The fevered overworked brain

The VC Reporter and Paul Moomjean are to be congratulated for his wonderful satire of the fevered brain of the right wing nut. Clearly, it is a satire because no one is that stupid. In a recent column on the administration canceling the deployment of the Carrier Task Group 10 due to the sequestration act, it was responding to a mere piece of paper. Clearly, this is satire because no one is so stupid as to believe that a law (Budget Control Act of 2011) is just a piece of paper. No one is that stupid.

In his Right Persuasion column of March 21, he equates the canceling of White House tours necessitated by the sequestration act with the lack of transparency in official acts. Clearly, no one is that stupid; it is a satirical parody of the right-wing nut brain. He then goes on to cite reports about FOIA requests by Cause For Action (sic), actually Cause of Action www.causeofaction.org, which shows that the bureaucratic processes for handling FOIA requests are about the same as previous administrations. But he ignores that this administration has made the entire White House Visitor logs public records, has published online every act signed, etc. Clearly, the fevered brain has overworked, or else this is a satirical parody. No one is that stupid.

Finally, he cites one discredited story based on one discredited source to a UK journal about Michelle Obama’s upcoming 50th birthday as somehow proof of something. Again, a fevered brain overworked or satirical parody, because no one is that stupid.

So, Mr. Moomjean, continue your column, the satirical parody of the fevered brain of the right-wing nut is humorous, but since no one is that stupid, we know it is not real.

Norman Rodewald

The Pierre dilemma

First, I have never written a letter like this before. But I feel so strongly about your article, I couldn’t sit by, again!!

I really appreciate your article regarding Principal Marie Pierre. (“The big bully on campus,” News, 3/14) You have shed light on a situation that has been hidden for many years.  I had children at Rosedell Elementary School in Saugus, where Mrs. Pierre was the assistant principal to Mr. Cory Pax. (Parents would often remark on how they thought she had bullied Mr. Pax). I thought you should know that this behavior was prevalent at Rosedell Elementary as well.

The Saugus Union School District had to hire a full-time psychologist for our school after Mrs. Pierre and Mr. Pax had left. The psychologist worked exclusively on our campus, helping our students and staff EVERYDAY for six months!! She had to deal with the bullying that had trickled down to the schoolyard while both of them were administrating. The children were completely out of control and knew that the staff would not intervene. After all, they were too frightened to handle many situations themselves while under their guidance.

I was looking forward to my children attending the same school I had attended and was embarrassed at this. They brought such sadness to our community.

I personally saw Mrs. Pierre behave rudely to both parents and staff. I worked in the classroom regularly and saw numerous teachers crying over the bullying. I didn’t want to comment on your website and add fuel to this fire; it seems like there is plenty. I just know that there is a trail of bullying that she has left behind at so many schools. I just hope this goes on her record so she can never teach or be an administrator ANYWHERE!!

The Saugus Union School District never did anything to stop this. I just hope the Oxnard School District does. (Editor’s note: Mrs. Pierre was placed on paid administrative leave for the rest of the school year at the time the article was being published.)

How many more schools will she ruin? How many children’s lives will she hurt? How many teachers will end up on disability due to stress? This is what the Oxnard School District can look forward to, having Mrs. Marie Pierre as a principal.

Ms. Wilson is brave to stand up to such a bully!! Something we ask our children to do but find it so hard to do as adults.

A Rosedell parent (name withheld by request)

Liberal neurosis

I have found it futile to try to reason with liberals because they are typically irrational. When reality proves too harsh for them, they take refuge in a (liberal) virtual nirvana where Darth Vader Republicans dare not intrude. An example is the liberal dogma that Gore “won” .

Florida. The latest emerging liberal revelation is that those rascally Republicans have brought the evil Sequester down on us. (See J.C. Simmons’ letter, VC Reporter, March 21.) Even White House aides admit it was Obama who conceived the idea. A simple and very cost-effective cure for liberal neurosis is to shrink the federal budget even more and force liberals into the workforce where, when they see how much government takes out of their paychecks, reality will return in a hurry.

Peter Cavanagh

Times of unprecedented deceptions

I just would like to give support to the new column Sharper Focus that I just read this morning here in Ojai. It was pretty hard-hitting, and a breath of fresh-air reality. I hope it will inspire thought, and I can only imagine it will provoke controversy. In these times of unprecedented deceptions, we need the stimulation and strength of other points of view that this column could bring — even if I don’t agree with all of it. So be strong, and take the hits you may receive — we all need to stand up to those that deceive.

Markus MacPherson

We want a no-kill shelter

In response to “VC animal shelter’s uphill battle,” March 14, by Justin Formanek, I want to thank Ventura County Animal Services (VCAS) for trying to reduce the number of animals being killed. As was stated: “We had one week in January where we would actually be considered no-kill.”  However, if VCAS would hire a no-kill director, that week would become the norm. Many shelters across the nation have moved to the no-kill program. Their records show 90 percent and higher of animals saved.

I also want to add that when healthy adoptable animals are killed, that is not euthanasia. That is just plain killing. Euthanasia is a mercy killing. When an animal is killed because it is incurably sick or injured, or is so vicious it cannot be redeemed and would spend the rest of its life caged, that is euthanasia. 

The County Board of Supervisors and many animal advocates have been pushing for a true no-kill shelter for more than a year. It seems defiant to keep the same staff in place. These are the ones who have continuously been killing healthy pets. These are the ones that feel blaming the public lets them “off the hook.”

Nathan Winograd, former assistant attorney general in San Francisco, created the 11-point no-kill program. It has been adopted nationwide with outstanding success. The last point of the program is to hire a no-kill director. This is what we want in Ventura County. One week is not nearly good enough!

Dale Hanson


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Thank you Dale. I can hardly think of any more to say. The excuses have become laden with the same old rhetoric. There is nothing new coming from the shelter or the county employees that are in charge of the shelter--well, with the exception of the "one week where we can be called a no-kill shelter". It sounds like it was an accident!

We STILL want a no-kill Director running a no-kill
shelter--52 weeks a year.

posted by karenhelen on 4/13/13 @ 09:23 p.m.
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