Pompey's Picks for 2013

Pompey's Picks for 2013

Never mind the Oscars, here’s a different set of categories

By Tim Pompey 12/26/2013


Sure, we’re on the verge of Hollywood’s Oscar run for 2013 and the Golden Globe nominees are already out of the bag. But there are lots of great films this year that may or may not catch Oscar’s eye. To prove my point, I’ve created my own award categories.

Get Out of My Way, I’m a Gonna Play
42 Is there any story more inspirational than that of Jackie Robinson, Major League Baseball’s first African-American to play in the big leagues? Great steely-eyed performance by Chadwick Boseman. For baseball fanatics, this film is a collector’s item.

Here’s Mississippi Dirt in your Eye
Mud As gritty and muddy as the Mississippi, Matthew McConaughey is a scummy wonder to behold, but the story itself is one of those little down-home tales that captures the essence of life on the big muddy.

Guys Just Love Things That Go Zoom and Boom
Fast and Furious 6 This franchise is nothing but macho fantasy rolled into the bodies and cars of Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. But so what? It’s fast and funny and includes jaw-dropping stunts. Forget taste. Go for the eye candy.

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?
The Attack Whatever side of the fence you fall on in the Jewish-Palestinian conflict, this film challenges your viewpoint and peeks through the shrouds of both parties. In the end, the film seems to argue that it’s easier to hate than discuss Can you argue otherwise?

Tell Me Again, Why Do I Have to Marry This Guy?
Fill the Void Think you understand the finer points of marriage? Take a peek inside a Hasidic family’s dilemma when a daughter dies and the son-in-law has to pick a successor. More complicated than doing your taxes, but oh so enjoyable to watch.

Just Another Brother, Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Fruitvale Station Oscar Grant doesn’t know it, but Dec.31, 2008, is his last day on Earth. True story of how Oscar spends his day and why he ends up getting shot by BART police. Troubling, insightful and, well, troubling.

Guy Just Can’t Stop Thinking About Sex
Don Jon Think you understand the sexy beast that lies inside most men? Director and actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt shows that there may be two (or more) sides to every guy’s story, and that a man’s craving for sex is a lot more complicated than you think. Honest.

I Got a Boat and Someone Else Wants It
Captain Phillips Unlike most pirate movies, this story really happened. Director Paul Greengrass fearlessly shows both Phillips’ and the pirates’ perspectives. More about power than piracy, Greengrass suggests that, in the end, he who has the bigger guns usually wins.

These Gals Are Killers ... for Real, Man
Violet and Daisy Quirky, comedic, dramatic and very tongue-in-cheek. How else to describe Violet and Daisy, two best friends who take a hit job just to buy the latest Barbie Sunday dress? But wait. Who knew? They’re also sweet.

Get Your Hands Off Me, White Man
12 Years a Slave True story of how Solomon Northup, a black freeman from New York, gets shanghaied in the 1840s and sold onto several plantations in Louisiana. Not pretty to watch, but peels back the curtain on one of the darkest segments in American history. 

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