Picks of the Week - After Dark

By Michel Miller 08/28/2014

Seattle dreampop band Tomten will perform
at the Deer Lodge on Friday, Aug. 29.
Photo by: Michael Willis Peters

Bombay Bar’s annual Beach Party will feature a diverse lineup of music Friday and Saturday including old school favorites Raging Arb, Army of Freshmen and Big Dictator, hard rockers Rubberneck Lions, 8 Stops 7 and Bloody Mary Morning, indie pop from Anchor & Bear and Curtsy plus New Liberty, Bullet Made Statues, Darkside of the Hand, and lots more. Visit www.bombaybarandgrill.com for a complete schedule.
Photo by: West Cooke

On Saturday, Aug. 30, Discovery will host
the after party for the Ventura Nationals
with live entertainment by The Chop Tops,
The Black Mambas and more.

On Friday and Saturday, Aug. 29 and 30,
Ventura Harbor Comedy Club presents Felipe Esparza.

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