The road to Greece...

The road to Greece...

By Paul Moomjean 11/15/2012

Congratulations, America! You made “Hope and Change” a reality for the next four years and beyond. On Nov. 6, you decided that four more years of building national debt, increasing food stamps and welfare, and growing the jobless rate in this country is the road to recovery. The 47 percent has spoken. The world was watching. The road to Greece has officially been paved.

Over the next four years, I’m stating, the following predictions will become reality:

1. Americans will riot in the streets over a handout that isn’t being disbursed properly.

2. America will abandon Israel at some point, losing our most important ally.

3. The unemployment numbers will never go below 7 percent, but will instead rise toward 10 percent.

4. The United Nations will take a greater role in dictating our foreign policy.

Election Day 2012 was the last straw. We have officially decided, as a nation, that we are no longer the United States of America, but instead the United States of Entitlement. When Obamacare isn’t the smashing success conservatives know it won’t be, and when unemployment checks dry up, there will be a rioting that America has never seen before.

Israel will be standing alone at some point as well. Without the fear of being booted out of office, President Barack Obama will side with Russia and the radicals of the Middle East and abandon our dearest ally. Iran will feel invincible in a world without a moral leader. 

And you can forget about getting a job. With the “rich” losing their tax cuts and Obama talking about taxing them a little more, where will they find the funds to employ the 8 precent still looking for work? Americans voted to punish the “rich” for the lower classes’ dependency on handouts. Why would anyone making $200,000 a year want to make any more than that? Why would a small business want to expand, if the reward is an obtuse amount of taxation? By 2014 Americans will see a 2 percent rise in unemployment due to Obamacare and ridiculous taxation. Enjoy your December checks because January’s checks will look much tinier.

As I joked with my friends on Nov. 7, I can’t wait to earn my first quarter of a million one day, because I’ll get to share half of it with strangers.

Then there is our foreign policy. With Obama’s anti-colonialist tendencies, look for him to forfeit our role in the world and pass the baton to the United Nations. I can’t wait to hear when Africa’s diplomats tell us how to treat women.

Remember all those fools who wrote about leaving the country because George W. Bush was re-elected? Well, maybe it’s time I looked into moving to Norway, because if I’m going to live in a socialist society, I would rather live in a smaller population with better-looking people and nicer scenery.

As Ann Coulter put it, America will become like Europe, but without all the charming cobblestone roads. We are no longer a nation relying on the principles of the United States Constitution, but instead a nation relying on the entitlement mentality that destroyed Europe.

The road to Greece has been paved no doubt. The socialized healthcare insurance plan, the ignoring of Israel, the unemployment numbers, the eventual submission of sovereignty to international powers, and the 61 million votes cast for it have broken my heart.

America has changed. Morning in America is gone. Watching the Democratic Party celebrate on Election Day, I thought to myself, this is the New America. An America that wants to be coddled and taken care of. An America that wants free stuff but not the freedom to fail. An America that is more worried about global warming and smoking than morality and liberty. An America that wants to be divided into numerous groups (gay, black, female, etc.) rather than be the melting pot we were designed to be. An America more concerned with free condoms and contraceptives. An America that hates unequal prosperity. An America on the road to Greece. An America that is the shadow of its once great self.

If you need me, I’ll be looking for real estate in Norway. It might not be America, but then again, neither are we.


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