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When things becomes too complicated, family man Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) looks for a Universal Remote to simplify his life. When Michael learns his new remote controls his entire life, he uses it to his advantage, unaware the memory is recording his preferences. After Michael watches as his life speeds by in fast forward, he looks for a way to reverse time. Pretty funny stuff, with Kate Beckinsale as Michael’s beautiful wife, David Hasselhoff as his jerk boss, and a wigged-out Christopher Walken as the inventor-salesman. Deleted scenes, featurettes and more. (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment)

The Break-Up

Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston are excellent in this romantic-comedy with an edge. When couple Gary (Vaughn) and Brooke (Aniston) fall in love and buy a condo together, they’re thinking happily ever after. When their fairytale romance turns into a Grimm situation, the couple declare war on each other, taking sides and friends during the heat of battle. Honest, funny, bittersweet, “The Break-Up” is an adult comedy for adults. Stellar supporting cast allow the stars to shine. DVD rips into extended extras, including an alternate musical ending, deleted scenes, improv moments, commentary and more. (Universal Studios Home Entertainment)

The King

Devastating drama stars William Hurt as David, a Corpus Christi Baptist pastor living a seemingly good, decent life with his family. Enter Elvis (Gael Garcia Bernal), recently discharged from the Navy and in search of the man who got his mother pregnant: David. Unable and unwilling to take responsibility for his previous sins, David asks Elvis to leave, setting into motion an unthinkable campaign of retribution which will test the entire town’s faith. Director/co-writer James Marsh takes his time, delivering a slow burn which develops into an emotional firestorm. Shocking yet mesmerizing. (ThinkFilm)

Garfield 2: A Tail of Two Kitties

My cats loved this sequel based on “The Prince and the Pauper.” When Jon’s (Breckin Meyer) girlfriend Liz (Jennifer Love Hewitt) goes to England, Jon jumps on the next plane, unaware Garfield (voice of Bill Murray) and Odie are in his suitcase. In England, Garfield is mistaken for a royal cat, the subject of a power struggle between a greedy Lord (Billy Connolly), anxious to turn the estate into condominiums. As the royal cat roams the streets, Garfield enjoys his new status, teaching the servants and other animal guests how to live the good life. The fur really flies on the DVD extras, including featurettes, games and more. (20th Century Fox Home Entertainment)

Waist Deep

Out of prison and looking to start a new life, O2 (Tyrese Gibson) wants to go straight, but after his son is kidnaped in a carjack and is then held for ransom by a notorious street thug, O2 has no choice but to take the law into his own hands. With the help of a tough hustler (Megan Good) and his cousin (Larenz Tate), O2 hits the streets looking for his kid and revenge. There’s enough fuel in the tank of this urban thriller to get it past the finish line. Deleted scenes and featurettes complete the DVD. (Universal Studios Home Entertainment)

Glass House: The Good Mother

Angie Harmon delivers a chilling performance as an obsessive mother with a dark secret. When their parents die in an accident, Abby Snow and her brother Ethan find themselves living in style with new adoptive parents Eve (Harmon) and Ray (Joel Gretsch) Goode. Nursing the nightmares of a recently drowned son, Eve goes from dotting parent to Mommie Dearest in a heartbeat, leaving Abby to investigate. What she uncovers is a Lifetime film wrapped around an R-rated horror movie box of shocks and chills. Not bad for a direct-to-video sequel. (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment)

Monty Python & The Holy Grail

Can’t make it to Broadway to see Spamalot? Holy killer rabbit! Fear no more, as Monty Python brings out the dead once more with a new 3-disc collection. Perfect for gift giving or just playing with yourself, “Holy Grail’ includes the remastered classic comedy, commentaries from the principals, animated bits and pieces, games and activities, extreme silliness, plus a CD filled with the album of the soundtrack of the trailer. So much stuff you’ll bust a gut and then your cerebral cortex. (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment)

Home Movies

Home Movies

X-Men: The Last Stand

When a cure is discovered to turn mutants into humans, former allies turned enemies Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (Ian McKellen) and their respective armies, square off for one final showdown. New franchise director Brett Ratner pulls out all the stops, delivering a visually stunning battle between the forces of good and evil. Hugh Jackman has even more on his plate as Wolverine, forced to make some tough decisions. Fantastic set pieces, unexpected deaths and new villains make this third and final X-Men film a stunning end piece. DVD conjures up deleted scenes, alternate endings and featurettes. (20th Century Fox Home Entertainment)

Art School Confidential

Max Minghella is terrific as aspiring artist Jerome, who leaves home to attend a small East Coast art school. Instead of finding kindred spirits, Jerome discovers his talent is secondary to his ability to become one of the oddball students. When Jerome meets and falls in love with nude model Audrey (Sophia Myles), he begins to experience true inspiration. Hilarious comedy from director Terry Zwigoff (Bad Santa) nails its sharp commentary with broad strokes and a playful cast. DVD draws upon bloopers, deleted scenes and featurettes to complete the picture. (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment)

A Prairie Home Companion

Director Robert Altman’s fond and affectionate look at the final live radio broadcast of Garrison Keillor’s “A Prairie Home Companion.” Set on stage and backstage in a small-town theater, the film incorporates Altman’s trademark overlying patter with Keillor’s dry and witty humor, creating a film that feels and sounds real. Altman has rounded up a wonderful lineup of farewell performers, including Lily Tomlin and Meryl Streep as singing sisters, and Woody Harrelson and John C. Reilly as singing cowboys. Funny and sweet. Altman chimes in on the DVD commentary with co-star Kevin Kline, and is featured in the behind-the-scenes documentary. (New Line Home Entertainment)

Hard Candy

Vicious hot-topic thriller stars a riveting Ellen Page as 14-year-old Hayley, currently engaging in an online affair with a 30-something photographer named Jeff (Patrick Wilson). After a quick meet and greet, Hayley returns to Jeff’s house, where she begins to suspect her host is a predator. Nothing is what it seems in this cautionary tale about online predators who get exactly what they deserve. Watching Hayley turn the tables on Jeff, who at first glance seems only guilty of bad judgment, is powerful stuff, escalating into a horrific battle of wills and blades. The DVD defends the morality play with featurettes, notebooks and commentaries. (Lionsgate Home Entertainment)

Down In The Valley

Modern day western stars Edward Norton as the brooding Harlan, a San Fernando gas station attendant who acts like he’s still riding the range. When 18-year-old Tobe (Evan Rachel Wood) and her friends drive into his station on their way to the beach, Harlan accepts her impromptu invitation to join them, even if it means losing his job or upsetting her sheriff father (David Morse), who knows manure when he smells it. Norton is enigmatic as Harlan, a dreamer with a dark side, while Wood shades the reckless Tobe with concern. DVD features deleted scenes and Q&A session. (ThinkFilm)

Border War

Timely documentary focuses on five individuals affected by the battle over illegal immigration. Even though filmmaker Kevin Knoblock makes every effort to explore both sides of the issue, his documentary is guaranteed to upset those who only see the issue in black and white. The filmmaker tries to explore those caught in the gray zone, people on both sides of the war. If you don’t believe we are under siege, then you must see this film. (Genius Entertainment)


Grease is still the word for the DVD reissue, decked out in T-Bird faux leather jacket packaging. All new special features include a Rydell sing-a-long track, 11 deleted and extended scenes, footage of the DVD launch party, film memories from the stars, dance and car featurettes and more. (Paramount Home Entertainment)

Home Movies

Home Movies

Thank You For Smoking

Aaron Eckhart is hilarious as a tobacco lobbyist facing a crisis of conscience in Jason Reitman’s scathing satire based on Christopher Buckley’s novel. Nick Naylor may be fictional, but Eckhart brings him vividly to life, creating a character we should despise but completely embrace for his audacious honesty and conviction. Great supporting cast, including William H. Macy as a clueless senator and Sam Elliott as the former Marlboro Man. DVD includes commentary, deleted scenes, interviews, featurettes and more. (20th Century Fox Home Entertainment)

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

The franchise keeps spinning its wheels; Lucas Black stars as street racer Sean Boswell, forced to live with his military father in Tokyo. Boswell drives the straight and narrow until he meets the girlfriend of a local thug, who challenges him to a new form of racing called drifting. Even though he loses, Boswell trades favors for lessons in order to win the hand of the girl he loves and leave his opponent in his dust. Better than expected, filled with lots of explosive, rubber- burning action. DVD unlocks commentary, featurettes and deleted scenes. (Universal Studios Home Entertainment)

The Lake House

Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves are back up to speed in this romantic drama that finds the two as star-crossed lovers separated by time. A Lake House built on love serves as the portal where Dr. Kate Forster (Bullock) exchanges correspondences with architect Alex Wyler (Reeves), even though they live two years apart. Even though the script fails to adequately negotiate its logic, the chemistry between the stars, even two years apart, is still potent enough to make this fantasy float. DVD includes additional scenes and outtakes. (Warner Home Entertainment)

10th and Wolf

Writer Bobby Moresco (Crash) gathers a notable cast to tell the story of a Marine who agrees to help the feds rein in the local crime family, now led by his volatile cousin. Tommy Santoro (James Marsden) has a problem with authority and, when he punches a superior, is offered an opportunity to save himself and his younger brother, Vincent (Brad Renfro). Undercover, Tommy watches as cousin Joey (Giovanni Ribisi) rebuilds the family empire, starting a war with a rival crime family, turning their neighborhood into a war zone. Deleted scenes, featurette and commentary. (ThinkFilm)

Changing Times (Les Temps qui Changent)

Even though his film is told in simple terms, French filmmaker Andre Techine (Wild Reeds) creates complex characters with plenty of baggage. He takes them and us on an extended emotional journey filled with hope, desire and revelations. Co-stars Gerard Depardieu and Catherine Deneuve are inviting as former lovers who reunite 30 years later. Antoine has never married and hopes a business trip to Tangiers will provide him with the impetus to look up first love Cecile (Deneuve), now married. Watching these two pros dance around the obvious is magical. (Koch Lorber)

Connor’s War

Director Nick Castle turns this run-of-the-mill action film into a sustainable thriller. Hip-hop artist Treach stars as a CIA agent who loses his eyesight during a botched raid. After an experimental drug gives him super sight, Connors (Treach) returns to the field and learns he’s being used by a former mentor turned terrorist. (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment)

Behind Enemy Lines 2

Timely direct-to-video sequel finds a quartet of Navy SEALS caught behind North Korean enemy lines after an aborted air strike. Once they are cut off from their squad, the SEALS are forced to fend for themselves, using their advanced training to fend off the enemy until help arrives. Sequel won’t disappoint fans of the original. Commentary and featurettes complete the mission. (20th Century Fox Home Entertainment)

South Park: Season 8

To celebrate the premiere of Season 10, Paramount Home Entertainment unleashes Season 8 of South Park on DVD, a three-disc collection of 14 episodes, each featuring a mini-commentary by creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Season 8 ups the ante with some of the show’s most pointed targets, including illegal immigrants, Wal-Mart, Paris Hilton, killer woodland creatures and the Special Olympics. Politically incorrect and proud of it. (Paramount Home Entertainment)






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