War on Christmas?

War on Christmas?

By Raymond Freeman 12/12/2013

Every year, conservatives assure us that The World Will End because there’s a War on Christmas. Facts are trotted out as proof. They’re hilarious.

Horror of horrors: Last year parents complained about students leaving school to see “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” Rightly so: Children go to school to be educated, not entertained. Panic time: A publicly-funded high school couldn’t have a “Christmas concert.” Rightly so: Neither could it have had a “Moses concert” (Jewish) or a “Mohammed concert” (Muslim). And there was a flap about a Christmas tree in an apartment building being banned. The property management company confirmed the story was entirely false and the newspaper ran a correction.

But why are trees to be called “holiday trees?” German immigrants brought the custom here. They called them “Christmas trees.” What’s wrong with that, exactly? The sending of cards originated in Britain with penny postage stamps. The Post Office called them “Christmas cards.” What’s wrong with that, exactly? Conservatives have a point about the political correctness surrounding Christmas, and certainly its commercialization. If people have a reasonable point, agree with them.

Mind you, this doesn’t apply to conservatives. They’re always right. These self-appointed guardians of our values can’t stop their hypocrisy from showing. This greater point is getting drowned out by the Right Wing noise machine.

If you read the Bible, you’ll find that the human weakness most despised by Christ was hypocrisy. He detested the Pharisees (“serpents,” “whited sepulchers”). So why don’t our pious conservative heroes start a War on Hypocrisy? It’s obvious. They’re the biggest hypocrites going. Charles Dickens was revolted by the hypocrisy in Victorian England and wrote A Christmas Carol in just a few days. That hypocrisy is still with us.

For years we’ve been hearing from the Right that the U.S. is a “Christian nation” and how we should let “Christian values” guide our policies. Yet when the head of the largest Christian church, going right back to Christ, says that our economic system should be based on Christ’s teachings, and that we should help the poor, conservatives scream bloody murder (though Sarah Palin later apologized).

Pope Francis wrote in a formal communication of doctrine to the entire Roman Catholic Church: “We have created new idols. The worship of the ancient golden calf has returned in a new and ruthless guise in the idolatry of money and the dictatorship of an impersonal economy lacking a truly human purpose.” He pointed out that “the earnings of a minority are growing exponentially,” increasing “the gap separating the majority from the prosperity enjoyed by those happy few.”

And he particularly condemned right-wing “trickle-down theories” and “ideologies which defend the absolute autonomy of the marketplace.” This is absolutely scathing. The new pope has started a long-overdue War on Greed. He’s condemning the selfish values cherished by conservatives, such as:

•  paying workers starvation wages so they need welfare to survive,
•  not giving exhausted workers overtime pay,
•  making them work “off the clock” for free,
•  ruthlessly firing them if they complain about wage theft,
•  stopping them forming unions to get decent wages and conditions,
•  obstructing affordable health care for their families,
•  ruthlessly cutting their children’s school funding,
•  making sure that hugely profitable corporations pay miniscule taxes,
•  dreaming up new corporate tax loopholes in the “idolatry of money,”
•  making sure the super-rich pay super-low taxes,
•  paying super-rich pastors to live in multiple mansions and fly in private jets.

Christ reached out to the poor and preached the Parable of the Good Samaritan. By their actions, which speak more loudly than their piety, conservatives make a mockery of Christ.

Poverty-stricken women are special targets. Conservatives delight in making their lives more difficult. That’s why the Red states try to pass laws stating that life begins at conception, thus outlawing contraception. But this bigotry was too much even for the people of Mississippi. They voted the measure down by a convincing majority.

This bigotry costs big money. The Guttmacher Institute (guttmacher.org/pubs/public-costs-of-UP.pdf) found that unintended pregnancies cost taxpayers $12.5 billion in 2008. And this bigotry has reached the Supreme Court. It will soon rule on the right of a corporation to assert its very own freedom of religion as to women’s health insurance, denying them contraception. This is Hobby Lobby, which imports most of its merchandise, made by viciously exploited workers in China. China has the most restrictive family planning policy on the planet. Greed? Hypocrisy? Nah, couldn’t be.

The War on Christmas is to distract you from the real issue. Hell will freeze before our fine conservatives stop their War on Christianity and start a War on Greed and a War on Hypocrisy.

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• paying workers starvation wages so they need welfare to survive-Weak dollar. Must keep democrats away from spending decisions!

• not giving exhausted workers overtime pay-Maybe in China, not here

• making them work “off the clock” for free-Then hire a lawyer. Know any good ones Raymond?

• ruthlessly firing them if they complain about wage theft- Ditto above

• stopping them forming unions to get decent wages and conditions-Anyone with common sense knows the only unions that work in American are unions foisted upon taxpayers in the form of public employee unions. Even these should be ground into obscurity because they destroy everything in their way.
• obstructing affordable health care for their families-The only one obstructing health care for families is Obamacare. don't you read Raymond?

• ruthlessly cutting their children’s school funding-Get rid of teachers unions, then watch education blossom in America

• making sure that hugely profitable corporations pay miniscule taxes-Lower corporation tax rates and watch the money flow in. Democrats hate corporations. Corporations know it and hide money overseas.

• dreaming up new corporate tax loopholes in the “idolatry of money,”-Too many democrats to corrupt. Get rid of more corruptible democrats

• making sure the super-rich pay super-low taxes-Who do you think pays the bulk of taxes in America Raymond? The poor pay nothing. Are you hallucinating?
• paying super-rich pastors to live in multiple mansions and fly in private jets-How many pastors are there in America? Name 5 that you speak of. Bet you can't!

Marry Christmas Raymond you old fool.

posted by Scapegoat on 12/16/13 @ 09:17 p.m.

* The sooner we get democrat's away from spending money on welfare the sooner the poor can starve off? Did you really just say that ?

* Regarding overtime pay. On my ride to work I see the crop pickers. All day, in the heat, less than minimum wage, being sprayed with chemicals, children with autism, miles from a porta-potty, defecating in the field, giving us salmonella. Being overworked is real. Its time to leave your mothers basement.

* Theft is theft. You say that with such a snide cantor that it almost sounds like you are defending theft.

* Not to go into personal detail, but my bonus check is another unemployment check. Without unions to fight for a living wage people like me will just drive them into welfare (via automation)... where the rest of you tax payers pay for them.

* I don't really like Obamacare. I like that I wont be denied for preexisting conditions. I like that my care wont be receded If I get cancer. I like that I wont loose my home if I get sick.... But at the end of the day it is still a private plan with private profits. Until this last point changes It will remain unaffordable. There are no instances of successfull, low cost, unregulated private health care in the world but plenty of well run single payer options.

* Whats with the vendetta against unions? Why do you scape goat them?

* So we should reward financial malfeasance with a lower tax rate ? How unAmerican of you. We should put a tariff on their international money laundering.

* Capital gains tax is 15%. That is after much of the profit is laundered out of the nation. I as a small business owner pay close to 50%. I`m sorry, I cant make my income gabbling on the stock market. F*ck me right ? Totally unfair you loyalist tory pig.

* JOEL OSTEEN, ROBERT SHULLER, ORAL ROBERTS, JIMMY SWAGGART, JIM & TAMMY BAKER, JERRY FALWELL, KONEY. I also hear Pat Robertson has a nice diamond mercenary army.

The faith healers and mammon preachers are shameless frauds. Jesus braided that scourged that he drove the money-changes out with. Their gospel is not spiritual but akin to Simon Magus, the magician. They are not men of god, but of mammon. Their love of money is glaringly obvious in what they say as well as how they live.


Oooh and its Merry Christmas. Not marry Christmas. Next thing you know we might have intercourse with new years, easter and sheeps and goats on our hands.

posted by Quarkism on 12/21/13 @ 03:21 p.m.
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