grapes already!  (Newsweek Magazine referred to the GOP as “Old, White and HISTORY!”)

As for those in need, well, I’m fortunate enough to say that I am not one of them. We don’t have a lot, but I have a warm home, a loving husband, good food, wonderful friends and loving relatives. And when I see someone who is in need, my response is not one of disgust and disapproval, as is Mr. Moomjean’s; it is not one of rejection or feeling put upon; it is one of love and compassion and caring. I will give out my money and pay my taxes happily, knowing that someone else might be a little warmer, a little less hungry, a little comforted for it. And I will sleep a little better, praying that they will also.

Oh … and that person standing at the airport, waving? That’s me, wishing you “bon voyage,” Mr. Moomjean. I’ll even pack a lunch for you.

Jan Richman Schulman


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