LA Mayor V Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa before the DNC last week, holding a vote on adding “God” to the Democratic platform.

The party that booed God

By Paul Moomjean 09/13/2012

Let us never forget Sept. 5, 2012. Let us never forget the disgusting actions that took place in San Antonio, Texas. Let us never forget that on this day the American people finally saw what “crazy” conservatives like Jonah Goldberg, Ann Coulter and Pat Robertson have been saying for years: The majority of Democrats do not like God or Israel.

It couldn’t have played out any better. Before the Democratic National Convention, the word “God” was removed from the party platform and replaced with a much more warm and fuzzy, secular humanist notion of “self.” Obviously, there were those in the party who saw this as a political mistake. The higher-ups decided to showcase their support for God and Israel, and Methodist Ted Strickland presented the DNC head, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, with an amendment to repent of their political sins:

“This summer, I was proud to serve this party as the platform-drafting committee chair. I come before you today to discuss the two important matters related to our party’s national platform. As an ordained United Methodist Minister, I am here to attest and affirm that our faith and belief in God is central to the American story and informs the value we have expressed in our party’s platform. In addition, President Obama recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and our party’s platform should as well. Mr. Chairman, I have submitted my amendment in writing and I believe it is being projected on the screen for the delegates to see. I move adoption of the amendment as submitted and shown to the delegates.”

Villaraigosa proclaimed with enthusiasm that a voice vote among delegates would be called, with a two-thirds majority needed to pass this much more political and middle-America-friendly platform.

He asked for the “aye” votes to pass, and a healthy group of cheers sounded off.

Then he asked for the “nays.” And all hell broke loose.

As if I was watching a well-scripted movie, Villaraigosa started to approve the amendment, before doing a double-take, “Whaaaat?” The look of nervous confusion was priceless. Did his party just vote down God and Jerusalem?

He took another vote. Same response.

Then came the third vote, as if he was reminding the secularists and anti-Israel groups that the whole world is watching. And again an equal amount, if not more “nays” filled the convention halls. Not to look like a fool in front of America or those who pressed the new wording into the party platform, Villaraigosa passed the amendment, only to get a negative rise from the arguable majority.

Boos and jeers filled the room. The cameras showed anger from the seats.

Villaraigosa’s “the world is watching” look didn’t change their response, and why should it? Despite paying a little lip service here and there to the Christian and Jewish God, the Donkey Party has been anti-God in many of its positions.

The party that calls anti-abortionists “anti-women,” anti-gay marriage voters “homophobic,” and anti-welfare supporters “racists” just decided to boo God. They’ve been doing it for years, but on Sept. 5 a healthy selection of the party finally came out and expressed what they’ve felt about God and Israel for a long time.

And which God were they upset just made it into their platform? Not Zeus. Not Krishna. Not Tom Cruise. No. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The God of Israel. The God of Christianity. The God our founders believed our natural rights came from.

My hope is that the GOP will compound this three-minute debacle into a 30-second ad that plays again and again and again.

And my second hope is that Christians and Jews will see what the Democratic Party is becoming. John F. Kennedy would be disgusted. Harry Truman is turning in his grave.  How did a party that once preached fighting Nazis become the anti-God and anti-Israel party? If you believe in this God, why would you support a party with so many against Him?

But I still want to go back to Villaragiosa’s “the world is watching” nervous grin. He’s right. The world was watching, and so were Americans. And I pray this wakes them up.


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