The genius of George W. Bush

The genius of George W. Bush

By Raymond Freeman 05/09/2013

President Clinton was at the opening of President Bush Junior’s library. He declared that Bush was “rewriting history,” making him, Bush, look like a brilliant decision-maker.

Bush ignored Clinton’s warning that al-Qaida would be his “greatest threat.” Bush threw out someone screaming they’d attack soon: “You’ve covered your ass. Get out.” He opposed an investigation into 9/11 but was forced into one by the widows. So he obstructed it. He wouldn’t produce documents.  He testified before the 9/11 Commission briefly, secretly, off-record, unsworn, with Dick Cheney to keep his lies straight.  

The Taliban hated bin Laden and offered to hand him over if Bush proved he was behind 9/11. This was soon forgotten: Bush charged into Afghanistan. This has produced only hatred of America, and will add $2 trillion to national debt (Joseph Stiglitz).

The 1999 “Project for a New American Century” set out conservatives’ plans for seizing Middle East oilfields. Cheney held secret meetings with oil companies, studying maps of Iraq. Bush then demanded that 9/11 be linked to Saddam Hussein. He was told, repeatedly, there weren’t any links.  So, he invented a reason to invade Iraq.

Soon, Important People on Serious Political Shows were gibbering on about an Iraqi nuclear strike on America (even though Cheney and Colin Powell had previously stated that Iraq had no WMDs).  Members of Congress weren’t allowed to take notes at ridiculously short “briefings.”  Bush told the nation, “The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.” It was a lie.

Our hero then announced his Tough Decision: a war might be “necessary.” Note, he’d already planned it with Britain’s Tony Blair. The Republican-controlled Congress rubber-stamped it. The Pope called it “immoral.” Martin van Crefeld (military expert, West Point) predicted that Iraq would be the “greatest military fiasco” since Roman times. Regardless, the Bush gang swallowed the lies of Ahmed Chalabi (who hadn’t been near Iraq for 20 years); those of “Curveball,” too; lied to the United Nations; removed the U.N. inspectors who’d found no traces of WMDs; then charged into a war that would “pay for itself.”

Bush’s only priority was securing the oil.

The occupation did become a “fiasco.” (See Fiasco by Thomas Ricks.) Republicans tried to gin up respectability when our troops were slaughtered and WMDs weren’t found. Bush wasn’t trying to grab Iraq’s oil. Gosh, no. Our noble philosopher-king was trying to spread democracy. But staffers drilled it into his head that Iraqis weren’t all the same; there were Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds.  So, he opposed democracy (!), fearing a pro-Iranian government might come about.  When elections were held, finally, it did.

Our Brilliant Decider thus removed the Sunni leader of Iraq, which wasn’t trying to go nuclear, and put in a Shiite leader, friendly with Shiite Iran, which is. And Bush paid Chalabi millions, until discovering that he was an Iranian agent, who’d duped us into doing Iran’s dirty work.  “Mission Accomplished” — by Iran!  Stop laughing.

We got out of Iraq by paying members of Iraq’s military $600 a month not to kill us, dressed up as a “troop surge.”  We’ve left the country in shambles, with hundreds of thousands dead, and lives wrecked in millions. This fiasco will add $5 trillion to national debt (Stiglitz).

Joseph Wilson exposed the whopper about the uranium (and was slimed; others too). But more truth came out.  George Tenet confessed that the WMD panic was manufactured purely to sell the war. Bush defector Scott McClellan concurred. The sliming stopped.  The Center for Public Integrity counted 930 Bush lies. Chuck Hagel said, “We didn’t go into Iraq for the figs.” Alan Greenspan said, “The Iraq war is largely about oil.”  

Pivoting superbly, Bush then wanted to get to the bottom of it all (!).  Token criminal proceedings were brought, with straight faces, but soon forgotten.

Eventually, Bush himself said that Iraq wasn’t linked to 9/11 and al-Qaida wasn’t linked to Saddam Hussein. Nobody cared. Vincent Bugliosi examined his lies in The Prosecution of George Bush For Murder. Don’t read it. You’ll vomit.

In Britain, memos were leaked revealing Bush’s lies. British media aren’t spineless. Outrage and derision followed. Unlike presidents, prime ministers face Parliament daily.  Blair left in disgrace when stuck with the names “Bush’s poodle” and “B-liar” (bloody liar).

Paul Krugman described Bush’s legacy as “America’s monster years.” He stole elections in the democracy that lectures the world, perverted integrity in intelligence, invaded sovereign nations, tortured, trashed America’s integrity, abused trust in his integrity, destroyed thousands of lives and squandered trillions of dollars. He doubled national debt from $5.7 trillion to $10.7 trillion (not counting two off-budget wars, or any reparations).

Napoleon Bonaparte said, “Stupidity is not a handicap in politics.” Bush’s stupidity was pure genius. He ran with it in broad daylight in the Information Age in a democracy with a free press. 


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