Unoriginal bigotry, Prop. 8 passage

To those of you who voted Yes on 8, you are bigots. 

And that you believe your bigotry is somehow justified because it is affirmed by the Bible is not only disillusioned, but also severely unoriginal. The conquistadores in Latin America murdered plenty of indigenous tribes and were completely justified. Trail of Tears? Manifest Destiny? The holocaust?  It happened because Hitler convinced people that a certain sect of human beings was somehow unworthy. Hitler would have voted Yes on 8.

What about divorce?  Isn’t it false pretenses to claim that divorce is somehow less against the Bible? Or eating shellfish, or poly-cotton blends for that matter? Where are your measures banning crab legs? In Deuteronomy, adulterers are supposed to be slain. 

Since it is apparent that homosexuality “naturally” occurs in every single generation since even before Christ, how fair is it to say that it is unnatural? Keep your Bible out of my Constitution. We separate Church and State for a reason. People got burned at the stake the last time the twain was twone. 

But these are old arguments.

Here is what bothers me most about you voting Yes on 8: you get offended when I call you bigots. Why? Is their another name for bigotry I’m unaware of? As if I should praise the fact that you are essentially leading us to the creation of a second-class citizenship. Are you proud?

California’s famed liberal bias led me to believe that No on 8 had a pretty good shot.  People I spoke with all told me the same thing. No on 8. Were you embarrassed to say it out loud? A “Gay”ley effect?  In Oxnard, we had a 14-year-old kid shot because he was gay. Did you somehow forget, Ventura? Hate begets hate. To assume that a vote for Prop. 8 doesn’t in some small way justify his murder is just silly. Is it the same thing? Of course not. But the sentiment behind the two comes from a very similar place. That we are not the same. This election was supposed to make history in a number of ways. Now I’m embarrassed that my kids will have to read about it.

But there is hope. According to exit polls, the youth was on the side of the Constitution.  Apparently “all men created equal” was out of fashion for those of you older than 40. This trend rises with age. All we’ve got to do is wait a few more generations, and we’ll be all that’s left. Let’s hope it’s a long winter.   

Joel Garcia, Oxnard


Voters should be landowners only
Yesterday’s final tally on the “historic” presidential race reaffirmed a long-held belief of mine: the vast majority of Americans shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a ballot. 

We really need to go back to a system of voting based on land ownership, in order to weed out some of the morons who cast votes. Not soley because they elected the snakeoil salesman Obama, but because they actually thought a fundamental difference existed between him and McCain! 

However, I will say that the extent to which Obama has been overhyped and adulated by his naively admiring fans, and the ridiculously unrealistic expectations they have of him, are an incredible embarrassment to those vacuous ignoramuses.

(“Look, aren’t we liberal and forward-thinking … we elected a black man! Hooray for us, we’re so great!”).  This country faces severe problems, and neither Obama nor the Democrat majority will pursue the proper courses demanded to rectify them. 

Americans, get ready for a decreased standard of living.  On a positive note, Obama’s landslide victory forever discredits the claims of disadvantage made by that particular victimhood group who label themselves “black” and/or “African-American” — it also makes those that enable and encourage them completely un-credible. The cries of “racism” need to cease once and for all. Being “black” is no longer an excuse to fail anymore.

An independent with a clear conscience who voted for Chuck Baldwin,

Shane Solano, Ventura    


My last letter to President Bush
Dear President Bush,

After eight years, I want to thank you.

Thank you for screwing it up. If you had done all the things that a president and leader could have done, you know, the things that get you a Nobel prize, then I would have not been able to witness and experience the election of our first

African American president. His successful election made all of the last eight years worth it. Therefore, I want you to know that I am no longer mad. That’s right, I forgive you.

Obama, my new president, has taken away my anger and replaced it with hope. Hope is great. It is the ultimate high. Whether we succeed or not, just to have real hope is enough.

As one old Texan to another, I have a little departing advice for you. You have one last small chance to show us you are really an OK guy. In your last two months, please go easy on the “give aways” to your special friends and how you handle all that bail-out money. Believe me, once you’re out of office, they will not be your friends. Instead, try to do something liberal. You know, something positive for the environment or for the poor. It will perhaps take away some of the anger and just maybe will leave some good feeling out there and a word or two of praise in the history books. Go ahead, Mr. Bush, and throw us tree-hugging liberals a few crumbs and see how much love we can send your way.

And finally President Bush, I am sorry your father did not love you enough. I understand and God bless you in your new life.

Trent Jones, Ojai


Underpaid firefighters in Ventura
I was getting my oil changed the other day and read your article on the Ventura city firefighters. As a 27-year professional firefighter in the Los Angeles area, I am not surprised that you took pot shots at public servants.

In these economic times, any civil service job is looked at in a different way. It’s very easy to make a case that firefighters make too much money or have it easy when you know nothing about what they do.

Your petty smart ass-comments were at first funny; then I realized that you are supposed to represent a paper that informs readers, not inflaming them.

The standards you listed are just a small amount of what is required to make it in the competitive aspect of getting on a department.

Most new hires in Los Angeles now have college degrees. We make twice what the firefighters do in Ventura. Why? Because we earn it.

For some reason many wing nuts make a huge deal about someone making more than 100K a year. The next time you are at In-n-Out ask the 20-something manager what he makes a year, it will surprise you. It’s about $30,000 more than a firefighter in Ventura.

Reading your opinion of what firefighters have to really deal with, I would bet you would simply sit down and put your thumb in your nose and piss in your pants.

Tad Jefferies, Los Angeles