Psychotic reactions

By VCR Staff 07/29/2010

Maybe it was the waxing moon and the impending planetary alignment that caused music enthusiasts to go ape shit Sunday night, or perhaps Ventura County is home to the most rabid fans in the West.

It seems the Sound and Fury Festival was a little more than folks in Santa Barbara could handle, so when bands were forced to pack up their gear before the headliners had a chance to perform, a particularly enthusiastic fan volunteered his 600 square-foot house in Nyeland Acres as a makeshift venue. One can imagine the horror Adrian Romero’s neighbors experienced when 400 hardcore fans crammed onto the property he rents, as some of the world’s loudest bands plugged in and turned on. Coincidentally, the festival was actually held in Oxnard last year. What are the odds it will return to the ’Nard in 2011? Maybe Romero should start looking for a bigger house.

Meanwhile, one zealous fan at a performance by rapper The Game at the Ventura Theater became so excited that he climbed to the top of the venue’s giant speaker stack and refused to come down despite pleas from theater security.

What happened when the excited concertgoer finally did relent is still being speculated about, but there may have been more to his pain than the Taser shock he received from police before he was arrested for fighting and resisting arrest.   

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