The reality of Jim Baker and the Source Family

By Kirsten Anderberg 12/12/2013

Re: Tim Pompey’s “Back to the Source” article on page 24, of the Nov. 27 edition of the VC Reporter:

Tim Pompey quotes director Maria Demopoulos in your Nov. 27, 2013, issue, speaking about the “father” of the Source Family, Jim Baker. She says, “From the time he was a young boy he was a heroic figure, a war hero, a successful entrepreneur, a martial arts expert, everything he put his mind to, he succeeded at.” I am very tired of this twisted mythology. You could have just as easily listed Jim Baker as a “killer of many men, a deadbeat dad x 8, a bad husband, a statutory rapist, arrogant polygamist and narcissist with a suicide ending.”

One thing Jim Baker FAILED miserably at was being a husband and father, so this myth he “succeeded at everything” is insane and self-serving. Jim Baker not only abandoned five children and two wives before creating the Source Family, but he then married a third woman, Robin (Ahom) Baker, when she was 19 and he was in his 50s, right before creating the Source Family. According to this documentary, Robin was about to leave Yahowha/Jim Baker and the Family when he impregnated her. He also impregnated two other very young women while married to Robin, against her will. Then he jumped off a cliff in a hang glider with no lessons at all, in arrogance, suicidal in my opinion, and died. So he left a total of eight children on this planet without a present, stable, financially secure father. Not to mention left five women saddled with the care of his children without his help while he played God and eventually killed himself when things got tough. He also failed at the restaurant business if you acknowledge that he was thrown out of his own restaurant, the Old World Inn, and then also abandoned the Source Restaurant in a financially irresponsible manner, ending up with throngs of the Family requiring welfare to leave Hawaii, where they went when they sold the Source Restaurant. All of his restaurant ventures in Hawaii FAILED. None of his restaurants still exist so not sure those were successes in the long run.

If Jim Baker had been statutorily raping my underage daughter or son in the Source Family, as he was clearly doing with his teen girls at the Source, I would have had him arrested immediately. I would have divorced him if he had forced me into polygamy and impregnated teens while married to me as well. There is a reason Father Yod/Yahowha had NO older women his age in the family at all. He was an old man on a lust and power trip, seducing teenaged girls. Older women would not have been patrons to such nonsense.

Isis Aquarian tries to romanticize the Source to promote herself as a wife of god, basically, and spreads lies such as there was no jealousy between the wives of Yahowha or that when Yahowha died he just left his body spiritually without any cause of death. These are outright lies. Having lived with the Source over many years, I find that these myths help no one. People need to know the truth about the family so that history does not repeat itself. (There were good AND bad parts to the family.)

Yahowha died from internal hemorrhaging, not from “no cause of death” and his “kundalini releasing because it was his time to go.” And his wives were highly competitive: Isis herself says she got so jealous when another woman slept in Yahowha’s bedroom, that she moved her things into his room immediately. Isis has not allowed Source Family members to speak at showings of this movie to control the information given to the public and has become the most hated woman in the Source Family due to her censorship, capitalism and control of information about the Source Family. All I can say is the article in your paper did not accurately reflect the movie or reality and I feel there is a danger in romanticizing a censored, controlled version of the Source’s history for monetary profit. No, Jim Baker was not a success at all he touched. And regardless of his martial arts training, he was too weak to be a present father and husband. 

Kirsten Anderberg is a resident of Ventura.


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i want to thank all who help host the source family film in venture recently...this was a story of a journey that about 150 of us had in the 70's in L.A. it was for then and a foundation to spring from for the now as we each have gone our own way on our the family archive keeper i have helped save this legacy with a book and the source we have historically and culture vaule for years to come and long after all of us are gone. those in the family have different points of view...and those who were never in the family or shared that adventure with Father and the family seem to also have their own point of view, some is good and some is negative...but as Kirsten writes it makes it seem she was in the family..SHE WAS NOT AND NEVER MET FATHER...she ended up living with some of the family members long after the family dispersed and Father had left the body as we were in the vibration of trying to figure it all out. she has long held a negative view from her way of thinking without experiencing the journey...she has tried over the years to connect with our sites and groups only to be asked to leave...she has however connected with a few individuals...this is a complicated story and sharing of the source family- but as within anything it has it purpose, lessons, outcome and usually for the better :)) there was never any hurt or harm intended and just try to be kind was what Father Yod left us is not his fault but ours if we cannot be this point in time xo isis

posted by isisaquarian on 12/16/13 @ 02:31 p.m.

It is a good thing Isis is not the one who decides who was or was not in the family. She kills herself as a "family archivist" by claiming who it suits her, as family members. (And by the way, Isis not only has no credentials when it comes to archiving, but also has done a horrific job editing her own Source book, which is riddled with incredible amounts of editing errors. I have a Masters Degree in Archiving and have the largest Source Family archive outside of Isis...and thus she sees me as competition, which is faulty logic, since I am not trying to make a living off the Source as Isis is). You will note in her Source Family book, she lists "Nova" as a "family member." Nova had far less intimate dealings with the family than I did, he was involved in domestic violence and had to have his wife taken from him when I lived with him, and the wife (20+ years his junior) was shuttled off to Hawaii by "the family" to get her away from Nova...and he never met Yahowha, but Nova does what Isis says so "he was in the family." Isis does not get to say who was or was not in this family. And honestly, every word that comes out of her mouth on this subject is just about furthering her career based on selling out the Source Family for her own personal is a job to her. As I said, Isis is THE MOST HATED woman in the entire Source Family. She has earned that title, and it still stands. She is controlling, manipulative and tells outright lies about the Source Family in whatever way suits her to build herself up as the matriarch of the family, which she is not. She is the most hated woman in the family, yes. But that is all she is. She is not an archivist, nor an author...she is a hustler, really, trying to reshape a history where she comes out the matriarch, the wife of god, the inheritor of the throne of the "family." No one acknowledges her as the "leader" of the family and she is hated. Anyone buying into Isis' little hierarchy will get her version of the "family" as it suits her profitability.

posted by canyonstothesea on 1/09/14 @ 10:09 p.m.

I recently watch The Source Documentary and was left with an array of questions. One in particular concerns all of the 13 wives. Isis, if you are reading this can you let me know why the other wives were not mentioned in the documentary? I am interested in knowing why there was no mention of the black lady who appears from the pictures to be one of Yod's wives. This I am sure is of great interest to people today, as inter-racial marriage and offspring is much more prevalent these days. Being multi-racial and born in 1970, this is of great interest because it was not as common back then. Was this a touchy topic in the Family? Was she accepted fully were there off-spring? The picture I am referring to is posted all over the internet but no information can be found as to all of their names. Missing this information makes it seem like this documentary is very biased and based on a very narrow point of view. Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing more about the other wives. Thank you in advance.

posted by Mangoberry on 6/25/14 @ 11:06 a.m.

would Atla be Brenda Bradley?

Brenda Bradley was the niece of Mayor Tom who was murdered by serial killer Michael Hughes in 1992.

posted by tippy toe on 1/11/15 @ 03:14 a.m.

I watched The Source Family on netflix for the first time this past weekend. I'm a regular guy from the East Coast. Educated. I've got a good job. I can tell you this. I watched this doc non stop in the background of my house pretty much every day since I first watched it. I can't stop watching it! The chanting and some of their songs resonate powerfully. I've found myself brought to tears on several occasions from the truth shots that do exist in this documentary. Believe me, I'm highly skeptical of everything but I can not deny that there had to be something to this whole thing that Jim Baker started. There's def something to eating raw foods and juices. I do it. It's magical. Anyway, I just wanted to put that out there because this documentary affected me in a strangely profound way.

posted by MattytheKid on 2/10/15 @ 03:51 p.m.

If indeed James Edward Baker was an illustrious WWII Ace with no less than 13 Japenese Zeros as confirmed "kills" and a Silver Star as well, this is easily confirmed.

If not, he is a typical case of what is now frequently called "Stolen Valor."

In either event, this can be quite easily confirmed, or denied.

The filmmakers clearly made a choice not to do so. Which is troubling, as is their failure to clarify Baker/Yod/Yohawha/et cetera's actual cause of death, another easily verifiable piece of information that would seem absolutely essential to any version of this tale.

If anyone, no matter their belief system, would declare themselves a legitimate archivist of this man's legacy, surely these are essential to share with all concerned, and for any researcher's use.

Until James Edward Baker's actual military record is clarified, his veracity must remain entirely in question. As is that of those who would continue to discuss his life and work while choosing to pass along hearsay, when his military record could confirm or deny his own version.

posted by M.Bulle on 8/14/15 @ 01:19 p.m.
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