Obama's Mission Accomplished?

By Paul Moomjean 04/10/2014

Approximately 11 years ago, President George W. Bush gave his now infamous “Mission Accomplished” speech. On May 1, 2003, Bush stood on the USS Abraham Lincoln and announced that the Iraq War had been won and the majority of the fighting was over. Eleven years later, we still have soldiers deployed in Iraq, and thousands of lives have been taken due to Bush’s poor decision making and his adviser’s desire to prolong an exit-strategy war. Liberals went ballistic, and the media mocked him greatly for the rest of Bush’s presidency due to those misspoken words. Now, with the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) closing its registration window and claiming that 7 million have signed up so far, has President Barack Obama created his own “Mission Accomplished” blunder?

On April 1, 2014, Obama and Vice President Joe Biden proudly declared Obamacare a success. This, of course, after a major Internet Web page gaffe last year, an extension of the deadline, a “you can keep your doctor/plan” debacle with thousands of Americans being taken off their current plans and shifted to different ones (sometimes even more expensive than before), and the now humorous line about people not understand how the Internet works. It’s been a long and winding road, folks. But the Obama people are claiming 7 million people have registered for Obama’s pet project, despite reports that less than 1 million have paid a dime.

According to the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail, “Numbers from a RAND Corporation study that has been kept under wraps suggest that barely 858,000 previously uninsured Americans — nowhere near 7.1 million — have paid for new policies and joined the ranks of the insured by [March 31, 2014].” That seems like a very different number than what the Obama people are claiming. Maybe the other 6 million people are just waiting for their next check to make a payment into the health-care system, or maybe they’re thinking Obamacare is free? Isn’t it possible that previously uninsured Americans don’t really understand how insurance works to begin with?

The Daily Mail went on to add that the “unpublished” RAND study “found that 23 percent of new enrollees had no insurance before signing up,” and when one looks at the numbers of the  newly insured Americans, only 53 percent had paid their first month’s premiums. Obviously, Obama needs to explain to his new partners in health care how medical costs work.

Even with the hiccups, Obama is still marching forward with words of positivity and a declaration of victory over the Republicans, even going on to attack the track record of those who opposed progressives like himself.

“In the end, history is not kind to those who would deny Americans their basic economic security,” Obama stated. “The bottom line is this: The share of Americans with insurance is up, and the growth in the cost of insurance is down. There’s no good reason to go back.”

Of course, Obama seems to forget that numerous states are opting out or planning to opt out (like Arizona and Texas), and some states are creating their own plans on how to cover their uninsured. The Obamacare website argues that these alternative plans will maintain inequality among the rich and poor in the area of medical insurance.

No one will deny that this whole saga has been a mess on some level. Even Michael Moore and Bill Maher have spoken out against the competency of the Obama people, and John Boehner called Obama’s rhetoric a joke. Will this be like a never-ending DMV visit, or will this be more like Social Security? That is, working but struggling to survive.

In 2008 and 2009 Bush came out and said that his Mission Accomplished slogan hanging from an aircraft carrier sent the wrong message and declared something that wasn’t correct. He apologized for the slogan, and the rest is history.

No self-respecting conservative hopes that this program “destroys” America. Conservatives think it’s the wrong plan at the wrong time, but no one wants to see America economically crumble in Greece-like status.

With that said, will Obama be as gracious as Bush if this whole health-care experiment falls flat on its face? Only time will tell. 

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