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Logan's Heart

A Ventura family finds strength after a heartbreaking tragedy

Categories: Features , Headline Author: Nancy D. Lackey Shaffer Date: 04/23/2015
What's so funny?

Local comic brings big talent to Ventura

Categories: Art & Culture , Headline Author: Chris Jay Date: 04/23/2015
Public Spectacle
Categories: Public Spectacle Author: VCR Staff Date: 04/23/2015
Factory direct

Local music’s best-kept secret is out

Categories: Headline , Music Author: Chris Jay Date: 04/23/2015
On and Off the Record

Releases by Honey Owl and Medicine Hat

Categories: Music , On and Off the Record Author: Chris Jay Date: 04/23/2015
What's it all about . . . Joshy?

Comedy suffers from too much talk

Categories: Film , Headline Author: Tim Pompey Date: 04/23/2015
Gamer's Notebook

Machi Koro, Love Letter and not winning

Categories: Gaming , Media Author: Chris O'Neal Date: 04/23/2015
Categories: Film , Movie Times Date: 04/23/2015
Reminiscing about fun, simpler times in Midtown Ventura

A new and improved Mexican food landmark

Categories: Food/Drink , Headline , In Good Taste Author: Michael Sullivan Date: 04/23/2015