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The Critical Line
Categories: The Critical Line , Opinion Author: Steve Greenberg Date: 06/23/2016
The Amendment Project

The 8th Amendment

Categories: Amendment Project , News Author: Kapp L. Johnson Date: 06/23/2016
In Brief
Categories: In Brief , News Author: Chris O'Neal Date: 06/23/2016
Running for office in Oxnard

Candidates began campaigns for November election

Categories: News , Political Roundup Author: David Michael Courtland Date: 06/23/2016
After Dark Listings
Categories: After Dark , Music Date: 06/23/2016
Why collect art?
Categories: Art & Culture , Headline Author: Tracy Hudak Date: 06/23/2016
Bottoms Up to the 805
Categories: Headline , Music , Music Features Author: Michael Aushenker Date: 06/23/2016
VCR Legals - June 23, 2016
Categories: Legal Advertising Date: 06/22/2016