This is George W. Bush’s recession. Yet again, the GOP insists it has a “better plan” to correct the failing economy, specifically, more tax cuts and decreased government spending and regulations.

Bush’s trillion dollar tax cuts succeeded only in funneling all of America’s remaining cash to the 2 percent of the wealthiest Americans. The super-rich aren’t creating jobs for the rest of us as promised, and those tax cuts designed to prevent this recession, positively and absolutely, did not. The 2 percent of the super-rich now have all the money, more money than they could spend if they tried. Their fortunes will grow exponentially, they’ll sit on it, pass it on to their kids, who will sit on it.

They will not create millions of new jobs as the GOP suggests tax cuts will do. Exxon and other oil companies made the world’s biggest profits in history! Where did they go —to create jobs for the middle class? Not as far as I can find.

There are “new jobs” available. Wal-Mart is enjoying better than a 5 percent increase in business. But the Waltons, who hold four places on the Forbes list of the 10 richest Americans, have no plans for dispersing their wealth other than by building more Wal-Marts like the one destined to crush Ventura’s otherwise robust businesses on Victoria Avenue.

And reduced “government spending”? That’s rich! Ten billion dollars a month for George W. Bush’s war in Iraq — for how many years? Hundreds of millions of dollars to Halliburton alone. I suppose that’s an example of “useful” spending of our (children’s) tax dollars.

It’s finally time for the GOP to shut the hell up, turn off talk radio and Fox news, roll up its sleeves and politely ask, “How can we help you Mr. President, sir?”

Chris Jensen, Ventura

No immediate miracles
Several decades ago, shortly after Gerald Ford threw away all of his credibility by gaining the presidency in exchange for a presidential pardon of Richard Nixon, he came up with the idea of creating the now-fabled WIN button.

The WIN acronym stood for “Whip Inflation Now,” and the buttons were passed around the House and Senate in an effort to remind our congressional leaders that inflation was getting the best of the country. It was not long after these buttons were distributed that a few wags turned them upside down so they became NIM buttons. NIM stood for “No Immediate Miracles.” Now would be a good time to revive these NIM buttons and pass them out to all Republican leaders who are complaining that President Obama has not yet turned the country around.

These buttons would stand as a reminder that you cannot have the country raped and looted for eight years by their party and their big-business cronies and then expect anyone to repair that kind of damage in just a matter of weeks, regardless of the talent of the new leader.

The fact that, in recent weeks, there has been even a glimmer of recovery should give everyone hope. The fact that we now have a hard-working, intelligent and erudite man leading the country should be change enough for everyone, compared to the monstrosity we have had for the last eight years.

Those out there like Rush Limbaugh, Elton Gallegly and Tony Strickland, who fight every move the president makes, even when it is in the best interests of their listeners and constituents, clearly want him to fail in every way, and since it is clear that President Obama wants America to succeed and thrive once more, these men undoubtedly want America to fail. You have to sit back and wonder why they would want this. Are they not Americans? Are they not loyal to the country? Or do they want America to fail just so they can sing the party mantra and say, “I told you so,” like a child on a playground?

These men have to grow up and realize that they are no longer in grade school. As leaders of their party, they need to understand that the only way America will get out of the hole they have put the country in is if we all work together. America is a shovel-ready project; all they have to do is pick one up and get to work.

John Darling, Ventura

Right wing perspective appreciated
Forrest Mize’s article in the March 26, 2009, issue of VCReporter was excellent. I would like to see more on the escalating dangers of the new government.

George Miller, Oxnard

St. Baldrick’s event a success
I wanted to thank those of you who donated and participated in the St. Baldrick’s fundraiser. (Planet Ventura 3/26). We had over 500 people attend and over 170 people shave their heads — men, women and children.

There was fun for the kids thanks to our Julie Wienke and Greg Huyette, who headed up the kids area; raffle gifts; live entertainment, including Alex Cabrera and his band the Coveralls; a few message tables busy at work; a silent auction; and even Irish Dancers!

A special thank-you goes to Lisa Anglin of Fidelity Title for the countless hours of planning this event, and for one of the most beautiful renditions of the Star Spangled Banner that opened the day.
Santa Paula Fire, Ventura City Fire, Ventura Police, U.S. Navy, Seabees, Coast Guard, Ventura College Football Team, Livingston Memorial, Re/Max Gold Coast Realtors and many  more businesses and individuals came to get their heads shaved for kids with cancer!

We raised over $38,000.00 but are still open to more donations!

Go to and type in either kimkimcruz or St.Baldrick’s 2009, Ventura, CA for video and compilation of photos by Kim Cruz, an escrow officer of Fidelity Title.

Thank you again for your kind generosity.

Sherri Sweeney, Ventura