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County blowhards

By by Spotter 08/23/2012

The Spotter has been around a long time and rarely seen someone in public life who is as popular as County Chief Executive Officer Michael Powers. His willingness to change, self-effacing humor and small ego are a breath of fresh air in politics and public life. Powers runs what (next to the Naval Base) amounts to the largest company in the county, with a budget of more than $1.7 million and 8,000 employees and he does it with aplomb — balancing budgets and keeping unions, supervisors and taxpayer advocates satisfied with his frank answers to government’s tough questions.

But Powers’ popularity got the Spotter thinking: Who is the least popular politician in the county? It would be unfair in an anonymous column to call out politicians by name, but let’s see if you can figure out which politicians and public figures would be in the Spotter’s Hall of Shame. These are folks who:

Have inflated egos and think being elected dog-catcher in Piru entitles them to special privileges, such as free tickets to events that others pay for at which they demand recognition so the crowd can politely applaud like Pavlov’s dogs.

• Spend the public dollar wantonly on travel and conferences that appear on the surface to be valuable but amount to nothing more than junkets.

• Treat staff members on the bodies they serve like ignorant serfs and assume they have all the answers because they were elected by the people 20 minutes ago.

• Start running for another office while in the middle of the term to which the public elected them.

• Push an agenda and fail to listen to either other electeds, staff or the public.

• Are for nothing, but can tell you what’s wrong with everything.

Sound like anyone you know?


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