We Are Scientists

Truth in advertising alert: New York trio We Are Scientists are not, in fact, scientists. They do not spend their days finding cures for crippling diseases, nor do they design bombs that may spread crippling diseases to unwitting populations. Heck, they don’t even make cucumbers glow like a junior high school biology teacher. What they actually do is much more thrilling but, surprisingly, no less nerdy (that what happens when one of your members tries to look like a young Howard Stern from Private Parts). Their danceable, hyper-catchy sound isn’t far removed from the Franz Ferdinand’s Killer Bloc Party soundtrack currently dominating modern rock radio, but they pull it off in a way that’s more tongue-in-cheek than suavely raised-eyebrow. Their major label debut, With Love & Squalor, is stellar enough to possibly break through and join the mainstream dance of their contemporaries without seeming like their desperately trying to pose their way into the party. One more warning: the singer’s name is Keith Murray, but he is not to be confused for the Long Island rapper. So if you go see the band at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles on April 1, don’t be disappointed.


Soledad Brothers If a band’s worth can be measured solely on the basis of its supporters, then Ohio trio the Soledad Brothers are standing awfully tall. Two of their biggest backers are twin pillars of Detroit rock’n’roll: counter-culture firebrand John Sinclair, onetime manager of the MC5, was so impressed with the group’s raw, garage-y take on the blues that he wrote the liner notes for their debut; and White Stripes leader Jack White, the Motor City’s reigning king of rock, helped record that first album. Beyond famous fans, the Bros — who named themselves after a trio of African-American inmates accused of killing a guard at California’s Soledad Prison in 1970 — can easily stand on their own, with their simple, fiery arrangements and respectful treatment of the past that never slips into the spineless retro category. As Sinclair writes, “[t]he Soledad Brothers are no cornball blues revival act but make a fresh, idiosyncratic, soulful extension of the blues into their own life experience.” Are there any other endorsements needed?zThe band plays Spaceland in Silver Lake on March 25.


A leggy blonde singer, an obsession with New Wave, Swedish passports — so why haven’t the Sounds blown up as huge as some pundits predicted when they first splashed into America in 2003? It certainly wasn’t because they didn’t come with an attractive package. Oh well: The rest of the country’s loss is their cult’s gain. That cult, by the way, includes Dave Grohl, who rocked one of the band’s shirts in a Foo Fighters video. Of course, with the 1980s more popular than ever right now, there’s always a second chance to make a first impression, and the group could be make one in 2006, starting at the Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood on March 22nd with similarly buzz-worthy openers Morningwood and Action Action.


Goldfrapp Don’t be fooled: Goldfrapp is not a solo act. Sure, they may have gotten their name from singer Alison Goldfrapp, but one should not forget the contributions of producer Will Gregory. His pulsating bursts of throbbing electro-dance-pop — a sort of disco version of T. Rex — are the backbone of the group, who, after becoming stars in England and building a devoted fanbase in the States, are threatening to take over the world with their just-released third album, Supernature. Now, with that said, the focal point of the duo is clearly the titular Goldfrapp. Icy, cool and intensely alluring, her purring vocals are the icing on the sonic cake; you can practically see the glitter flying out of her mouth when she sings. Together, the band has already produced an early contender for Single of the Year, the tremendous plea for gratification, “Ooh La La.” Goldfrapp brings their explosive spectacle of a live concert to the Wiltern in Los Angeles on March 11.


Animal Collective

It’s easy to simply label New York’s Animal Collective an “indie rock” band, but in truth, the group probably belongs to its own genre altogether. Describing their sound through a series of hyphenated adjectives would read like an independent record store’s inventory — yet it likely wouldn’t come close to giving an accurate impression of their music. But here’s a stab: It’s alternative folk with sonically experimental leanings that’s not afraid to be as poppy as Brian Wilson at his best and as weird as Captain Beefheart at his freakiest. Dressing in animal costumes and giving themselves aliases such as “Avey Tare” and “Panda Bear” is really just the icing on the cake. It’s probably best to just check out the much-hyped ensemble yourself and come to your own conclusions. And such an opportunity presents itself on March 7, when Animal Collective performs at Vanguard in Los Angeles.






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