Ventura City Council

Ventura City Council

Prelim results

By VCR Staff 11/07/2013

Next update on Friday.

Erik Nasarenko   
18.10%    8,423

Incumbent  Mike Tracy   
13.98%    6,504

Incumbent  Neal Andrews   
13.68%    6,364

Incumbent Jim Monahan        
12.62%    5,874

Richard Francis   
12.26%    5,704

Lorrie Brown   
12.20%    5,675

Paul Meehan   
7.15%      3,327

Brian Lee Rencher   
7.39%      3,440

David Swaffar   
2.47%      1,149

0.16%      74

Total votes: 46,534
Total ballots: 13,870
Registered voters: 63,697
Voter turnout: 21%


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So, some 50,000 registered Ventura voters, did not vote in an election that determined who more than half of the city council members would be - with only nearly 14,000 people voting, I would hardly call these numbers a referendum. Either Ventura voters really don't care, and they get what they get from their representatives, or they feel they cannot effect any change, so why bother?

In another small Ventura periodical, the opinion editor there opined that establishing voting districts within the city, and assigning council members to represent specific districts, is a viable way to establish something closer to democracy in Ventura. District council members would then be answerable to specific neighborhoods in the city, for the problems and issues being experienced there, allowing a sharper focus on more than just moneyed special interests and "friends."

The editor offered, and I agree, that there should be maybe four districts established across the city, with perhaps two at-large council members.
The at-large members are intended as a buffer, to prevent a powerful, money-generating district (say, downtown) from unfairly overshadowing other areas in need of the city's attention (anyone tried driving anywhere from Victoria, east, at 8am, or 4pm lately? How about some traffic management, city?)

The need for voting districts is already demonstrated, by the various community councils that average people have formed, to give their neighborhoods a voice. Instead of just having primarily city staff familiar with specific areas of the city, and presenting that information to council, why not have a specific council member responsible for, and answerable for, your neighborhood? That is something closer to democracy.

Then we established an elected mayor. True leadership, and individual accountability required.


posted by vc herald on 11/06/13 @ 07:20 p.m.
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