Assimilate or leave

I want to reward you for printing the opinion of Forrest Mize, “A Farewell to the People’s Democratic Latino Republic of Kalifornia.” (Power to speak, 1/10) As the article was not “politically correct,” it was an accurate assessment of the state of California. I agree completely with Mr. Mize. He is not a racist, he is not ignorant or negative; he is a realist. I have lived in this county since 1974 and I have watched its downfall. It has saddened me and there appears to be no way to stop it. As far back as when the people of this state voted for Proposition 187 (illegal aliens not to receive our social benefits), only to have Governor Davis overturn it, the situation has been becoming more distressing by the day. Why bother to vote?

I do not plan to move. I love the weather too much but I can completely understand why Mr. Mize moved his family to Idaho. I for one do not want to pay for social services for illegal aliens; I will pay my fair share for legal residents of this state. I am disgusted with how many illegal aliens come to this state to have children so their children will be American citizens. This is not right. They are draining our limited social resources and, yes, they are limited.

I speak English. My immigrant ancestors spoke English and that is the language of the USA. I have been treated rudely by people who speak other languages because of not being able to understand them. If you do not want to learn English and adapt to our ways, go back to the country you came from. I am all for celebrating your heritage but assimilate to our culture.

I hope people like Jan Schulman and Ray Vasquez open their eyes to what is really happening in this state. They are the ignorant ones! If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention.

Angela Lopez

From the web:

In defense of Harbor Church

To anonymous

(“What should have been included about Harbor Church in Ventura,” Power to Speak, 1/24)

It’s obvious where you fall on this very challenging issue. You appear to have the information and the outcomes in hand. Bravo! Now join the rest of us here on earth to either transform people’s lives or push the problem out of your line of sight.

1. We want our children safe and neighborhood pristine. In the article, we heard from the school with which the Harbor Community Church shares space. They’re good with the partnership. Your unfounded “scare ‘em into my way of thinking” grandstanding is embarrassing; shame on you.

2. You criticize the article writer about the Harbor, its mission/ministry and then write a factually starved treatise using such phrases as “the stats,” and “it works out to be about …” as if you had actually reviewed information. You hadn’t — No facts or stats of any kind.

3. As a believer in Jesus Christ, I note Jesus didn’t set up buildings and schedules of services and nifty organizations fit into the lives of followers. God’s great gift, His Son, was a man who walked down muddy dirt paths, in the midst of humanity, and went where needed. Jesus fed the hungry, healed the sick, diseased, and gave audience to those that couldn’t get recognition. Jesus worshipped, Monday-Sunday! Welcome to the Harbor! See that marquee out front? Worship services include Monday through Friday. 8:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m., and the words “Simply Jesus.” Jesus set the tone.

3. The Harbor didn’t make a legal argument in the article. That will be for the lawyers; there will be lawyers. There will be lawyers and articles written about the homeless, their rights and their plight. There will be articles written about children and the school and its partnership with the Harbor. Other articles, how a few neighbors care less about the poor than they do their own comfort (or lack thereof).

You think there is a problem with the city attempting to restrict their First Amendment rights as it relates to worship, using zoning as a ploy? The state, counties, cities, towns, villages and burgs are all covered. It will be about the city, years ago, even after the CUP for daycare, and more than once approving the Harbor Church to operate as it is and has been. A new board cannot change the rule of law or the First Amendment!

You talk about “the right thing” as if you had been given a holy unction and the final, eternal word on what that is. You ever try just getting up and moving a church? A ministry? A calling that God gives you? Riiiiight. I’m guessing no! They are where they are and where they will be until God moves them out.

Finally, are you real? Who would believe that Camarillo pays Ventura to bus its homeless population to be dumped; only to then have Ventura chase them out of the place they were dumped!

Get involved instead of standing on the balcony and tossing stones.  Blessings to you. …


Come and see for yourself

(RE: “What should have been included about Harbor Church in Ventura,” Power to Speak, 1/24)

Two years ago, I walked over to MY neighborhood church, the Harbor Community Church, to see if there were any volunteer opportunities. I was lucky to be asked to help serve in the kitchen, planning on helping once a week. The many different people who attend the church grabbed my heart and I am now there five days a week, acting as the kitchen manager. I am a neighbor as well as some of the other volunteers who serve there. I feel there is a misconception that all of the neighbors wish us to be gone, and that is so far from the truth. There are many neighbors who donate food, time, attend church services or just stop by to thank us for doing a good job in the community. We are also lucky to have daily volunteers from Arc and IABA (Institute for Applied Behavior Analysis). The clients there have a myriad of differing abilities and, believe me, their job coaches thoroughly looked over our church for all issues before bringing their precious people to help us serve.

The homeless people who attend services at the Harbor are homeless for many different reasons. The interesting thing is, they represent all of the things we deal with in our own families here in America, I know certainly in mine. Some of them are physically not well but don’t qualify for government assistance; some have lost their jobs and housing; there are others whose families have abandoned them due to their developmental disabilities or mental health issues; and others have battled addiction. Like I said, all of the things I know my immediate family has and will deal with. This is truly an issue for all of America not just Ventura.

I feel blessed to be a part of the Harbor Church family, to be there every day. I am not afraid of our people; they are caring and, many days, sad souls. We are there to give some dignity, compassion and hope to our fellow human beings and to help give them spiritual guidance to help stabilize their lives in love. Please keep all of us in your prayers and someday come to see the love that shines from the Harbor Church.

— kathypowell

Slapshot column nailed it

Once again, you folks are taking off the gloves. (Slapshot, 1/24) Would that this was happening with more frequency everywhere in our county and, indeed, in America. VCReporter and Cohn are each deserving of heartiest thanks for exposing this sort of flat-out disrespect for the taxpaying public. Keep up the good work!

— tower


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Well said Angela Lopez

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