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The Crow's Nest

The ongoing investigation of Oxnard mayor battery charge

By The Spotter 04/11/2013

Perhaps no potentially juicy political story has faded into obscurity faster than the “Oxnard Mayor Tim Flynn gets upset with his student” flap. One mention at the bottom of the local section in the Ventura County Star and not a word since. You can speculate all you want about the Star’s reasons for silence, but The Spotter has been hard at work on your behalf.

Here is what The Spotter has learned by talking with a lot of people, none of whom wants to be quoted by name so as not to invoke Flynn’s famous wrath.

To begin, the Oxnard mayor is a high-school teacher by day and mayor by night, although, to hear it told, he is a teacher for a few hours a day and even then, he is doing mayoral work. Try finding Flynn on Although the comments are anonymous, they are consistent. It seems he frequently interrupts his teaching for phone calls about politics or city business. The Spotter has also learned that Flynn is absent from his teaching post more often than most. You can appreciate the unwillingness of any school officials to complain to him about his behavior. The mayor is an influential man with a long memory.

On the day in question, The Spotter has learned, an unruly female student was disrupting Flynn’s class. Flynn lost his cool and flung the student’s backpack toward the door and ordered her out of the classroom. As she bent to retrieve her backpack, Flynn grabbed her by the arm. It gets a little fuzzy into the land of “he said, she said” here, but it’s clear Flynn put his hands on her in some agitated state. She suffered no injuries but told her mom about the incident.

Then it gets a little curious. The law is clear about what is called “mandated reporting” of any potential child abuse. Think what you will of the incident, it falls within the definition of potential child abuse. The school must report the incident to law enforcement or child protective services for an investigation. But the Oxnard Union High School District did neither. It investigated the incident all on its own and put Flynn back to work the next day, apparently without any punishment. The child’s mother, upset by the lack of action, took her case to the police, who have begun their own investigation.

The cops have been on this for several weeks with no action yet. The Spotter has got to wonder if the mayor’s position has anything to do with the Star’s silence and cops’ lack of speed. Stay tuned.


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