Healthy Habits 101

Healthy Habits 101

“One half cup of granola with almond milk, cup of coffee, vitamins ….”

It was Monday morning, and I began listing the items I was eating for the day. As I read the labels, I recorded the calorie count next to each item. After packing my insulated lunch bag with hard-boiled eggs, half a cashew-butter sandwich on hemp seed bread, protein shake and veggies, I grabbed my log-book and water bottle and tossed everything in my oversized purse.

With the pooches in hand, I headed for work.

I was excited about recalling this simple little trick to help me lose weight: journaling. It’s proven to be a great weapon in the battle of the bulge. Over the years, I’ve trained hundreds of women and have asked many of them to write down what they eat each day. Often, they return with their sheets of paper to show me just what they’ve had; and many other times, sadly, they just don’t do it. Do you know which ones are losing the weight? You guessed it — the ones who use a food diary!

“Using food diaries doubles weight loss,” a study shows as reported by USA Today. “Dieters who write down everything they eat each day lose twice as much weight as those who don’t, according to one of the largest weight-loss studies ever conducted. This confirms the importance of keeping a food diary — advice that nutritionists and weight-loss programs have pushed for years,” says Nanci Helmich, USA Today.

All participants in my 12-Week Wellness Program receive journals in their Wellness kits. When we meet each week, they record important tips from the class. Most of all, I ask them to write out what they are eating and experiencing throughout the process of learning to make lifestyle changes.

This is the biggest eye opener! Most people think they are eating healthy until they begin “paying attention” to what they put in their mouths. The workplace is especially troublesome to many because of all the goodies lying around. Popping a cookie, a little sliver of cake or a piece of candy in your mouth as you pass the employee lounge will pack on the calories in no time. Not only are people grazing throughout the workday, but at home as well. Taking a bite out of your kid’s breakfast, sampling your food as you cook, or drinking a high-calorie glass of juice can all seem innocent. However, if you are not being mindful, you’re putting your weight loss efforts into reverse.

Whether or not you need to lose weight, health concerns abound for many. Overweight, underweight, low energy, digestive problems and general ill health plague millions of Americans. A food diary is a great method to help you discover causes of your ailments.   

Healthy Habits 101

Healthy Habits 101

Standing on her tippy toes while slammed up against the refrigerator door, the woman reaches for the box of cookies. They were on top of the refrigerator and she was too short to reach them. Her story to me was about preparing a dessert to take to a party. However, considering her condition I wondered how many of them she may have demolished in the process.

Working with clients on their physical bodies is not difficult. The hard part is getting them to adopt a lifestyle of health and fitness outside of the studio.  Although there’s nothing wrong with having a cookie now and then, I still find myself shocked when I overhear women who are trying to lose weight talk about the desserts they make, bought on sale, or had at special events.  Once they get going, the conversation seems to take on new energy as others around joyfully exchange dessert ideas!  This is NOT how it should be if you are seeking to improve your health and your waistline.  Of course, their comments are “…it’s only 3 points”, “I use low fat pudding” or “…the nuts in the recipe are healthy.”  I don’t care if the dessert is made with less sugar or low-fat sour cream, it’s still devoid of nutrition and full of other unhealthy ingredients.

Regardless of whether or not you eat dessert, the issue is the lack of preparation to eat healthy.  Let’s face it, it takes effort to plan and prepare healthy meals and snacks.  Many people are far too busy and end up running amuck when it comes to mealtime and end up at the neighborhood drive-through burger stand.  Yuck!

It’s always best to have healthy food options available, especially during a time crunch.  I often have my hands full with my business and personal life and have to depend on a few “quick and healthy shortcuts”.  Perhaps something here will help stimulate some ideas:

Protein Mix: I keep a canister of Mlis Nutritional Shake on my kitchen counter next to my blender.  This is my breakfast every morning. It’s delicious, organic and satisfies me until mid-morning.  I sell it at my studio and my clients love it.

Cucumbers, carrots and Kalamata olives:  I cut up the veggies and place them in several containers along with the olives and stack them in my fridge for yummy snacks.

Pre-made protein shakes: I buy several pre-made shakes every week and stack them in the refrigerator door (you’ll never see soda’s in there!) and grab as a quick snack or meal on the run.

Almonds: Another great snack.  You can order your own mini-tin for your purse or desk drawer at

Ready-to-cook meals: If you love home cooked meals but lack the time to shop and prepare every night, you can get an entire months worth of meals by visiting Dream Dinners in Ventura.  I used their service several times and we love their food. They have some healthy selections on their menu. Tell Lisa Pam Vos sent you and receive a special offer for VC Reporter readers.

These are just a few ideas.  If you’d like more quick and healthy ideas, please e-mail pam@foreverfit A little preparation can go a long way to ensure great success on your healthy endeavors.  Pam Vos is Owner of Forever Fit! 3810 W. Channel Islands Blvd., Oxnard. 805-382-4444. Pam has developed a 12-week program titled “Forever Fit Living” which she teaches for small groups, individuals and corporations.






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