Finally, a rational argument about the Second Amendment

Mr. Moomjean, in his Right Persuasion of Feb. 21, has so many things wrong, it is difficult to make a coherent response. Mr. Moomjean claims the Second Amendment was intended  to give everyone the right to bear arms and that the forefathers finally settled on “A well-regulated militia ….” He then goes on about a militia is an irregular army of nonprofessional soldiers.

Please, Mr. Moomjean, go back to high school and learn American history. There was a vigorous debate among the Founding Fathers, Jefferson arguing against a standing army while others, including Washington, said we live in dangerous times and an army is necessary. The original text of the Second Amendment was stripped down to the present text. It specifically was intended to provide for a well-regulated militia to provide defense against both regular forces and irregular forces. The Constitution thus gives Congress the right to raise and support armies, but limits all appropriations to a maximum of two years as well as providing for a militia force. Congress, in 1792, made up of literally our Founding Fathers, passed the Militia Acts one and two. These provided that all able-bodied men between the ages of 18 and 45 were to serve in the various state militias. Each state militia was placed under the command of a general who reported to his governor. The militias were organized into companies, required to drill at least once a month. In addition, each militia member was REQUIRED TO PURCHASE a musket, shot, powder horn and powder. So much for Congress requiring private citizens to purchase a commercial product. The Founding Fathers made it clear they felt they had that right also.

When Mr. Moomjean makes the silly statement, “The NRA needs to take up the torch of creating and regulating the militia …,” he displays a glaring stupidity beyond all reason. The militia the Founding Fathers envisioned lives on very well today; it is called the National Guard. It is doing very well without any help from either Mssrs. Moomjean or LaPierre.

Norman Rodewald

Finally, a logical argument about the Post Office debt

That VC Reporter cartoonist Steve Greenberg is soooo funny. His latest creative work — picturing the “Deficits Forever” postage stamp (2/21) — lampoons the U. S. Postal Service’s incompetent management, illustrating how government agencies mismanage billions of taxpayer dollars and can’t do anything right.

To test how brilliant this cartoon is, all you need to do is to take this little two-question quiz:

Question No. 1:  How much taxpayer money does the Postal Service get every year?

(A)  Billions of dollars.

(B)  Not one thin dime.

Question No. 2:  Why does the Postal Service have such a huge deficit?

(A) Because it is a bloated government bureaucracy that can’t do anything right.

(B) Because the 2006 Republican Congress passed a law requiring the Postal Service to immediately fund its future pension obligations 75 years into the future.

The correct answer to both questions is B. The Post Office gets zero dollars in tax money.  And no other business or entity is required by Congress to set aside billions to cover pension obligations for workers who will retire in the year 2087. Most businesses have the decency to wait until their future employees are born to start funding their retirement annuities — the average corporation only funds pensions 20 to 30 years into the future.

Why on earth would congressional Republicans place this impossible 75-year burden on the Postal Service? Could it have anything to do with massive campaign contributions to the GOP from, oh, FedEx, UPS and DHL — corporations that would love to see the Post Office out of business?  

Greenberg’s cartoon would have been spot-on had the “Deficits Forever” postage stamp had a picture of the GOP elephant holding moneybags full of checks from FedEx. Maybe one day Greenberg will use his talented cartoonist pen to illustrate the obvious corruption in this blatant political bribery.

Karl Lawson

Government, the great parasite

I just got around to reading Tom Becham’s sad little hate mail directed at me (letters 2/14). Predictably he called me a racist, since the liberal playbook calls for demonizing those you disagree with. He says there are numerous white supremacist cults in Sandpoint, Idaho. Please name one of them. Aryan Nation used to be in Hayden Lake but was kicked out more than 15 years ago. The majority of the population in Sandpoint is retired Kalifornia cops and firemen who took their insane pensions to a free state and live like kings on your taxes. As for his asserting that government is more efficient than private sector, I have never heard of anything so ignorant in my life. Government is a parasite that feeds off the private sector and is under no obligation to make a profit. Every government program in existence is bankrupt, from the Post Office to FEMA to the city of Ventura, because of their inefficiency and lack of accountability. As for Mr. Becham’s claim that Jerry Brown has balanced the Kalifornia budget, if he believes that, I have a unicorn I can sell him for $5,000. Or I will trade for an AK-47 with 30-round magazine.

Forrest Mize
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

More on human sexuality

I was most pleasantly surprised to see your cover story of Feb. 14, “Ever-evolving human sexuality.” In a society where scantily clad female bodies advertise everything under the sun, yet a society that is still so sexually repressed and shut down, it was a breath of fresh air to see such an article in my local newspaper.
I was, however, a bit disappointed that the author didn’t take the opportunity to highlight more locally available resources for its readers. As interesting as Joan Price is (and I have met her on more than one occasion), she is not from this community, nor is she directly available to serve it.

I have been an AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists) – certified sex counselor since 2005, and a certified nurse midwife since 1984. I have worked in Ventura County since 1980 in one or another capacity, treating women and their families. I treat couples and individuals who encounter some of the more common sexual challenges that are apt to come up in the course of one’s sexual life: decreased libido, desire discrepancy between partners, sexual pain, orgasm and erection issues.

Since the VCReporter is a local newspaper serving the local community, it seems appropriate that its staff and readership be aware of at least one local resource that can actually help with the many challenges they might encounter in relation to their “ever-evolving human sexuality.”

Wendy Steiger, R.N., C.N.M., C.S.C.
Ventura County Ob/Gyn Medical Group


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More on those state militias Mr. Rodewald mentions: Correspondence among the founding fellows reveals that Virginians were particularly concerned that putting the authority and especially the funding in Congress' hands. They feared that since these militias in the South were employed in policing and catching slaves, that Northern legislators, many of whom disapproved of slavery, would not permit their arming. Thus, the 2nd took the form it has with the weird absolute construction clause attached.

posted by cassandra2 on 3/14/13 @ 01:15 p.m.
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