You know what I’m talking about: Summer is just a few weeks around the corner, and it’s getting closer till the heat warms up and clothes start coming off. However, can you honestly say that you’re in shape enough to have the confidence to be able to take off your shirt and show off your abs? Do you have the confidence to wear a two-piece bikini without feeling fat? Imagine being the only person at a pool party wearing long clothes hiding their body while everyone else is wearing two piece bikinis and showing off their abs.

Two steps to get fit quick

First step: Put muscle on your body. What I’m talking about is performing resistance training to increase your lean body mass. You have dormant muscles that have probably atrophied. It’s time to wake those muscles up and reactivate them to kick up your metabolism so that it performs like a V-12 engine. I recommend doing about eight to 10 repetitions of full body movement exercises.

Make sure that you work out all of your body’s major muscle groups: lower body, gluteals, quads, hamstrings, core, upper body, chest muscles and back muscles. Perform exercises so you’ll pull and push, and most importantly, make sure you excercise until you’re tired. What I mean is, make sure that you move until you get to that eighth or 10th repetition that you cannot perform anymore. Then give yourself at least a one minute rest between sets.

Second step: Eat more!

“Cap, what are you talking about? Eat more?”

That’s probably what you’re saying. Let me clarify. If you want all your cylinders to fire from your V-12 engine, then you are going to have to eat more frequently. What I’m saying is to eat smaller meals throughout the day. Say you eat a small meal of whole wheat cereal with soy milk and a banana. That’s a great start. Your next intake of food should take place roughly two to three hours later as a snack.

I like to eat Cliff Bar’s Zbar. It’s the best tasting, healthiest bar I have found, and it’s the cheapest. And it’s only 120 calories. Continue to space out your snacks and meals every two to three hours. This way, your V-12 engine (metabolism) is burning up fuel faster and keeping your body fat down.

Remember: the most important thing is that your fitness routine is fun to do and breaks up the monotonous workouts.