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Although Prop 37 didn’t pass, it had the good effect of educating more people about the issue of GE foods. In all of the discussion of Prop 37, however, the conversation came to be too focused on pitting consumers against farmers.

It’s a misconception that farmers are all pro-GE crops. There is actually growing farmer resistance to GE crops, and not just among the organic types, especially in response to the new GE crops that are up for approval by the USDA.

Take 2,4-D-resistant corn. Aside from 2,4-D being very hazardous (it’s one of the active ingredients in Agent Orange), it’s a volatile herbicide that is prone to drift. This means that if one farmer sprays it on 2,4-D-resistant corn, it’s likely to drift over onto neighboring fields as well.  Fruits, vegetables and any crop that isn’t 2,4-D-resistant corn, would be destroyed. If it drifts onto an organic farm, that farm will lose its certification. 2,4-D is a farm-killer.

Farmers are backed into a corner and forced to grow these crops or face losing their farms. We need to stand united with the farmers resisting these crops, and urge the USDA to stop approving these crops. You can sign the petition at panna.org/24d

Charlotte Olena

Thank you, Oxnard residents

As my time as mayor pro tem comes to an end, I want to thank the residents of Oxnard for the opportunity of serving on the Council. Whether you voted for me or not, my service was for the entire community and I thank you. A special thanks to my supporters and campaign team for an awesome job.

It has been my honor to have served on the planning commission for four years and as a councilmember for four years. Much has been accomplished. Oxnard is one of the safest cities from Santa Monica to San Francisco, has a reserve of 15 million dollars, a gang intervention and prevention program that has reduced crime by 12 percent and copied by surrounding cities as a model to follow, has not furloughed or laid off any employees during these challenging times and, through Measure O funds, has been able to develop a number of parks or improvements to parks, fund local nonprofits, repair streets and fund public safety. The Collection has partially opened, Seabridge area is doing well, PAL Club and after-school programs are flourishing, Highway 1 has been turned over to the city and the 101/Rice bridge has been completed. Oxnard is doing well!

However, there is one thing that disturbs me as I leave office — the kinds of behavior that misrepresents, seeks to disparage opponents and mislead voters. I bring it to your attention because Oxnard deserves better from those who represent us. City officials and staff have worked hard to improve our image in the county. The kinds of behavior that defames or misrepresents fellow candidates have no place in Oxnard politics.

It was the goal of my team and me to stay positive and not run on someone else’s faults but my accomplishments and background. Needless to say, others did not operate under the same ethics or philosophy. We did not remove opponents signs, make negative calls (which were untrue, check the records) the last days of the campaign, give coupons or make promises for votes. My campaign stayed professional and ethical. It is easy to talk transparency, ethics, honesty and cleaning house, and it’s another thing to live it. A commentary was published on Veterans Day entitled “Fighting Back Against Dishonest Campaigns.” Each of us needs to become aware and fight against this practice.  Dishonest campaigns should not become the norm.

I entered the race for mayor with my “eyes wide open” and have no regrets. It would have been nice to win, but I am a believer and know the Lord has other plans for me. I intend to continue serving the community in the next phase of my journey.

Oxnard has some amazing employees and caring residents. It has been my pleasure to work with them and for you, the residents. I thank my husband, Bedford, and my family for their unconditional love and support.

Dr. Irene G. Pinkard
Former Mayor Pro Tem

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