Deep in the heart of… Camarillo?
Camarillo seems an unlikely hiding place for a burgeoning talent in the country music world, but for singer-songwriter Amanda Marsh it might as well be Nashville. Born and raised on a horse farm deep in the Santa Rosa area, the vocally gifted Marsh has been singing all her life. After graduating from Cal Lutheran University in 2007, with a degree in communications, she decided to focus more energy on her music, which has the radio rock qualities of Sheryl Crow with the country accessibility of Carrie Underwood.

Family that plays together
Marsh’s growing career is also a family affair. Her brother, Travis, is a multi-instrumentalist rock singer-songwriter and he backs his sister on guitar and vocals at all her performances, which range from their acoustic duo to a full backing band. Her mom handles management duties while her dad, an avid guitar collector, built the home studio where Marsh’s upcoming EP was recorded. “My brother is in my band and vice-versa. We’ve got a duet on the EP and we’re constantly working together. We still live in the same house, so if it’s three in the morning and we have an idea, we can write and record it. I’ve co-written with a lot of people, but he’s still my favorite.”

Girl on film
Marsh’s career is not just limited to music; she and her brother recently starred in a pilot for a show called Anywhere. Directed and produced by Patrick Norris and Sergio Vasquez, the folks behind such hit shows as Gossip Girl and Friday Night Lights, the show, though fictional, tells the story of a brother and sister who are both musicians. It’s early in the process but the show looks to debut as a Web series later this year with potential for television as well. The popularity of the film medium could help bring a whole new attention to Marsh’s music as each episode will feature, if not be based around, the Marsh’s music.

Going places
So with a MAVRIC award under her belt for best collaboration (an interesting rap-meets-country-rock duet with rapper Magic Man) her debut EP on the way this spring, a potential television show and plans for national touring later this year, does Marsh have any plans to head south to L.A. or east to Nashville and abandon her local roots? “I can’t see myself running off to Nashville and getting lost in the shuffle as a demo singer,” explains the enthusiastic Marsh.  “We’re close enough to L.A., where anything that needs to be done down there, it’s easy to get to. Right now we’re doing it independently, keeping the ownership. If the right label came along we’d do it, but it’s about building it locally first. I’m a California girl for sure.”              

Amanda Marsh performs at the Somis Academy Music Show in Camarillo on March 21. For more information and to hear music, visit