A potential antidote to gang violence

Congratulations to Sheriff Geoff Dean, the Sheriff’s Department, District Attorney Greg Totten and all of the law enforcement agencies involved in the successful indictment of Ventura County gang members being led by Mexican Mafia prison gangs! (“Operation Wicked Hand brings down dozens in local gangs,” News, 11/29)

According to Sheriff Dean, two of the hard-core gang members arrested were only 16 years old. He also stated that prevention needs to be started in the early stages of youth development. The five centers of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Ventura plus the six other Ventura County Boys & Girls Clubs have dedicated their staffs and programs to year-round prevention with the goal of developing good citizens.

The Ventura club has been honored for its gang prevention programs at the National Youth Gang Symposium by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. Former appellate Justice Steve Perren once commented, “The value of well-supervised facilities for kids and teens … has been firmly documented over the years. There is a very positive family-type atmosphere at the Boys & Girls Club. … That’s a key to success in deterring kids from developing a pattern of delinquent behavior.”

The club programs emphasize changing the lives of the community’s kids (6-18 years old) through:

• Academic success – 97 percent of club members graduate from high school,

• Good character and citizenship emphasizing the development of responsible leadership skills and giving back to the community in positive ways.

• Healthy lifestyles – 0 percent teen pregnancies.

The above statistics were revealed in an independent California Lutheran University study.  It also stated the cost-effectiveness of club programming: for every $1 of expenditure the club generates more than $16 of positive economic impacts in the community (a 1,600 percent ROI).

Again, applause and appreciation for the dedication of our law enforcement agencies in helping make a safer place to live for Ventura County families and community members. For additional information, call 641-5585 or check the website at www.bgclub@gmail.org.

Thank you from the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Ventura’s five centers in Ventura, Oak View and Saticoy.


Diane Koranda, CEO,
Board of Directors, Staff and Youth Members


The facts never cease to amaze

So Paul Moomjean has found a comedy of errors. (Right Persuasion, 11/29) I am surprised that as a factually and technologically challenged student, thus an English Major, he never learned that for comedy to be funny, it has to have a basis in fact. George Bush was a war criminal not because he relied on the intelligence, it is because he ignored the Constitution’s Eighth Amendment, plus Articles Three, Four and Five of the Geneva Conventions, ratified by the Senate and, per the Constitution, the law of the land.

Colin Powell did not rely on the intelligence when he declared the Iraqi aluminum tubes were only for gas centrifuges. They could not be for artillery rockets since they were a much higher grade of aluminum than we use in any of our weapons. HE IGNORED HIS OWN BUREAU OF RESEARCH AND INTELLIGENCE (I and R). The DOE resident expert showed it was difficult to the point of being ludicrous to convert them to gas centrifuge rotors. Colin Powell’s own I and R told him, prior to his speech, that the DOE experts were correct. Colin Powell’s own I and R told him prior to his speech that we used exactly the same aluminum as rocket motor cases in air-launched rockets.

I could go on and on. Alas, it is a useless exercise; a closed mind such as Mr. Moomjean’s finds facts to be liberal . That is why he was an English major; he would never have to encounter a fact-based universe.


Norm Rodewald


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