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Photo of the Week

By VCR Staff 05/09/2013

Repugnant Buena High School prank: Every year around this time, some risk-taking high school seniors mark the end of their high school years with a prank — toilet papering the school, sticking forks in the lawn, dumping grass on the lunch tables. These are some of the pranks that have gone on in late April at Buena High School in Ventura, but a handful of seniors decided they would take it a step further and cut down an 11-year-old tree in the quad, also known as the Freshmen Tree. The prank took place the weekend following Arbor Day. Students created a memorial for the downed tree and an effort to raise funds to replace it is under way. According to School Resource Officer Jamie McClellan, the incident is currently under investigation. If it is found to have been done by students, there could be criminal as well administrative consequences, including suspension and being alternately placed at another school site (expulsion). For any of the senior pranks that occurred over the weekend, if students are found responsible, senior privileges, such as walking in graduation, may be taken away. Pictured: Students signing memorial for downed tree. For reference, tree in background was the same size tree as the one that was cut down.


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