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Many other writers have quite effectively demonstrated how racist and, well, generally dickish Forrest Mize’s recent kiss-off letter to California was. (Power to speak, 1/10) I won’t add anything, except to say that it is typical for a racist like him to not only deny his own racism and displace it onto others, but to move to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, as well. He should’ve just moved to Sand Point — home of numerous white supremacist religious cults — and been completely honest with himself and everyone else about who and what he is.

 But even more amusing about Mr. Mize’s letter than his unself-conscious bigotry is his complete lack of grasp of the facts.

A recent article shows Gov. Jerry Brown showing that the new California budget is balanced. How did that happen? Well, it happened because of a new Democratic super majority in the California legislature, and the end of deliberate Republican obstructionism.

You see, modern day Republicans — Mr. Mize being a prime example — hate government so much that they deliberately set government up to fail at all of its primary tasks. They usually do this by starving government of necessary funds, usually by insisting on ridiculous and unnecessary tax cuts which largely benefit only the wealthiest among us. Then, when government has trouble meeting its obligations, they loudly decry government inefficiency (but I defy anyone to PROVE that the private sector is more efficient than government; it’s an impossibility, as the private sector must build in a profit margin, thus increasing costs) and they insist upon cutting the budget for programs that help those who were screwed over by the tax cuts in the first place.

Let everyone like Mr. Mize move to Idaho. Once there are enough of his kind there, Idaho will start to resemble Somalia, the right-wing libertarian’s paradise.
Tom Becham

Abortion must end now

Re: Steve Greenberg’s abortion coat hanger cartoon, 1/31. The coat hanger symbolizes the awfulness of death by piercing and dismemberment that children suffer today. Imagine a steel instrument penetrating through a child’s body over and over until it dies. It is hard to imagine a more agonizing death. This takes place a million times a year in the U.S. Isn’t it time to put a stop to it?
Mike Nelson
Santa Paula


Worst of all the errors made by anonymous writer

RE: Jan 17 Anonymous remarks against homeless services at Ventura Harbor Church says that homeless services should only be sited where “no children live, play or attend school.” New statistics reveal that the homeless ARE CHILDREN! Their parents, often saddled with very small toddlers and infants, recently occupied homes in “respectable” neighborhoods near playgrounds and schools. Kids now housed at the Oxnard Armory (2013 winter warming shelter) need to return to that original “middle-class” environment.
Rose Leslye Stern
Commissioner for the Homeless, city of Oxnard

Nothing wrong with eminent domain

What’s the story with EMINENT DOMAIN?  Golden State Water Co. (GSW) wants us to think it’s some evil plot being foisted on Ojai water users by a “shadowy” national group seeking to destroy private property rights. GSW is spending big bucks (from our water bills, I fear) to convince us of this. But it doesn’t want to own up to doing it. Instead, it wants us to think that the big ads in the Ojai Valley News and on the Internet, denouncing eminent domain and the so-called “Ojai water grab,” are coming from an independent outfit called California Alliance for Property Rights. Interestingly, the head of that “independent” Alliance also happens to be the head of GSW’s hired PR firm in Sacramento. Coincidence? I don’t think so!

Seems to me the only thing “shadowy” about water issues in Ojai is the game of lies, misinformation and scare tactics coming out of GSW and being fronted by its allegedly “independent” puppet organizations that don’t exist anywhere but online.

What’s bright as day and not shadowy at all is the 1967 franchise agreement between the city of Ojai and GSW.  It gives GSW the right to be Ojai’s water purveyor only “until some municipal or public corporation . . . shall condemn and take under the power of EMINENT DOMAIN, all property actually used and useful in the exercise of this franchise.”   It goes on to say, “The franchise granted hereunder shall not in any way . . . impair or affect the right of the City to acquire the property of the Grantee (GSW) either by purchase or through the exercise of the RIGHT of EMINENT DOMAIN . . .”

There is nothing inherently underhanded or evil about eminent domain. It’s a provision in the U.S. Constitution that allows a government entity to take property for the public good after paying just compensation. In their franchise agreement with the city, GSW accepted eminent domain as an appropriate way for Ojai to take back the system. Now, it wants to renege on that agreement without getting caught. Hence the need for front organizations like the Alliance.
Kathy Richards


Welcome to Boeings’ Rocketland!

Re: The VC Reporter feature story “Greenwashing Rockeydyne” (Jan. 17), first let me commend Michael Collins on a well-written/well-researched piece on a locally infamous, on-going assault on our local environment known as the Rocketdyne Field “Research” Lab operations, where this military contractor deposited who knows how much radioactive and other highly toxic contaminants into the Santa Susana research facility grounds over a period of DECADES, operations for which records are extremely hard to come by, and where recent scientific investigations are revealing just how much deadly material is locked into the soil and leaching into our water supply.

The story about Boeing/Rocketdyne’s “greenwashing” of these operations is not that alarming. More like typical in terms of a corporation trying desperately to spin the truth, to bury the facts (and as-yet unknown facts) in favor of a BP-type public relations media circus.

What’s next? A Fox Corp. Water Park at Santa Susana? Calling itself Rocketland?

The Santa Susana site needs to be forever quarantined as a federal Superfund Cleanup Site and pointed to as an example of military hubris, of corporate facism run rampant right in the backyards of millions of people living in the populated suburbs of Los Angeles known as the San Fernando Valley.

As a native of the SFV, I can tell you that one place I always avoided in my outings were the rocky peaks and trails anywhere near “Rocketland” (as the locals referred to it as).

It is so gratifying to see that the VCReporter will not allow the Boeing/Rocketdyne ENVIRONMENTAL SUPERFUND-QUALIFIED TOXIC WASTE DUMP to be forgotten.

The issue of the greenwashing media campaign is par for the course. Just more desperate measures taken by a cheap, uncaring company to gloss over the deadly reality that is the Rocketdyne/Santa Susanna Field Laboratory facility grounds.

If you believe the corporate hype, I’ve got some land in the beautiful and pristine Rocketland Park that I’d like to interest you in.
Justin Markman

Ventura’s homeless situation has not improved

I read your article related to how the homeless situation has improved somewhat in Ventura. (“Update shows progress with Ventura’s homeless issues,” News, 1/31) As far as the residents are concerned, that is a myth.

Ventura’s homeless population has been increasing over the last five years, while in most of the cities in the county, including Oxnard, has been decreasing. Ventura has the highest number of homeless in the county, around 700 as of last count. The county should be coming out with a new report shortly. I doubt if we will see any improvement in the numbers for Ventura. That is when an article about whether the situation is improving or not should be revisited. Note according to the report, 25 percent of the homeless have a drug/alcohol dependency, 25 percent have mental problems and 28 percent have been incarcerated within the last year. Also, note that 33 percent of those leaving jail will end up homeless. These are not people that we want on our streets and in our neighborhoods. As far as I am concerned, Peter Brown has a bit of a laissez faire attitude about the whole thing.  But of course, he chose to live in Carpinteria instead of Ventura.

I cycle pretty much daily along Ventura’s beachfront. I can attest that it really hasn’t gotten any better in relation to the numbers of transients hanging around the Keys, Pierpont and the State Beach Park and the promenade. I send e-mails to the city regularly related to the transient issue, plus call police dispatch a couple of times a week when I see a drunken individual or a doped-up individual on the promenade or someone camping under the pier.

It is my contention that the city really didn’t have much of a plan to deal with the resulting homeless issue when it kicked the transients out of the Ventura Riverbed. These individuals simply ended up in the city proper, on the promenade, in the State Beach Park, at the end of Seaward and ultimately over in the Santa Clara Riverbed. And as everyone knows, the city did this because it was going to be fined $25,000/day if it didn’t start cleaning up the riverbed. It had nothing to do with helping the homeless. In fact, it is agencies like the Salvation Army (Rob Orth) and Project Understanding that are really doing the heavy lifting.

As for the city patrolling the riverbeds, that is a myth. I have yet to see a single patrol person in either of the riverbeds. For a while they were patrolling the promenade, but that has pretty much gone by the wayside.

Note that there are now signs along the bike path up near the abandoned oil refinery on the way to Ojai that say individuals must vacate by Feb 7.  You might want to look into what is happening with relation to this. Simply said, there will be even more homeless dislocated onto our streets.

Murray Robertson
A Very Concerned Pierpont Resident

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