Your stupid assertions

Raymond Freeman is at it again with his “Republicans bad/Democrats good” schtick. He really could save himself and his unfortunate readers a lot of time if he simply plugged in the quoted words in the preceding sentence.  The VCR’s editors — who imagine themselves serious socioeconomic and political commentators — really should be embarrassed at the garbage they allow onto their rag’s pages. The stated goal in his bio is hilarious, though.  I’m not gonna attempt to have a sane and rational debate with a Leftist ideologue who apparently missed that whole collapse of socialism thing during the late ’80s and early ’90s. Instead I’ll tear apart his assertion that All Things Bad since 1975 (Reagan and the GOP being blamed for things PRIOR to them being elected is something only a lefty hack could concoct) are the fault of Reagan and the GOP.

• 1975-1981/1987-1995/2009-2013: Democratic control of the Senate. [Editor’s note: Majority but not 2/3)
• 1975-1995/2007-2011:  Democratic control of the House  [Editor’s note: Majority but not 2/3)
• 1981-1987/1995-2001/2003-2007:  Republican control of the Senate.
• 1995-2007/2011-2013:  Republican control of the House.
• 2001-2003:  Senate tied, Republicans have Vice President tie-breaker.
• 2007-2009:  Republicans and Democrats tied in Senate with two Democratic-siding “Independents.”
• Gerald Ford (R):  President 08/09/1974-01/20/1977
• Jimmy Carter (D):  President 01/20/1977-01/20/1981
• Ronald Reagan (R):  President 01/20/1981-01/20/1989
• Bush I (R):  President 01/20/1989-01/20/1993
• Bill Clinton (D):  President 01/20/1993-01/20/2001
• Bush II (R):  President 01/20/2001-01/20/2009
• Barack Obama (D):  President 01/20/2009-Present

Gerald Ford had a Democratic Congress for his brief term. Jimmuh Carter had a Democratic Congress throughout his term (four years’ total control of government). Reagan had a split Congress for all of his. Bush I had a Democrat Congress throughout his term.  Clinton had a Democratic Congress his first two years (two years’ total control of government) and a Republican Congress the rest of the time.  Bush II had a Republican Congress for all but the last two years of his term (six years’ total control of government).  Obama had a Democrat congress his first two years (two years’ total control of government) and a split Congress since.  So, since 1975 Republicans have had the Presidency for 22 years and Democrats for close to 17 now. Democrats have had total control of government for 8 years since 1975 and Republicans for 6. The remainder of the time it’s been split — which means for the VAST majority of the time since 1975 each party has had the power to check the other’s. Please do tell us, Hack Freeman, how this equals “Everything since 1975 Is The Republican Party’s Fault”?! Hack Freeman:  Reagan could do NOTHING without the support of House Democrats. Democrats have had AT LEAST as much political power as Republicans since 1975. My letter kinda makes your assertions look stupid, doesn’t it?

Name withheld

Biased opinions

Referring to the “Sharper Focus” article from the Aug.  1 issue, I do not believe I have seen a more politically biased and spun article in a long time. To blame the current economic situation solely on Republicans is ludicrous and without merit. As our current president is finding out, we have a two-party system and it takes a consensus to get laws passed. It is a truly rare occasion when one party can pass anything without support from members of the other party. Obamacare did not get one Republican vote and was passed against the public sentiment because of what I believe was the arrogant opinion by the current administration that what the people wanted did not matter. They knew what was best and, like dictators, went against the will of the people they were elected to serve.  We are now seeing, and will continue to suffer, the effects from this, and I believe the young and less fortunate will be the ones hurt the most. Oh, they may have some form of health care, but not the full time job needed to feed the family and live the American dream. The young will have to pay much more for health care and also face the strangulation of job creation that this new solely Democratic law has created.

I am offended by this article as it only continues to divide people when we should be working together to solve the country’s  problems. We are in this together, folks, and we need to work together, and much harder, to solve our problems, not just whine and blame somebody else.  

Jim Hill


Back off, Moomjean!

I think Moomjean is going to give me a heart attack one of these days with his ongoing ignorance.  When I was younger, I could work for minimum wage, rent an apartment at the equivalent of a week’s salary and live comfortably.  Today, it is  impossible for anyone to live on minimum wage, unless like so many, the “kids” have come home after graduating from college and have unable to find a “living wage” anywhere.  Where on earth does he get his information?  He asks if “ ‘W” shouldn’t be the holder of a degree, earning $40K per year and working at a “decent” corporation?”  Really!  And where is the line for that opportunity? It would stretch around this country!!  And he condemns our neighbors and friends as being uneducated, unmotivated, ungrateful ad nauseam, who believe they should have the same “perks” as those who climbed the corporate ladder. And just exactly where is that ladder?  That line would be equally long. I don’t know, but doesn’t Moomjean read the papers, listen to the news, read the statistics and, basically, just look around himself to see what is happening in the real world?  As a volunteer at FOOD Share, I encounter, every single day, the real people of this world, who are not asking for something for nothing, but who are struggling to survive because nothing is available to them.  The world is a large and difficult place to navigate; some of us find it easier than others.  But for those who are having such a difficult time making ends meet, and just surviving, especially those with children, they don’t need people like Moomjean looking down on them, judging them, condemning them, and essentially making life more difficult for them.  Back off, Moomjean!  It’s hard enough out here without you!


Jan Richman Schulman


Urgent need for U.S. EPA action to complete cleanup at Petrochem

The former Petrochem Refinery, which is highly visible from Highway 33 north of Ventura, has been a deteriorating eyesore for 30 years. Worse, hazardous materials from the refinery have leaked onto the ground and underground, and potentially threaten the adjacent Ventura River. Shuttered since 1984, the site is long overdue for clean-up and removal of rusting facilities.

When the County of Ventura exhausted its legal authority to have the Petrochem owner cleanup the property in 2012, the county called in the U.S. EPA with its greater enforcement authority. The US EPA promptly entered the fray, and soon succeeded in getting the Petrochem owner to enter into a consent order requiring cleanup of the site, prevention of polluted runoff and removal of equipment.

Cleanup of hazardous materials and spills has been proceeding steadily since the EPA order. However, the section of the consent order that requires removal of equipment from the site has not yet been enforced by the EPA.  This section of the order required the removal of much of the on-site equipment by February 2013.

The EPA’s efforts to force the cleanup of this environmental hazard are much appreciated.  However, part of that cleanup must be the removal of remaining equipment as specified in the signed consent order. After all these years of nonuse, the environment and the community deserve the prompt removal of the dilapidated and hazardous equipment from the Petrochem site.

The property owner owes it to the community to clean up the mess that he has left behind, and the U.S. EPA must continue to require him to comply with the terms of the consent order that both parties signed.

With the EPA office located in San Francisco, it’s undoubtedly difficult for EPA to work on this project.  We are now six months past the date when equipment should have been removed, and the community’s patience is running out with Petrochem. It is time for the EPA to take aggressive steps to enforce the terms of its order requiring removal of equipment and the schedule for cleanup.

The County of Ventura Environmental Health Division has been voluntarily conducting monitoring of Petrochem compliance on behalf of the U.S. EPA, and will continue to do so. At this point, the best hope for cleanup of the Petrochem site lies in aggressive enforcement by the U.S. EPA.

This site lies adjacent or nearby to homes, businesses, the Ventura River, the Ojai Valley Bicycle Trail, the Ventura River Parkway, and in full view of the entrance to the Ojai Valley.  Now is the time to insist that the EPA make completion of the cleanup of the Petrochem site a high priority. The citizens of western Ventura County deserve nothing less.  

Steve Bennett
County Supervisor, First District
Sharper Focus stated in “RIP, USPS,” 8/15, that UPS and FedEx had made “contributions of $100 billion to the Republican Party.”  This was typographical error.  It was supposed to read “$100 million.”  According to the website opensecrets.org, however, the actual number seems closer to $50 million.


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Listen to this leech, Steve Bennett, crying out for more government intervention and control over an abandoned refinery that happens to be a stone's throw from hippie heaven, Ojai, where this guy garners most of his political support.

No one cares about this site, Bennett, except you and a few of your Birkenstock-wearing followers. What evidence do you have, besides paranoid speculation, that hazardous materials are leaking into the ground at this location? You have none!

This is just another non-issue for Steve Bennett to latch on to to try and gain some headlines that he can then mine for his next run for office. Do us all a favor, Bennett, and give it a rest. Or at least have the integrity to raise an issue that actually exists.

posted by rasta_man on 8/21/13 @ 05:23 p.m.

One of those people who actually view public service as service, Bennett has represented District One for years with intelligence and diligence. I'm proud of him and of our locals for choosing him.

He is one of the few even handed folks out there that look to the big picture and yet take care of the small business of his office.

As someone who lives near the site, I welcome some attention given to cleaning it up.

Parenthetically the oil industry has given us great power in terms of energy, but anyone who lives near the toxic substance cannot help to feel its contamination of the land and likely even our waterways.

It's time we switched to alternatives wherever we can and in whatever way we can. If we reduce demand significantly, they will have less motivation to mine marginally profitable sites with dangerous methods like fracking and the like.

posted by cassandra2 on 8/22/13 @ 06:55 a.m.

Oh, pipe down, cassandra2! You have no idea what you're talking about!

People are already switching to alternate sources of energy, wherever possible/feasible. But, electric or hybrid vehicles, for the most part, are not widely accessible to the average Joe right now (too expensive, inadequate charge miles, etc). And average Joe's are the ones who are doing most of the driving today.

Steve Bennett is a self-serving politician of the worst kind. I was hopeful we would lose him on the Board of Supervisors when he flirted with the idea of running for Gallegly's seat last year, but it wasn't to be. This guy talks a good talk, but walks a vey wobbly walk. He reminds me of a dumb-downed version of Rick Cole.

I am hopeful we will have s strong Republican candidate running against him when he's next up for reelection in 2016. There are quite a few good choices out there, many of whom ran for Ventura City Council in 2009 and 2011.

posted by rasta_man on 8/22/13 @ 08:12 a.m.

I agree, King. Cassandra2, the misinformed ditz who always argues that government should exert more control over our lives, presumes to speak for us all: "It's time 'we' switched to alternatives wherever we can and in whatever way we can. If we reduce demand significantly, they will have less motivation to mine marginally profitable sites with dangerous methods like fracking and the like."

No, cassandra2, you dumb bunny! You don't speak for us all. You represent a minority of Birkenstock-wearing freaks who think that all business and commercial activity should cease immediately because there is a remote chance a one eyed, three-legged frog might be displaced from his habitat. Well, guess what, Cassandra? You're wrong!

You are also wrong about the global warming scam. This is the coolest August we've had in decades. How does that square with the enviro-wack jobs' assertion that each summer is supposed to be getting increasingly hotter until finally the polar ice caps melt and drown us all?

What a friggin joke! This is not science. It's fairly tales.

posted by rasta_man on 8/22/13 @ 04:56 p.m.

@The King

You are so right, my friend. The media will only cover stuff that supports their long-held notion that blacks are constantly being victimized by whites. Never mind the fact that over the last 10 years there has been three times more Hispanic violence against blacks than white on black violence. Everyone, including the leftist media, seems to have forgotten that George Zimmerman is Hispanic. But, nobody will report this because it doesn't fit the narrative they, and people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, are trying to perpetuate.

I really get a kick out of Jesse Jackson claiming that "killing us is big business." It is actually: for him and Sharpton. These two guys have profiteered from the deaths and mistreatment of blacks more than any other person, group, or organization in the country. Tell me this. What would either of these two buffoons be doing if there was no violence (real or perceived) being committed against blacks in America? "Nothing" is the answer! They'd be irrelevant.

So, they're the ones who really have the most to gain when a black person is justifiably killed by a cop or killed in a fight he started with an Hispanic gentleman who was in fear for his life.

posted by rasta_man on 8/23/13 @ 12:00 p.m.

I want to stage a protest against the overt racism displayed in the cold-blooded murder of 22-year-old white Australian student, Christopher Lane, by two black guys. This kid was simply jogging in Duncan, Oklahoma, when these two scum-bag thugs decided they were going to end his life.

What a contrast to the Trayvon Martin killing where this young black kid, in a hoodie, was skulking through a gated community, acting suspiciously. And then when he was confronted by this responsible, caring, neighborhood watch guy, he turns on him and starts beating the living crap out of him and smashing his head on the ground (according to all witnesses at the scene). I would have shot him too in an instant!

Such contrasting stories, but the media won't cover the Christopher Lane story because, again, it doesn't fit into their narrative and won't raise the hackles of the tax criminal. Al Sharpton, and his philandering friend, Jesse Jackson.

posted by rasta_man on 8/23/13 @ 03:04 p.m.

@ The King

Yeah, I saw that joke on the front page. The loony enviro-nuts have been trying for a while to propel this b.s. about fracking causing earthquakes throughout the country. They would rather we remain subservient to the crazies in the Middle East for all of our energy needs instead of doing what we can to produce our own oil here at home. Fortunately, I don't see this earthquake nonsense getting much traction so far, but these fools will never give up, trust me.

Have these morons taken a look at what's going on in Egypt, Syria, Libya, and Iran today? They must be blind if they can't possibly see the advantages of us cutting our economic ties to this region of the world.

posted by rasta_man on 8/23/13 @ 06:15 p.m.

Note to Rasta Man: Repeat after me, weather is not climate. But it is obvious that you have swallowed the party line disinformation propagated by The Cato Institute and the Koch brothers.


As far as Dem vs. Repub., they all cohabit the same incestuous cesspool inside the beltway. Washington is a revolving door of bribery and patronage. As the late Gore Vidal sagely observed, "How we dare even prate about democracy is beyond me. Our form of democracy is bribery, on the highest scale. It's far worse than anything that occurred in the Roman empire, until the praetorian guard started to sell the principate. We're not a democracy, and we have absolutely nothing to give the world in the way of political ideas or political arrangements. God knows, the mention of justice is like a clove of garlic to Count Dracula."

For confirmation read Mark Leibovitch's brilliant new book, This Town. http://tinyurl.com/kszxyzj
That is, if you have the stomach for it.

(Btw, Ed., when are posters of scurrilous articles allowed to embrace the cowardly tactic of withholding their name?)

posted by acerbas on 8/23/13 @ 08:35 p.m.

Weather is not climate? No kidding, acerbas. Did you just learn that or something?

Your inference, of course, is that one cool August does not equate to a turnaround in the global warming catastrophe that awaits us all. I beg to differ!

There has been many other contradictions to the pronouncements made by so-called experts in the global warming cottage industry. Climatologists working for none other than Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer recently asserted that the climate has not gotten warmer over the last 10 years, but, rather, has gotten cooler.

Doesn't that qualify as climate change, acerbas?

Does that

posted by rasta_man on 8/23/13 @ 10:26 p.m.

Post a link, Rasty, your information is special pleading and inaccurate.

posted by cassandra2 on 8/24/13 @ 06:50 a.m.

What a load of silly, under informed, partisans.

Reading your ignorant, abusive and stupid ranting is more than a waste of time.

I agree with Acerbas that anonymous letters should not be published. For one thing, I suspect that they are the same person as one area likely could not produce that many idiots.

The killing of the Australian jogger is a good reason to clamp down on gun possession, to enforce the laws pertaining to them and to have other laws to prevent kids, crooks and crazies of all ethnicities getting a hold of them. But the NRA crazies make this impossible.

posted by cassandra2 on 8/24/13 @ 06:59 a.m.

Cass is a complete ass, King. She pops on here every so often, arrogantly dismissing the facts and figures (the reality) we present and calling "us" uninformed partisans. Lol!!!

And what is she but an uniformed partisan, clinging to the notion that global warming (they softened the term to "climate change" because there is scientific evidence to the contrary that the earth is actually cooling over the last 10 years) is occurring when Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" has been since been exposed as an "Inconvenient Lie."



posted by rasta_man on 8/24/13 @ 11:25 a.m.

You are the asses and race baiters to boot.

Why did the teenagers kill the jogger? They didn't know so they couldn't tell.

Two of them were black, one was white?

That's a race motivated crime?

No, clearly it's an issue of guns being available to any fool who tries to get one, even you guys.

Both the jogger and Trayvan were really victims of stupid gun laws the improvement of which the NRA crazies prevent.

posted by cassandra2 on 8/24/13 @ 02:45 p.m.

BTW Forbes can't find the link you presented. Climate gate was a greatly exaggerated faux issue and the above top secret? You gotta be kidding.

What scurrilous liars you are.

posted by cassandra2 on 8/24/13 @ 02:49 p.m.

Cass the Ass,

lf at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again. Did you ever learn that in school, Cass? She probably went to public school, so the answer would be a resounding "no."

If the top link didn't work, click on the bottom one, genius. That's why I provided two links.

Most intelligent people in America (i.e., the ones who actually question the b.s. being promulgated by the enviro-nuts and their patsies on the far left and in the mainstream media) have taken a non-committal position on so-called global warming. There is just not enough irrefutable scientific evidence that shows it is actually occurring, no matter how many times you insist there is, Cassie.

The same enviro-hysteria was taking place in the 70's and 80's over the destruction of the ozone layer. We were all going to be doomed unless immediate action was taken. So, we got rid of spray-can deodorant and all of a sudden the problem was solved? Yeah....right!

Global warming/climate change (whatever flavor of the month name you want to use) is not an important issue for us to be concerned with. There are far more important issues facing us today and most of them are of an economic nature. Why don't we throw our energy and resources behind solving are economic problems and let the earth take care of itself, just as it always has?

posted by rasta_man on 8/24/13 @ 03:19 p.m.

Oh and, Mama Cass, your reference to guns being the real villains behind Trayvon Martin's death is pure hogwash. In fact, I think one could effectively argue just the opposite.

Had it not been for George Zimmerman's "legal" possession of a firearm on that fateful night, he might have been the one we were mourning over right now instead of Trayvon Martin. The jury exonerated Zimmerman from murder charges because they found that he was defending himself against a credible threat to his life that night. Get over it already!!!

Chris Lane was murdered in cold blood by a couple of black thugs and one white thug. The reason they did it is because he they said he was a "good target" (as in white) and they were "bored" (poor little darlings). I think we can safely assume that the white punk who was with the two black punks was friendly with them because he identified with their race moreso than with the white kid that he helped them kill.

But, that probably makes way too much sense for Mama Cass's bleeding heart brain to absorb.

posted by rasta_man on 8/24/13 @ 03:33 p.m.

Cass is a complete moron, King. She wouldn't dare respond to your challenges because it would expose her for what she really is. Someone who hates white people because that is what she has been programmed to do her whole life by the public school system, the mainstream media, and her circle of closed-minded friends.

posted by rasta_man on 8/25/13 @ 11:10 a.m.

@The King

Good point. I have no doubt that you are correct.

posted by rasta_man on 8/25/13 @ 09:56 p.m.

Too bad old "Shorty" didn't have a hand gun when confronted and beat to death by those two thugs up in Washington State. Just too, too bad.

Anyhoo--Cass and Acerbas are VC's very own "doom and gloom" team. Can you imagine the "joy" in that household? LOL

posted by Scapegoat on 8/26/13 @ 07:03 a.m.

Cass the Ass,

The black-on-white hate crimes committed recently in the murders of the young, Australian student in Duncan, Oklahoma and the 88-year-old WW II veteran in Spokane, Washington are clear evidence of the racial bias demonstrated by the black community, the left wing radicals (like Cass), and the mainstream media. If these were black victims, there would rioting in the streets right now!

posted by rasta_man on 8/27/13 @ 04:12 p.m.

Grumble some posting problems with a new operating system.

Few partisan ploys are as unabashedly evil as this attempt by the extreme right to morph Chris Lane's
tragic murder into a racial crime, a crime committed by two black kids and one white but reported by Fox News men as three black kids.

The Australian victim could not have been prepared for this because he comes from a nation where firearms are handles more sanely than our own. No NRA there to prevent effective gun control nor its enforcement.

And now this crime, so obviously belonging at the doorstep of the NRA and their bought obstructionist legislators, is to be chocked up to the president for being black and presumably therefore unimpressed, even encouraging to violence against white people?

It's time for Fox News to stop this continuing race baiting, which has gone on since Obama took office and has slipped into the intolerable realm in this case. . Some things should be out of reach for racial fear mongering even to such faux journalism as theirs.

posted by cassandra20 on 8/27/13 @ 06:18 p.m.

One of these liars posted a column on the editorial comments written by Lew Rockwell, someone whose writing has been repudiated by the extreme right in his own party. What was written anonymously in a newsletter he produced is right out of the American Nazi play book. Check him out in Wikipedia.

It is a clue to where these shills for polluters are coming from and where they are leading us.

Kunstler called them "cornpone Nazis" in his essay "We are Weimar" but they are worse than the average tea bagger; they are cynically using the naive prejudices of fearful people for their own ends.

posted by cassandra20 on 8/27/13 @ 06:43 p.m.


Of course cASS quotes one of her heroes, James Howard Kunstler, an avowed Communist and advocate of the destruction of the American suburban lifestyle in favor of urban ghettos. Not someone I will be taking advice from anytime soon.

Then she goes on to complain about race-baiting by Fox News in the Chris Lane murder, while completely ignoring the race-baiting that has been going for months in the Trayvon Martin case by the likes of the criminal tax-dodging, Al Sharpton, the barely intelligible, philandering, Jesse Jackson, and the opportunistic, cowardly Obama.

Here's an idea Obama: Why don't you do something in response to the despicable, cowardly act by Bashar Assad of gassing innocent women and children in Syria? If Bush was still in office, he would have bombed the snot out of that bastard by now!

posted by rasta_man on 8/27/13 @ 09:05 p.m.

@The King

I guess people of like mind can have honest differences of opinion on certain issues. I happen to agree with John McCain on this one though. The credibility of the U.S. on the global stage has suffered immeasurably since Obama took office in 2008.

The reason for this is our lack of commitment to our allies and friends (such as Israel) and our lack of any consistent, comprehensive strategy in the Middle East and elsewhere. Thus, we have these epidemics of strife, conflict, and political instability cropping up all over the place (Egypt, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, etc.).

Now you can say that these things shouldn't be of any concern to us and that we should stay the hell out and that Iraq and Afghanistan are living proof of what happens when we involve ourselves in these messes. However, there must be a point where we have to say that certain things are so reprehensible that we need to take a stand. In my view, what Assad did by using chemical agents to kill innocent women and children Syria steps way over the line. We should, at a minimum, conduct surgical airstrikes aimed directly at Assad and his power structure in Syria (hopefully killing him in the process). We don't need to commit to a long drawn-out war, to put boots on the ground, or anything close to this. But, we definitely need to make a statement here that this kind of action will not be tolerated.

posted by rasta_man on 8/28/13 @ 09:12 a.m.

Lighten up, King. No need to go spazzie on us. I expressed my opinion about what's going on in Syria and what I think should be done. This has very little to do with Obama and whole lot to do with what I believe is our moral obligation as a nation.

Obviously, you disagree wholeheartedly. So, let's leave it at that, OK?

posted by rasta_man on 8/28/13 @ 07:06 p.m.

Sharper Focus is a fantastic column. Good old Ray Frreman is really at the tpo of his game. Any one who causes Ventura Countys very own wingnuttery to get so riled up is great. Like I told Ray years ago all you have to do is hit them with the facts.

posted by bobjohnson on 8/30/13 @ 09:43 a.m.

The King appears to be going off the deep end here (not surprising at all, since this is his M.O.). He can't seem to wrap his feeble mind around the fact that someone of his own political stripe (99% of the time) disagrees with him on this one issue.

I suggest The King take little break from blogging for a while. It seems to be bringing out the worst in him.

It seems like the U.S. is aggressively pursuing an international coalition to support the airstrikes option, which, although slow in coming, will soon materialize. Time to get on board, King.

posted by rasta_man on 8/30/13 @ 12:55 p.m.
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