Worth the drive

Worth the drive


Dos As the story goes, a bass player from the Minutemen (Mike Watt) and a bass player from Black Flag (Kira Roessler) were dating and "jamming econo" together with "four strings times two" and four-track cassette recorders. Life was good and then it wasn’t: beloved Minutemen front man D. Boon was killed in a car crash, and the critically acclaimed band was laid to rest with him. Understandably, Watt became depressed and almost gave up playing. Roessler would have none of that and Dos was born. Since then Dos (which means "two" in Spanish) has recorded three records, with a fourth in the making. Both Roessler and Watt regard the bass as a lead instrument. Roessler calls it punk rock for its sheer originality, but the sound itself is spare, sedate, thoughtful indy/alt/jazz. Dos is one of those side projects that only plays sporadically, making its rare shows quite the event. There is tell that Kira’s brother Paul Roessler (the Screamers) will provide an interlude to Dos’ extra-long set.

Friday, Nov. 21, 8 p.m. Redballs Rock & Roll Pizza. 6551 Topanga Canyon Blvd., Woodland Hills. 818-348-1524, www.myspace.com/dosasintwo.

Worth the Drive

Worth the Drive

UH HUH HER Their first show was sold out and full of industry executives. Whether it was fate or the fact that one-half of the duo, Leisha Hailey, was an alumna of Showtime’s The L-Word,  Uh Huh Her proved their bite to be even bigger than their buzz.  Featuring Hailey along with Berklee College of Music graduate Camila Grey, their lush, vocal-driven, electronic pop recently debuted on their album Common Reaction. Despite appearances to the contrary, Hailey is not another actress turned pop star. While she does boast some impressive acting credits (she had a bit role in #Ellen#’s coming out episode) her music resume is equally impressive. She was co-founder of another duo, the Murmurs, who later morphed into Gush and released the critically acclaimed record Blender. They participated in Lilith Fair, and several of their songs were produced by K.D. Lang.  The name, Uh Huh Her, was inspired by a P.J. Harvey song. Catch their sensual, modern disco at SoHo.

Thursday, Nov. 13. SoHo, 1221 State St, Santa Barbara. 962-7776. www.myspace.com/uhhuhhermusic.

Worth the Drive

Worth the Drive

PHAST PHREDDIE THE BOOGALOO OMNIBUS New York’s bossest DJ used to be Hollywood’s hippest cat in the early days of L.A.’s punk rock scene. Phast Phreddie Patterson began as a DJ at parties and soon moved on to legendary clubs such as Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco, the Starwood, the Cathay de Grande and Club Lingerie. His band Phast Phreddie and Thee Precisions, which he started with Gun Club’s Geoffrey Lee Pearce, was a scene staple at the time, playing danceable old jump blues tunes. He has been credited with influencing  So Cal’s early ’80s mod and ska movements. Since 2003, he’s been a DJ at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts Midsummer Night Swing Festival in New York City, where he now resides. Phreddie is returning to his old stomping grounds to spin his signature blend of 1960s soul, go-go, garage, mod, lounge, exotica, surf, twist, R & B, organ grooves, ska, doo-wop, jerk, rockabilly and other mischief.

Saturday, Nov. 8, 9:30 p.m., Club Fais Do-Do, 5257 West Adams Blvd., Los Angeles. (323) 954-8080






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