Misfit Love

Misfit Love

Agression’s Big Bob bounces back and heads for the altar

By David Cotner 08/14/2014

There’s a unique and singular joy involved when you find out that someone you knew a long time ago has successfully grappled with his demons and transformed himself into someone with a firm grasp on plain old ordinary functional life.  Original Agression bassist Big Bob Clark has clawed his way back from the edge of the precipice to reach the point at which we join our story already, quite literally, in progress: He will be marrying fiancée Cee Cee Karr at Nardfest. So how did it come to this?  

Speaking from his new home in Denver, Colorado., Clark opened up about his lot in life, lately. “I met the right person.  She changed my life and turned it around. I was on the streets, and I lost my swap-meet business I’d had for 12 years. My lowest point was when I was staying in a motel in Wilmington and going to the rescue mission every night for 60 days.”  Meeting Karr was a decidedly modern development. “We met on Facebook,” he says, adding, “I thought it was some of my friends playing a trick on me at first. But we got together and we’ve only been separated for two or three days since last October.”

Knocking around the country for a while, the happy couple found their way to Denver by way of a longtime mutual friend who operates a prosperous catering company there. Now working 90 hours a week, they’re ready to embark on a well-deserved honeymoon. They’ll be wed by Ill Repute’s John Phaneuf, who’s also a minister in the Universal Life Church — a movement in modern spirituality that shares with punk rock the roundly encouraging notion that anyone can do it.  “I can’t think of anything better than being married at a punk show by John,” says Clark.

And the moral of the story? “Don’t give up. There’s always something out there, no matter how destitute you get.  Once you give up all the foolishness and concentrate on life,” Clark vows, “things ultimately get better.”

Free pre-wedding-day performances will happen at Billy O’s on Friday, Aug. 15; Big Bob’s Wedding will take place during Nardfest on Saturday, Aug. 16, at the Ventura Theater.


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