Picks of the Week - After Dark

By Michel Miller 03/27/2014

MOSTLY and Future Holotape will provide the entertainment
at Red Cove on Friday, March 28.

The Spires will perform their beautiful music at Bombay on Saturday, March 29.
They will be joined by Medicine Hat, Die Evil Die and Deepakalypse.
Photo by: SLSHR

On Saturday, March 29, the Deer Lodge
welcomes Evan Hatfield and Sea Stars.

On Saturday, March 29 The Garage in Ventura will host “Mayhem for a Cause” a fundraiser for a local woman in danger of losing her home. The event will feature live performances by Ill Repute, Stalag 13, Bad Samaritans, T.F.W., Public Nuisance, Mother of Dissension, Los Creepers, The Dips, Corrupted Youth and Bootleg Brigade and a raffle with excellent punk rock prizes. The fun starts at 6 p.m. • Photo by: SLSHR

Numbskull Productions will present Lower Class Brats, Kicker, The Loads
and Global Crime Syndicate at The Garage in Ventura on Thursday, March 27.

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