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By Michel Miller 01/17/2013

A bunch of Ventura’s best rock bands (that also happen to share the same practice space) will perform to raise money for soundproofing on Friday, Jan. 18, at Billy O’s. Come out and support T.F.W, Stop Breathing, Night Demon, Massenger, Superchamp and Power.

Photo by Jeanette Villareal
On Monday, Jan. 21, Zoey’s welcomes back Austin by way of Ventura singer-songwriter Delaney Gibson.

Photo by Justin Bastien
Rey Fresco returns to Bombay on Friday, Jan. 18 with Dream Asylum and A.D.A.M.

Julie Show Photography
On Friday, Jan. 18, Dr. Shocker presents his Burlesque Jambortease at the Ventura Theater, featuring Ruby Champagne and other lovely gals.

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