Paranoid letter writers

Three out of four letters to the editor in the July 18 VCReporter wrote anonymously! So how in a citizenry-run governance can governing take place if citizens are too fearful to talk to each other? “… land of the free and home of the brave,” really?  

Duane Waln


The worst

Your feature story about life in county jail in last week’s VCReporter (The Ultimate Reality Show by Butch Warner, July 18) that profiled select inmates based on their “celebrity” status (then comparing them to reality television’s “bad boys,” where the inmate celebrities were to be considered the “real deal”) was tasteless and repulsive at best, and terribly irresponsible at worst.

First off, there was not one “success story” of an inmate who has turned his or her life around, nor were any jail officers, administrators or social workers interviewed for comments. All you had were inmates being profiled who had gained “celebrity status” while in custody, where such celebrity status is earned by virtue of being the “baddest boy on the block” (as it were). Or for some other ridiculous reason.

I did not appreciate the free publicity given by your paper to these criminal inmates, or the inference that it’s somehow “cooler” to be a criminal in jail than an actor on television. Or that being the baddest boy in prison is somehow “cool.” All of these messages are WRONG and IRRESPONSIBLE and should NEVER HAVE BEEN ALLOWED IN PRINT!

With our prisons overcrowded and inmates being released before they have served out their full sentences, society is stressed enough with these gangster thugs roaming our streets.

To further glamorize their lives of crime with a full four-page (Editor’s note: it was actually two pages) feature story in the VCReporter was one of the worst examples of journalistic irresponsibility and editorial indiscretion that I have EVER come across in my entire life!

One would think that the least that your paper can do now is to feature any of these clowns after they get out of prison, and ONLY if they have had a few YEARS in which they can PROVE that they have turned their lives around (and I don’t mean becoming a local preacher or teen counselor).

Justin Markman

Justin Markman is not employed by and has no formal ties to local, state or federal law enforcement, nor was he asked by law enforcement to write this letter.


Share the Road, the Laws, the Cost

Mr. Alan Sailer is certainly justified to have his own opinion on this or any other subject for that matter. (Letters, 725) It’s too bad Mr. Sailer did not read my first letter completely, or if he did he simply didn’t understand it.

First off, I have absolutely no animosity toward cyclists. What I was referring to in my letter about the right-turn problem is that on Thompson and Telephone, the bike lane is moved on the left of the right turn lane so that any car making a right turn has to pass over the bike lane.  To expect the drivers of cars to have to make way for cyclists is ridiculous. Just an accident waiting to happen.

Secondly, Mr. Sailer makes the same argument about paying his fair share as most other cyclists do. “I pay license and insurance on my car and pay gasoline taxes so I am paying my fair share.”  Well, Mr. Sailer, I have a car, my wife has a car and I also have a Honda motor scooter. I have to pay license and insurance on all of my vehicles in order to use the public roads, so does that mean I have paid my fair share three times? Or perhaps I should be allowed to drive my Honda scooter around without license or insurance.

There has been over $24 million dollars spent in California on amenities for cyclists in the past couple of years, the cyclist have contributed nothing directly for this cost. The state has given over almost half of the roadways, bike lanes, green boxes, bicycle racks and others which the drivers of cars help pay for.

As the sign says, “Share the Road.” They need to add a couple of lines to those signs. They should read in whole, “Share the Road, the Laws, the Cost.”

I am glad that Mr. Sailer would be OK with cyclists being made to license and insure their vehicles. I also realize Mr. Sailer was intending to interject a bit of humor with his statement about a 5-year-old girl filling out insurance forms and/or not allowing anybody below the age of 18 to ride a bike. At least I hope it was an attempt at humor.

FYI: In the city of Ventura, cyclists are allowed to ride their bicycles on the sidewalks everywhere except in the Downtown area, although on any day you will still see bicycles being ridden on the Downtown sidewalks. You will also see cyclists riding through stop signs, red lights, and breaking other rules of the road. I inquired with the Ventura Police Department about how many tickets had been given to cyclists for running stop signs or red lights in 2012, the answer from the police department was, one (1) ticket had been given in the entire year.


Rellis Smith


Not so smart

Thank you so much for printing the article on smart meters (News, 7/25). Edison has so much money to fight the truth, it is hard to be heard.

Two members of Congress (Jerry McNerney, D- Stockton; and Matt Cartwright, D- Pa.) have introduced a congressional bill (HR 2685) that would apparently require all electricity providers (including rural cooperatives and municipal utilities) to join the “smart” grid and …

This is our next battle to fight.

John Puccetti


Opting out

Loved your article on the Smart Meter. Lucky for me I saw it on the news when Marin County was in an uproar about the radiation. When my notice came I did an opt-out. I paid extra not yo have one and I pay extra every month. I also alerted my area.

Thank you for educating people on what is going on. I even learned a few things from your article.

Thanks again!

Kelly Gladstone


Not the call of duty

After reading this article (“And justice for Zimmerman,” Right Persuasion, 7/25) a few things jumped out at me. First, it seems like Moomjean was not that happy to be done with the year-long coverage of the story since he chose to write about it. Next, let’s move on to the part of poor Zimmerman being sick of the police allowing eight robberies in his neighborhood. Really? I have never seen the law officials allow their citizens to be victims of any crime. Poor Zimmerman had to arm himself, to follow the trespasser. Since when does walking down a public street constitute Trayvon now being a trespasser committing a crime? No crime was ever committed by Trayvon. The only thing Mr. Moomjean was correct on was that race should not matter.

Now I will get to how my family was a victim of a few attempted robberies, one occurring while my teenage children were at home alone while I went to the grocery store at 5 in the afternoon. When I got home minutes later and called police, not only were they there in minutes, they had numerous officers’ vehicles and did a great investigation. Unfortunately, they could not find the perpetrator.

They next informed me I can buy a shotgun to protect my family. I won’t miss with a shotgun. I just got to make sure they are in my house before I can shoot. I thanked them for the advice but told them I will call them again since it is their job. The problem with the Zimmerman story is he was never threatened until he went after Trayvon. There is a big difference between self- protection and him really believing he was law enforcement to protect his neighborhood. It was not his job. They did not want him to be an officer with them. That is the difference when you are just a civilian — you make the call for the professional like all other jobs. Interesting how Mr. Zimmerman did not start grabbing garden hoses in the neighborhood to help the firefighters with their jobs, but people believe just because you own a firearm the police now need help with their job. Common sense tells you we all can’t have members of the community running around playing judge and jury. It should not matter what color Trayvon was. It is ignorant to say otherwise. What should matter is that he was a human being walking down the street. Another human being killed him. He will never make it home again to his family. The court has spoken; Mr. Moomjean is right about that but that does not mean it was a great thing Zimmerman did. It means the law has to be revised again to reflect the true intent of which it was written.

Now I am just wondering where Mr. Moomjean’s jaded thoughts about law enforcement not wanting to do their jobs come from. Did the local law enforcement unions not support him for his run for Simi Valley mayor? Kind of funny he threw them under the bus trying to support Zimmerman.

Jacquie Colmenero

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Rellis Smith again? Never has so much ink been wasted on someone who had so little to say.

Why him, again? Will he do it over and over again till he gets something right?

posted by cassandra2 on 8/15/13 @ 10:00 a.m.

Re: Jacquie Colmenero's Letter on Trayvon Martin Shooting.

I read with amused interest Jacquie Colmenero's letter regarding the Trayvon Martin shooting. She seems to be living in this dream world that says the police are always going to be there to protect her, no matter the time, place, or circumstances. I've got news for you, Jacquie. This is not the case.

If you ask any police chief or top law enforcement official in the country, they will tell you that law enforcement agencies depend on the involvement of citizens to help them in their jobs. That is why police departments everywhere strongly promote neighborhood watch programs just like the one George Zimmerman was a member of. They rely on these citizen groups to be their "eyes and ears" out there to help them identify suspects, obtain evidence, and solve crimes.

Now does that mean that everyone should be carrying a gun out there? Of course not. Some citizens; however, like Zimmerman, will choose to carry a gun if it makes them feel safer. That is their constitutional right. George Zimmerman had a concealed weapons permit, so he had gone through all the proper application and training requirements that go along with obtaining this permit.

Some of the key events of that fateful night of February 26, 2012 will never be fully known because we are only hearing George Zimmerman's side of the story and the account of the few eye witnesses at the scene. However, the overwhelming evidence that was presented in this trial showed that Zimmerman clearly felt that his life was in danger.

This much is clear: He was lying on the ground and being mercilessly pummeled by Martin when he chose to draw his gun and fire. I think any of us faced with a similar set of circumstances would have likely reacted the same way. I know I would have.

posted by rasta_man on 8/15/13 @ 10:06 a.m.

Listen to cassandra2. The classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. Her long, lecturing diatribes on here and elsewhere are well known.

In reading Rellis Smith's letters, I don't always agree with him 100%. But, I think a lot of his points on bicyclists are well taken. Bicyclists do not have the same command of the road as motorists. If a bicyclist collides with a car, chances are the driver of the car will not be injured. If a car hits a bicyclist, however, the chances are pretty good that the bicyclist will sustain some injuries.

So, a word to the wise to all you bicyclists out there. Share the road with your fellow motorists, but use reason and discretion when competing for space and position on the roadways. Your very life may depend on it.

posted by rasta_man on 8/15/13 @ 10:16 a.m.

Idiotic . . .

A piece of rightwing propaganda for stirring up the dummies to hate the prez.

To many, government is the devil.

posted by cassandra2 on 8/15/13 @ 10:17 a.m.

Poor Trayvon. All he wanted was 2 of the ingredients for his paranoid inducing and liver wasting "lean" that he loved. Other then that, he was a great kid. Maybe we should all just remember the angelic kid we all saw in those adorable pictures pushed endlessly by the lamestreamers.
The Zimmerman verdict was a good one. Too bad you have to dig so deep to find some truth. Passed the lamestreamers that is.

posted by Scapegoat on 8/17/13 @ 10:33 a.m.

King and Rasta
Bluster and vent
Verbal nazis
Brains of excrement.

posted by cassandra2 on 8/17/13 @ 01:47 p.m.

cassandra2 = left wing propagandist. Parrot of the liberal media. Oblunder apologist.

And you're absolutely right, King and Scapegoat. Jacquie Colmenero's letter is intended to keep that drumbeat going for white on black racism in America. The trial of George Zimmerman, of course, had nothing to do with racism. It was all about the facts that were presented at this trial. The jury considered the facts when they made their decision, as they were instructed to do by the judge. And the facts clearly showed that Zimmerman feared for his life when he was attacked by that troubled teenager, Trayvon Martin, on that fateful night. Justice was done in this trial and most people in this country have accepted that fact, except, of course, for people who make tons of money out of perpetuating the myth of white on black racism in America (people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson).

People like Colmenero feel a strong need to perpetuate this myth of white on black racism in this country. Because if this myth is exposed for what it is, then people like the tax-evading Al Sharpton and the philandering Jesse Jackson will be rendered irrelevant.

posted by rasta_man on 8/17/13 @ 02:37 p.m.

@The King,

Your lemonade stand example is very illustrative of the culture of government overreach that has infiltrated our lives lately. It is no coincidence that the trajectory of the nanny state has shot upward ever since the 2008 election of Barry Hussein Obama.

Other politicians with national prominence, such as Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Michael Bloomberg, have joined the bandwagon Obama began by advocating for more government involvement in our daily lives. Bloomberg wants to tell New Yorkers what they can eat and drink and who can receive a concealed weapons permit, not to mention allowing the police to stop and frisk someone walking down the street because they might "look like they are involved in criminal activity."

This is all symptomatic of a "grow the government" mentality in Washington D.C., which has seeped into our statehouses and city council chambers.

posted by rasta_man on 8/18/13 @ 02:44 p.m.

Take a moment and envision what the Founding Fathers hoped for: less government more freedom.

posted by Chilibreath on 8/19/13 @ 04:41 a.m.

Yes, King, cASS clearly has it backwards.

Her notion of a free society seems to be one where the government tells us what we can eat, drink, and wear, what kind of car we should drive (if any), whether law-abiding citizens should have a gun or not (while giving unlimited access to criminals), how our private businesses should be run, mandating that everyone must buy health insurance (regardless of their age, health, and financial situation), and it just goes on from here...

posted by rasta_man on 8/19/13 @ 01:42 p.m.

I see my friend 'chilibreath' has found this site. Nice to see him again. Chili, we still have cassandra2 for entertainment! Our new friends King and Rasta seem to have her covered pretty well though.

posted by Scapegoat on 8/20/13 @ 11:00 a.m.

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posted by ambrafoo on 5/02/14 @ 12:31 a.m.
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